A Guide to Paying Your Baylor Scott & White Medical Bills Online

Managing medical bills can be confusing and time-consuming. Baylor Scott & White offers convenient online bill pay options to help patients easily view statements and pay outstanding balances. Read on for a complete guide to utilizing Baylor Scott & White’s online bill payment system.

Getting Started with Online Bill Pay

To start paying medical bills electronically through Baylor Scott & White’s patient portal, you first need to:

  • Have an active MyBSWHealth account This is the online patient portal

  • Have a current balance owed to a Baylor Scott & White facility

If you don’t have a MyBSWHealth account yet, you can easily sign up on the Baylor Scott & White website You’ll need to provide personal and insurance information.

Once your account is created, you can log in anytime to view billing statements, make one-time payments, set up recurring payments, and manage payment plans.

Payment Options Through MyBSWHealth

There are several ways to pay your Baylor Scott & White medical bills through the MyBSWHealth patient portal:

One-Time Payments

  • Log into your account and navigate to the Payments tab. Select “Make a One-Time Payment”.

  • Enter the payment amount and submit your credit/debit card or bank account info.

Recurring Payments

  • In the Payments tab, choose “Setup Recurring Payments” to automate future payments.

  • Select the frequency (monthly, quarterly, etc) and amount to draft from your payment method.

Payment Plans

  • To pay a large balance over time, enroll in a customized interest-free payment plan.

  • Under the Payments tab, click “Payment Plans” and follow the steps to establish a monthly plan.

Mobile Payments

  • Download the MyBSWHealth app to pay bills directly from your iOS or Android device.

  • Log in through the app and tap Pay Bill to submit a payment.

Guest Bill Pay for Unregistered Users

For patients without a MyBSWHealth account, Baylor Scott & White offers guest bill pay.

Follow these steps:

  • Go to the Baylor Scott & White website and click on Pay Your Bill.

  • Select “Pay a Bill as a Guest” and input your billing account number.

  • Enter payment details to complete the one-time transaction.

Guest users cannot view statements or set up recurring payments. Registering for MyBSWHealth allows full access to the bill payment system.

Payment Methods Accepted

Baylor Scott & White offers flexibility in how you remit payment:

  • Credit/Debit Cards – Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover

  • Checking/Savings Accounts – Direct bank account debits

  • Cash/Check – Accepted for in-person payments only

Usage fees may be charged for credit/debit card payments. eCheck bank debits do not incur additional fees.

Payment Plan Options

If you’re unable to pay your full balance due, Baylor Scott & White has interest-free payment plans available:

  • 3-Month Plan – For balances under $3000

  • 6-Month Plan – For balances between $3,000 – $10,000

  • 12-Month Plan – For balances over $10,000

To enroll, log into MyBSWHealth, navigate to Payments > Payment Plans and submit a request. If approved, you’ll make consistent monthly payments until your balance is paid.

Financial Assistance Programs

For patients undergoing financial hardship, Baylor Scott & White offers options like financial assistance and prompt pay discounts to help:

  • Financial Assistance – Discounted care for qualified low-income patients based on the Federal Poverty Level guidelines.

  • Prompt Pay Discounts – Up to 30% discount when balances under $1000 are paid in full within 30 days.

Submit an application online or contact the billing department for more information on these medical bill relief programs.

Customer Support Resources

If you need help with managing your Baylor Scott & White medical bills, there are a few ways to contact customer support:

  • Call 1-800-994-0371 weekdays 8am-5pm to speak with a billing specialist

  • Email questions via the online contact form on the website

  • Visit in person at your Baylor Scott & White provider location

The billing department can answer questions, take payments, and assist with financial assistance applications.

Key Takeaways

Paying medical bills online is quick and easy through the MyBSWHealth patient portal. Key tips include:

  • Register for MyBSWHealth to access the full bill payment system

  • Make one-time payments or set up recurring auto-pay

  • Enroll in an interest-free payment plan for larger balances

  • Seek financial assistance if needed to help manage costs

  • Contact customer support with any billing questions

Leveraging the online bill payment options helps simplify the process of resolving your Baylor Scott & White statements. Be sure to monitor your account regularly and pay balances due on time.

