How to Pay Your Bill Online at Arbor Diagnostics

Need to pay your bill for medical testing services provided by Arbor Diagnostics? Paying online is a quick and easy option. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explain how Arbor Diagnostics’ online bill pay system works the benefits it offers and provide step-by-step instructions to pay your Arbor Diagnostics bill digitally.

Overview of Arbor Diagnostics

Arbor Diagnostics is a leading anatomical pathology services provider focused on urologic, gastrointestinal, and gynecologic testing. They analyze tissue and cell samples to diagnose diseases and conditions.

If you had a biopsy, pap smear, or other lab test done through Arbor Diagnostics, you’ll receive a bill for their analysis services. Arbor offers a convenient online bill pay system for fast digital payment.

Benefits of Paying Your Arbor Diagnostics Bill Online

Paying your Arbor Diagnostics bill through their digital bill pay platform provides these advantages

  • Convenience – Pay anytime, anywhere with an internet connection
  • Speed – Online payments processed immediately
  • Security – Secure https platform and encryption protect your data
  • Savings – Avoid late fees by paying on time without stamps
  • Record keeping – Payment receipts stored digitally in your account
  • Simplicity – Easy to set up recurring payments
  • Eco-friendly – Eliminates paper bills and checks

As you can see, paying your Arbor Diagnostics bill online is fast, easy, and secure while saving time and money Let’s go over how to get started

Creating an Online Account with Arbor Diagnostics

To pay your Arbor Diagnostics bill digitally, you’ll first need to create a free online account. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Create Account” in the top menu
  3. Enter your email address
  4. Create a password
  5. Provide your name, mailing address, and phone number
  6. Accept the terms of use
  7. Verify your email to complete registration

Once your account is set up, you’ll be able to log in anytime to manage billing and make online payments to Arbor Diagnostics.

Linking Your Arbor Diagnostics Billing Account

After creating your online account, you’ll need to link your specific Arbor Diagnostics billing account to enable online bill pay.

Follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Arbor Diagnostics account
  2. Locate the Billing section
  3. Click on “Link Billing Account”
  4. Enter your Arbor Diagnostics account number
  5. Enter your date of birth for verification
  6. Select the correct account billing address
  7. Click “Link Account”

Your billing account will now be connected to your online profile, allowing you to view balances, history, and make digital payments.

Paying Your Bill Through the Arbor Diagnostics Online Portal

Once your billing account is linked, here is how to pay your Arbor Diagnostics bill online:

  1. Log into your Arbor Diagnostics account
  2. Navigate to the Billing section
  3. Locate your account and click on “Pay Bill”
  4. Enter payment amount (full or partial balance)
  5. Select payment method
  6. Enter details for the payment method
  7. Review summary and click “Pay Now”

The online bill payment will be instantly processed and applied to your account balance. It’s quick, easy, and secure!

Setting Up Recurring Payments

For maximum convenience, you can enroll in auto-pay through the Arbor Diagnostics billing portal to have payments made automatically each month.

To establish recurring payments:

  1. Access the Billing section of your online account
  2. Locate your linked billing account
  3. Click on “Auto-Pay”
  4. Review and accept the auto-pay terms
  5. Enter your preferred payment method
  6. Select the date for monthly withdrawals
  7. Review the auto-pay summary
  8. Click “Confirm Auto-Pay”

Your Arbor Diagnostics bills will now be paid automatically each month, saving you time and hassle while avoiding any late fees.

Account Management Through the Online Portal

In addition to making one-time and recurring payments, the Arbor Diagnostics online account portal allows you to:

  • View statements and billing history
  • Update personal and payment information
  • Change auto-pay settings
  • Print receipts and statements
  • Request copies of invoices
  • Handle billing disputes and adjustments

You have full digital access to manage every aspect of your Arbor Diagnostics billing account.

Online Bill Pay Offers Control and Convenience

No one enjoys dealing with medical bills, but the Arbor Diagnostics online bill pay system makes the process smooth, fast, and stress-free.

By linking your billing account to your online profile, you gain instant access to view and pay your Arbor Diagnostics bills digitally at your convenience, saving time and money. Sign up for an account and link your billing today!

Arbor Diagnostics Online Bill Pay

Insurance and HMO information

Arbor Health, Morton Hospital, participates in many of the managed care plans offered in the area. If you have a question as to whether or not we participate in the plan you have, please check your provider directory or call your insurer.

It is very important for you to know if your insurance or HMO/PPO requires pre-certification for any care provided at the hospital. If pre-certification is required and you or your physician do not take steps to ensure this authorization is obtained, you will be responsible. Failure to obtain prior authorization can result in reduced benefits or the possible denial of your entire claim.

If you have insurance or HMO/PPO coverage, the Patient Financial Services Office will bill your insurance if complete billing information was given at the time of registration/admission. If you have questions regarding payment, we suggest you contact your insurance carrier or HMO/PPO to review the status of your claim.

Depending on your insurance plan and type of service you may pay lower out-of-pocket costs when you visit an in-network provider. Please see the below list of insurance companies with which Arbor Health is contracted for in-network. For more information on your rights related to billing, specifically “surprise billing” or “balance billing,” please review the Consumer Notification of Rights, courtesy of the Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner.


  • Traditional and HMO plans



  • All lines of business

Community Health Plan of Washington:

Coordinated Care:

First Choice:


  • Access PPO
  • CORE
  • Medicare Advantage Plans
  • Elect PPO
  • Options Federal








United Health Care:



Arbor Health, Morton Hospital, is a participating provider for Medicare and accepts assignment of covered benefits. After Medicare pays their portion of the charges, the hospital billing office will bill your supplemental insurance based on the information you provided during the registration process. You will receive a statement from the hospital notifying you of your responsibility if there are any balances after Medicare and your supplemental insurance payments.

Patient balances

If your insurance company does not pay in full, you will receive a statement notifying you of your balance. In addition to payment by check or money order, we do accept MasterCard, Visa, or Discover Cards. If you are unable to make payment in full, payment arrangements are available. Contact Patient Financial Services.

Delinquent accounts may be referred to outside collection agencies when payment in full has not been received or appropriate payment plans have not been established or maintained.

As a cost savings measure, we do not routinely send out copies of itemized patient bills. Should you desire an itemized statement, please call Patient Financial Services, and you will be routed to the appropriate representative. If you are a patient at the hospital multiple times, your statement balance will change to reflect multiple visits.

Online Bill Pay How To

What is Arbor health patient portal?

With Arbor Health Patient Portal, you can access your health information and easily contact your providers. The portal supports a broad range of activities that allows you to engage with your health care organization. Sign in Enroll Convenient access to pertinent health information. Better communication for stronger provider relationships.

Can a patient receive a bill from Arbor diagnostics?

Invoice Patient The patient may receive a bill from Arbor Diagnostics. We Handle Calls with Care Patients should call or email our billing specialists to discuss payment options. Providing peace of mind to the community of OBGYN’s and their patients. For a full list of contracted Insurances please follow the following link .

How do I pay my Arbor Bill?

Patients should call or email our billing specialists to discuss payment options. Providing peace of mind to the community of OBGYN’s and their patients. For a full list of contracted Insurances please follow the following link . Securely access and pay your Arbor bill online.

Who is Arbor diagnostics?

Experience the Difference in Women’s Health. Arbor Diagnostics 469-886-4700 Arbor provides the highest level of service with one source for all your Women’s Health testing needs.

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