How to Pay Your Bill Online at Abingtonhealth.Org

As a patient at Abington Health, paying your medical bills promptly is important. Unpaid medical bills can negatively impact your credit score and lead to collection calls. Abington Health makes it easy to view and pay your bills online through their user-friendly portal.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk through everything you need to know about paying your Abington Health medical bills online.

Overview of Abington Health

Abington Health is a non-profit health system serving Montgomery, Bucks and Philadelphia counties in Pennsylvania. With two hospitals, a medical group of 1,000+ providers, urgent care centers, and outpatient services, Abington Health offers a full continuum of care.

Abington Health utilizes an online patient portal called MyAbingtonHealth for bill pay and account management. Patients can view bills make payments set up payment plans, and more.

Below we’ll look at how to access MyAbingtonHealth, understand your bills, and pay online

Accessing MyAbingtonHealth

To view and pay bills through the MyAbingtonHealth portal, you’ll first need to have an account.

If you already have a MyAbingtonHealth account, simply login at using your username and password.

If you don’t have an account, you can sign up easily:

  • Visit and click “Sign Up Now” under the login box.

  • Enter your personal details including name, DOB, email, etc.

  • Create a unique username and password.

  • Validate your identity by answering some personal verification questions.

  • Agree to the terms of use.

Once your account is created, you’ll have access to the MyAbingtonHealth portal to view bills, make payments, message your care team, and more.

Understanding Your Abington Health Bills

Before paying your Abington Health bills online, it helps to understand exactly what you are being charged for. There are a few key terms and details to know:

  • Statement balance – This is the total amount owed for the services rendered during that statement period. It will account for any payments or adjustments made.

  • Responsible party – The person ultimately responsible for paying the bill, either the patient or guarantor. Bills and statements are addressed to the responsible party.

  • EOB – The Explanation of Benefits from your health insurance provider explaining what they covered and what is owed by the patient. This helps break down bill charges.

  • Itemized charges – The specific medical services, procedures, supplies, medications, etc. that you are being billed for. These are listed and described on your statement.

Understanding these key billing terms helps you know exactly what you owe and why. Itemized charges also allow you to identify any erroneous or duplicate charges to dispute.

Paying Your Abington Health Bill Online

Once logged into your MyAbingtonHealth portal, here is how to view and pay your medical bills:

  1. Locate the billing widget on your dashboard. This will show your account balance.

  2. Click into the billing widget to view your full statements and itemized bills.

  3. Select which bill you want to make a payment towards by clicking the “Pay Now” link.

  4. Enter the payment amount. You can pay the statement balance fully or partially.

  5. Enter credit/debit card details or bank account info. Saved payment methods can be used if already set up.

  6. Review payment details and submit.

  7. The payment will process instantly. You’ll receive an email confirmation with details.

  8. The bill balance will update automatically within the billing widget and statements.

Online payments made before 5 PM on weekdays are posted same day. Payments on weekends/holidays are posted the next business day.

Payment Plan Options with Abington Health

If you can’t pay your full balance due, Abington Health offers payment plans to pay over time in installments. Payment plans can be set up through MyAbingtonHealth.

To enroll in a payment plan:

  • Login to MyAbingtonHealth and access your billing widget.

  • Select the bill you want to create a payment plan for.

  • Choose the “Set Up Payment Plan” option.

  • Select your preferred payment frequency and date.

  • Agree to the terms and submit request.

If approved, the installments will be automatically deducted from your saved payment method on the scheduled dates.

Additional Abington Health Bill Pay Tips

  • Go paperless by signing up for eBills to get statements electronically rather than mailed.

  • Set up autopay to have payments automatically drafted from your credit card or bank account for convenience.

  • Download the Abington Health app to access billing and make payments on the go from your mobile device.

  • Update your contact information in your profile to ensure bills and statements reach you accurately.

  • Contact the billing department with any questions regarding charges, insurance coverage, financial assistance, etc.

Paying medical bills on time is important for your financial health. Abington Health’s online bill pay through MyAbingtonHealth makes it simple and straightforward. Sign up for an account today to take control of your Abington Health medical bills.

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