How to Pay Your Brunswick Electric Bill by Phone: A Helpful Guide

Paying your Brunswick Electric bill quickly and easily over the phone is a convenient option for members. Brunswick Electric offers a dedicated bill pay phone number to call during business hours to make a payment using automated system prompts or by talking to a customer service representative. Read on for a complete guide to paying your Brunswick Electricity bill by phone.

Benefits of Paying by Phone

There are many advantages to paying your Brunswick Electric bill over the phone

  • It’s fast – Make payments in just a few minutes without having to mail checks or visit an office.

  • Available 24/7 – The automated payment system is available anytime day or night Live agents are available weekdays.

  • Easy and secure – Safely store payment info to quickly process payments each month.

  • Receive confirmation – Get a payment confirmation number at the end of your call for your records.

  • Access help readily – Speak to a knowledgeable representative who can answer billing questions.

  • Avoid late fees – Pay on your schedule and before the due date to dodge late charges.

  • Payment tracing – You can reference your confirmation number to trace your payment details.

Paying by phone lets you take care of your electric bill quickly and hassle-free!

Brunswick Electric Bill Pay Phone Number

To pay your Brunswick Electric bill over the phone, call 800-842-5871 Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

This toll-free number will connect you directly to the Brunswick Electric billing department without having to navigate confusing phone menus.

Steps to Pay Brunswick Electric Bill by Phone

Follow these simple steps to pay your electric bill over the phone:

1. Call 800-842-5871

  • Call 800-842-5871 between 8 am and 5 pm on a weekday to speak with a representative.

  • If calling after hours, you can use the automated payment system.

2. Provide Account Information

  • Enter your 10-digit Brunswick Electric account number when prompted.

  • Verify additional account details like your service address when requested.

3. Select Payment Method

  • Choose whether to pay by credit/debit card, checking account, or savings account.

  • Have your payment information handy to enter into the automated system or provide to the agent.

4. Enter Payment Details

  • Follow the prompts to input your payment method details along with the payment amount.

  • You can pay your full balance, minimum amount due, or a custom amount.

5. Receive Confirmation

  • Stay on the line to get a payment confirmation number once the payment is processed.

  • Record the confirmation number and amount paid for your records.

And that’s it! The payment will post to your account shortly to avoid any late fees.

Helpful Phone Payment Tips

Keep these tips in mind for smooth Brunswick Electric bill pay by phone:

  • Have your account number, billing zip code, and payment details handy before calling.

  • Pay a few days before the due date listed on your bill to ensure on-time payment.

  • Save payment info like your credit card number to expedite future calls.

  • Note the date, time, amount, and confirmation number at the end of the call for records.

  • Contact Brunswick Electric if your payment doesn’t post within a couple days.

  • Set payment reminders on your calendar so you remember to call on time each month.

Automated Phone Payment System

The Brunswick Electric automated phone system is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your convenience. To use the automated service:

  • Call 800-842-5871 and select the “Pay Bill” option when prompted.

  • Follow voice instructions to enter your account number and payment details.

  • Payment will be processed using your saved payment method on file if you’ve called before.

  • Receive a confirmation number at the end of the call.

The automated service provides quick no-hassle bill payment any time of day without having to wait for a representative.

Confirm Payment Posted to Your Account

To confirm your phone payment was applied to your electric account correctly:

  • Log into your Brunswick Electric online account on

  • Select “View/Pay Bill” to see your latest charges and payment details.

  • Verify the payment amount, date paid, and confirmation number match your records.

  • Check that your account balance reflects the updated amount after the phone payment.

  • Contact customer service if the payment details are incorrect or missing.

Avoid Late Fees with On-Time Payment

To avoid late payment penalties of 1.5% on your Brunswick Electric bill:

  • Carefully note the due date listed on your monthly statement.

  • Make phone payments 1 week before the due date to allow processing time.

  • Mark due dates on your calendar so you remember to pay on time.

  • Enroll in autopay to have payments made automatically each month.

  • Contact Brunswick Electric before the due date if you need a payment extension.

Paying on time protects your credit and helps you avoid unnecessary late fee charges.

Other Bill Pay Options

In addition to phone payments, Brunswick Electric offers convenient bill pay:

  • Online – Pay via Brunswick Electric’s online portal 24/7.

  • Mobile app – Download the SmartHub app to pay on your smart device.

  • Auto-pay – Sign up for automatic recurring payments from your bank account.

  • In person – Pay with cash, check, or money order at an authorized payment location.

  • Mail – Send a check or money order to Brunswick Electric Headquarters.

Explore all your bill pay choices to find the options that fit your lifestyle!

Contact Brunswick Electric Customer Support

If you have any questions or need assistance with managing your electric account, Brunswick Electric customer support is available:

  • Call 800-842-5871 Monday-Friday 8am-5pm to speak with a representative.

  • Email questions to [email protected] for a response within 1 business day.

  • Visit the Brunswick Electric office at 795 Ocean Hwy W, Supply, NC 28462.

  • Reach out on Facebook or Twitter for quick help.

The friendly customer service team is happy to help Brunswick Electric members with bill pay, account issues, or any questions!

Benefits of Paying Your Electric Bill

Here are good reasons to make sure your Brunswick Electric bill is paid promptly each month:

  • Avoid late fees, penalties, and service disconnection.

  • Maintain excellent credit by paying bills on time every month.

  • Keep power running smoothly to your home or business.

  • Continue accumulating capital credit payments each year.

  • Qualify for payment assistance programs if you ever face hardships.

  • Prevent collections actions that can harm your finances and credit.

Paying Brunswick Electric on time helps keep your accounts in good standing. Follow the steps in this guide to master electric bill pay by phone and avoid the stress of late payments!

Brunswick Electric Bill Pay Phone Number

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How do I know my electricity bill account number?


What is the phone number for Brunswick Electric Power stat?

Report a power outage by calling or texting 800-682-5309 or through our online outage form.

What is a bemc smart hub?

SmartHub is your one-stop-shop for paying your electric bill, analyzing your energy use, and tracking changes that may affect your electricity consumption.

Where is Brunswick Electric headquarters?

Brunswick Electric Membership Corporation is an utilities company based out of 795 Ocean Highway (Hwy 17 North), Shallotte, North Carolina, United States.

Who provides electricity to Oak Island, NC?

Both Brunswick Electric and Duke Energy are known to provide electric services in Oak Island, NC.

What is the phone number for Brunswick electric membership corporation?

Brunswick Electric Membership Corporation’s customer service phone number is (800) 842-5871 What is the average bundled bill for Brunswick Electric Membership Corporation customers each month?

How do I contact Brunswick electric?

Ask your billing questions directly by phone 800-842-5871, email ( [email protected]) or on their website . I forgot my account balance. Where can I find my bill? Visit Brunswick Electric Membership to access your bill. What types of Brunswick Electric Membership payments does doxo process?

How do I pay my Brunswick electric membership Bill?

Brunswick Electric is a utilities provider delivering efficient electric services aimed at customer satisfaction and community engagement. Common questions, curated and answered by doxo, about paying Brunswick Electric Membership bills. How can I pay my Brunswick Electric Membership bill? You can pay them directly on this website.

How much money does Brunswick electric make a month?

They earned $ 197, 440, 400 in 2022, which came entirely from electricity sales to end users. T he average monthly residential power bill for a consumer of Brunswick Electric Membership Corporation is $ 135.36 per month. Patrons of the company are stuck with a 6.18% markup compared to the rest of the state.

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