Baylor Scott And White Bill Pay

Pay Over the Phone

With your checking, savings or credit card account, you can initiate a payment over the phone.

  • What youll need to have ready:
    • • Your nine-digit member account number, which is printed on both your ID card and at the top right of your most recent billing statement.
    • • Your bank account and routing number, or your credit card, because you will be prompted to enter the payment details.
  • Make the call:
    • ‣ Individual/Family HMO and BSW SeniorCare Advantage HMO plan members call: 1-844-722-6251
    • Individual/Family EPO and BSW SeniorCare Advantage PPO plan members call: 1-844-722-6252

Enter Title

Employers: If you are an employer and need to make a group payment, please log into the employer portal.

Individual Members*: If you already have an account, log in to the member portal, select “Make a Payment,” and follow the steps. You will need to create an account if you dont have one already. Please note that if you recently sent in your enrollment application, you may not be able to create a member portal account yet. Sometimes it takes a few days for your enrollment to process before the member portal recognizes you as a member of SWHP. If you recently enrolled and are unable to register in the portal, wait a couple of days and try again. If you are an established member and are unable to register, get help here, or call Customer Service at 1-800-321-7947.

* Including members of Individual/Family Plans and Medicare Plans.

Pay your premium by mail with a personal check, cashiers check or money order.

  • • Make the check/money order payable to Scott and White Health Plan.
  • • Include your member ID on your payment.
  • • Include the payment coupon that was attached to your bill.
  • • Send your payment at least 5 business days before the due date to ensure timely posting.
  • • Mail your payment to the address on your bill.
    • ‣ HMO Individual/Family Plan members send payments to:
      • Scott and White Health Plan
      • P.O. Box 847473
      • Dallas, TX 75284-7473
    • ‣ Marketplace Individual/Family Plan members send payments to:
      • Scott and White Health Plan
      • P.O. Box 843205
      • Dallas, TX 75284-3205
    • ‣ EPO Individual/Family Plan members send payments to:
      • Insurance Company of Scott and White
      • P.O. Box 846035
      • Dallas, TX 75284-6035
    • ‣ BSW SeniorCare Advantage HMO members send payments to:
      • Scott and White Health Plan
      • P.O. Box 847473
      • Dallas, TX 75284-7473
    • ‣ BSW SeniorCare Advantage PPO members send payments to:
      • Scott and White Health Plan
      • P.O. Box 846035
      • Dallas, TX 75284-6035

Baylor Scott & White Health in negotiations with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas

How do I make a payment to my Baylor Scott & White account?

Enroll or login to your MyBSWHealth account to view account balances and statements, setup a payment plan or enroll in paperless statements. To ensure that your payment is properly applied to your account, detach the slip from your Baylor Scott & White billing statement and return the slip with your payment.

Does Baylor Scott & White offer interest free payment plans?

Baylor Scott & White also offers the option to set up extended, interest free payment plans if you can’t pay your bills all at once. View our guide to understand your Baylor Scott & White billing statement. There are four convenient ways to pay your bill. Learn more about the available options below:

What if I can’t pay my bills at Baylor Scott & White?

If you are unable to meet your financial obligation, please speak to a financial counselor and review Baylor Scott & White’s financial assistance policy and options. Baylor Scott & White also offers the option to set up extended, interest free payment plans if you can’t pay your bills all at once.

How do I access Baylor Scott & White Health Plan information?

Access an automated menu to view recent claims, plan benefits and plan details. Or connect to a live Customer Service Agent to help answer any additional questions. Log into your Member Portal and navigate to the Insurance & Bill Pay tab on the left side menu. Select Baylor Scott & White Health Plan/Insurance Company.

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