Can I Pay My Directv Bill At Walmart? A Detailed Guide

Paying bills can be a hassle, especially when you have to go to multiple locations to pay each one. Many people ask – can I pay my DirecTV bill at Walmart? The good news is that Walmart does allow you to pay your DirecTV bill in store for convenience. In this article, we’ll provide a detailed guide on how to pay your DirecTV bill at Walmart.

An Overview of Paying Bills at Walmart

Walmart offers an easy bill pay service that allows you to pay hundreds of billers in one convenient place – at Walmart stores across the country All you need is your bill account number and payment amount Below are some of the key benefits of paying bills at Walmart

  • Convenience – With over 4700 stores in the U.S. chances are there’s a Walmart near you that’s open late and on weekends. No need to drive to multiple locations.

  • Speed – The payment posts to your account quickly, usually within 1-2 business days. Much faster than mailing in a payment.

  • Payment Options – You can pay with cash, check, debit card, Walmart gift card or MoneyCard.

  • No Extra Fees – Walmart doesn’t charge a fee for their bill pay service. The only fee is what your biller normally charges for late/partial payments.

  • Receipt – You get a receipt after paying so you have proof of payment.

So if you’re asking can I pay my DirecTV bill at Walmart, the answer is yes! Let’s look at how the DirecTV payment process works specifically.

Paying Your DirecTV Bill at Walmart

Paying your DirecTV satellite TV and internet bill at a Walmart store is easy and only takes a few minutes. Here are step-by-step instructions:

  1. Locate a Walmart Customer Service Desk

Head to the customer service desk, usually located near the front of the store. Look for the “Walmart Money Services” signs.

  1. Inform the Cashier You Want to Make a Bill Payment

Tell the cashier you need to make a bill payment for DirecTV. Have your DirecTV account number and amount due ready.

  1. Provide Your DirecTV Account Details

The cashier will ask you for your 10-digit DirecTV account number, which can be found on your bill. You will also need to tell them the amount you want to pay.

  1. Select Your Payment Method

You can pay your DirecTV bill at Walmart with cash, check, debit card, Walmart gift card, or MoneyCard (their prepaid debit card). The cashier will process your payment and collect any necessary ID or signature.

  1. Get Your Receipt

Make sure to take the receipt after your DirecTV payment is processed. The receipt contains details like the payment confirmation number, date, account number, and amount paid. Keep this for your records.

It’s that easy – usually just takes 5 minutes or less from start to finish. The DirecTV bill payment will post to your account within 1-2 business days typically.

Helpful Tips for Paying Your DirecTV Bill at Walmart

To make your DirecTV bill payment at Walmart go smoothly, keep these tips in mind:

  • Have Your Account Number Handy – Be sure you have your correct 10-digit DirecTV account number, found on your bill or online account. This ensures the payment gets applied properly.

  • Know Your Balance – Check your most recent bill or log into your DirecTV online account to see your current balance due before going to Walmart. This prevents over or underpaying.

  • Pay Early Enough – Make your payment at least 3-4 business days before your DirecTV due date to allow time for processing and avoid late fees.

  • Double Check Payment Posted – Log into your DirecTV account or check your next bill to confirm your Walmart payment was received and processed.

  • Keep the Receipt – Hold onto the receipt you get from Walmart in case you ever need to reference your payment details.

  • Ask for Help – If you have any trouble making a payment, don’t hesitate to ask the Walmart cashier for assistance. They can walk you through the DirecTV bill pay process.

Why Pay Your DirecTV Bill at Walmart?

There are many good reasons to pay your DirecTV satellite TV or internet bill at your local Walmart store.

It’s More Convenient

With over 4,700 Walmart stores across the U.S. that are often open late hours and weekends, you’re likely to find one near you that’s easy to get to. No need to drive out of your way or wait in line at the DirecTV local office.

Quick Processing

Your DirecTV payment will process quicker – usually in 1-2 business days when paying at Walmart. Much faster than using the mail.

Avoid Late Fees

When you pay your bill in person, you don’t have to worry about mail delays causing a late payment. Pay at Walmart 3-4 business days before your due date to ensure on-time payment.

No Extra Fees

Walmart doesn’t charge any fees for paying bills in their store. The only fee is one your biller might charge, like DirecTV’s late fee.

You Get a Receipt

The receipt from Walmart provides payment confirmation in case you ever need proof or have any issues with your bill payment posting.

More Payment Options

Walmart accepts all forms of payment for bills including cash, check, debit and their own prepaid cards. Great if you don’t have a bank account or credit card.

Frequently Asked Questions About Paying DirecTV at Walmart

Below are answers to some common questions people have about paying their DirecTV bill at Walmart stores:

Does it cost extra to pay my DirecTV bill at Walmart?

No, Walmart does not charge any fee to pay your DirecTV bill in their stores. The only fee is any late payment fees DirecTV themselves charge.

Can I pay multiple DirecTV bills in one trip?

Unfortunately you can only pay one DirecTV bill per visit. However, you can pay multiple companies’ bills in one Walmart trip.

When will my DirecTV payment post if I pay at Walmart?

Your DirecTV bill payment will usually process in 1-2 business days after paying at Walmart.

Does Walmart accept debit cards for bill payments?

Yes, you can pay your DirecTV bill at Walmart with a debit card issued by your bank. They also accept Walmart gift cards.

Do I need to show ID to pay bills at Walmart?

You may need to show valid photo ID when paying bills at Walmart stores, especially for larger amounts over $500.

What if I lost my DirecTV account number?

If you don’t have your account number, you can call DirecTV customer service to retrieve it prior to going to Walmart to pay.

Can I use cash to pay my DirecTV bill at Walmart?

Absolutely. Paying in cash is one payment option available for paying bills at Walmart customer service.

Does Walmart accept checks for bill payments?

Yes, Walmart gladly accepts checks as payment for bills including DirecTV as long as they are less than $500. Your bank routing and account number will be required.

Can I Pay My Directv Bill At Walmart

Walmart Bill Pay In-Store

Your cash-preferred and underbanked customers can easily pay bills with cash or debit by visiting the MoneyCenter at their local Walmart. Store locations are easy to find and access.


With over 4,000 stores nationally, 90% of Americans live within 10 miles of a Walmart store* so it’s one of the most accessible options for customers.

Billers can save on customer service costs of servicing walk-in-customers at your own locations.

Customers benefit from knowing their cash payments are processed digitally, instantly, making it easier to avoid late fees and collections.

*Walmart 1st Party Data

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