Simplifying Your Blue Shield Covered California Bill Pay

Paying your health insurance bill can be confusing and time consuming But it doesn’t have to be with Blue Shield Covered California. Blue Shield offers several easy and convenient ways to view and pay your monthly bill online, over the phone, or by mail. This guide will walk you through the various options so you can choose the method that works best for you.

Ways to Pay Your Blue Shield Bill

Pay Online

The fastest and most convenient way to pay is through your online Blue Shield account Simply log in at wwwblueshieldca,com/en/home/login and you can

  • Make one-time payments immediately
  • Schedule future payments
  • Set up autopay
  • View past bills and statements

Online payments are processed instantly if submitted before 8pm PST. You can use a checking account, savings account, or debit/credit card Blue Shield does not charge any fees for online bill pay

Pay by Phone

Call the number on the back of your Blue Shield member ID card to access the automated phone system. Have your account information ready and follow the prompts to make a payment.

If you need help paying your bill, you can also call customer service and make an appointment.

Pay by Mail

Fill out the payment slip that comes with your monthly statement if you’d rather pay by check or money order. Make the check payable to Blue Shield of California and mail to:

Blue Shield of California
P.O. Box 4700
Whittier, CA 90607-4700

Be sure to write your correct Blue Shield account number on the check. You can find this by combining your group number and subscriber number from your statement.

Pay Through Your Bank

Many banks offer online bill pay services that allow you to schedule automatic payments to companies like Blue Shield. Check with your bank to see if they offer this feature. Just be aware that there may be a delay of 1-2 days between when your bank sends the payment and when Blue Shield receives it.

Setting Up Blue Shield Autopay

The easiest way to avoid late fees and save time is to enroll in Blue Shield autopay. This automatically deducts your monthly premium on the due date from your selected payment method.

Here’s how to set up autopay through your online account:

  1. Log in at

  2. From your account dashboard, click on “Autopay: OFF (set up)” under the Current Bill section

  3. Choose whether to use a card or bank account already saved in your wallet or add a new method

  4. Enter your payment details

  5. Select a date for payments to be deducted each month

  6. Review the information and click “Set Up”

That’s it! You’ll see a confirmation that autopay is now active. You can log in anytime to change the payment method or turn off autopay.

Getting Account Alerts and Notifications

In addition to autopay, Blue Shield offers several ways to stay on top of your account:

  • Email reminders: Get an email before your bill is due as a reminder to pay.

  • Past due alerts: Receive an email if your payment is late or unsuccessful.

  • Paperless billing: Go paperless to access your statements online rather than receiving mailed paper bills.

You can customize these notifications through your Blue Shield account. Enable the ones that are most helpful for you.

Understanding Your Blue Shield Bill

Your monthly premium bill includes several key pieces of information:

  • Account number: This is a combination of your group number and subscriber number. Have this handy when making payments.

  • Monthly premium: The amount you owe each month for your health plan. This is due by the date shown.

  • Past payments: Lists any payments received since your last statement.

  • Current balance: The total amount currently due, including any past due balance.

  • AutoPay status: Shows if you are enrolled in autopay or not.

Review your statements closely each month and reach out to Blue Shield customer service with any questions. They can explain unclear charges or fees.

Getting Help with Bill Pay

If you need assistance with any part of paying your Blue Shield bill, customer service agents are available by phone and online chat. Some key resources include:

  • Call the number on the back of your member ID card
  • Log in online and use the live chat feature
  • Email billing support at [email protected]
  • Visit a local Blue Shield Member Services Center

The billing specialists can walk you through setting up autopay, clarifying charges, making one-time payments, or any other billing needs.

Paying your health insurance premiums does not need to be a hassle each month. Blue Shield Covered California offers flexible options like autopay and online payments to simplify the process. Take advantage of these bill pay features to save time and avoid late fees. Reach out to customer service if you ever have any questions or issues.

Blue Shield Covered California Bill Pay

Viewing your bills online

  • Access your online account at
  • On the dashboard, navigate to the Current Bill tab and select the ‘view bill details’ button.
  • To download the bill as a PDF, select ‘download bill’ or to see past bills, select ‘view past bills’.

You can also select billing & payments from the blue bar at the top of your screen, then select ‘view bill details’.

  • To view prior bills, select the Past Bills icon at the bottom of the screen.
  • To download a bill, click the download icon

Blue Shield Covered California Bill Pay

Pay by mail

Your monthly bill will have a payment remit slip attached to it.

Write your account number (see below) on your check or money order, and send the remit slip with your payment to the following address:

Blue Shield of California – Medicare P.O. Box 745843 Los Angeles, CA 90074-5843

Note about your account number: To get your account number, combine the group number and subscriber number from your payment remit slip or you can find your account number on top of your bill.

For example:

If your group number is: A12345 And your subscriber number is: B6789 Then your account number to write on your payment is: A12345B6789

Payment and billing FAQs

You can find answers to frequently asked payment and billing questions below.

If you have any other questions, please call the Customer Service number located on the back of your ID card or on your bill.

Remember: We’re here to help you. Your health is our priority.

Understanding your billing statement


Can I pay my Covered California bill online?

Pay Online For first-time payment: sign in to your account and follow the payment instructions. To make your monthly payment online, visit

How do I pay my Blue Shield bill online?

Access your online account at From the dashboard, navigate to the Current Bill tab and select “Pay premium.” If this is your first time paying online, or you would like to use a new payment account, select “New payment method” and complete the form.

How do I access my Covered California account?

You should have received your access code in the confirmation email that was sent to you short after enrolling in your On Exchange plan. If for some reason you didn’t receive your access code or have misplaced it, you can still get it by calling your Health for California Insurance Center Agent at 1-877-752-4737.

What happens if you don’t pay your Covered California bill?

Note: If you miss a premium payment and lose your coverage, you will have to wait for the next open-enrollment period or until a qualifying life event occurs to sign up and get coverage again. Want to get started with Covered California? Was this article helpful?

Does Blue Shield of California provide tax advice?

Update your information or change your coverage. *Blue Shield of California is not a tax professional, and cannot provide tax advice, but we can help you with Blue Shield health plan tax form (s) you need to file. If you have questions, please contact Member Services.

How do I access my Blue Shield of California account?

Access your Blue Shield of California account through the Member Login and explore all the benefits of your coverage

How do I pay my blue shield Bill?

You can use your bank’s Bill Pay (or similar) service to have payments sent to Blue Shield each month. To get started, follow your bank’s online instructions to set up Bill Pay and be sure to enter the correct Blue Shield account number and mailing address found on your bill. (Refer to “Pay by mail” for mailing address and account number details.)

How do I pay my BlueShield premium online?

Access your online account at From the dashboard, navigate to the Current Bill tab and select “Pay premium.” If this is your first time paying online, or you would like to use a new payment account, select “New payment method” and complete the form. You can choose to pay the current balance or specify another amount.

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