How to Pay Your Water Bill in Carlsbad, NM

Living in the beautiful city of Carlsbad, New Mexico provides residents with gorgeous landscapes and sunny weather nearly year-round. But like any home, it also comes with the responsibility of paying utility bills, including water service from the city. Here’s a guide to paying your Carlsbad water bill quickly and easily.

Overview of Carlsbad Water Service

Water service in Carlsbad is provided by the city’s Water Department, They supply water to residential and commercial customers within Carlsbad city limits

The water comes from a combination of groundwater wells and surface water diversion. It is cleaned up so that it meets all state and federal standards for clean drinking water.

Customers are billed monthly based on metered water usage along with a base service fee. Bills are mailed at the end of each month and due upon receipt.

Ways to Pay Your Water Bill

The City of Carlsbad offers several convenient payment options for residents to pay their water bills

  • By mail: Take the payment stub off the bill and mail it with a check or money order to the address on the stub. Allow 5-7 days for postal delivery.

  • Online: Use the payment portal on the city website to pay with a credit or debit card or an e-check.

  • By phone – Call the Water Department at (575) 234-5678 to pay over the phone using a credit/debit card.

  • In person – Bring payment to the Cashier’s Office at Carlsbad City Hall, 101 N. Halagueno St. during business hours.

  • Drop box – Place payment in the drop box located in the parking lot on the north side of City Hall or inside the building next to the Cashier’s Office door. Do not put cash in drop box.

  • Automatic bank draft – Sign up to have payment automatically drafted from your bank account each month. Forms available on city website or at Cashier’s Office.

The city accepts cash, checks, money orders and all major credit/debit cards. Accounts can be set up for recurring payments.

Due Dates and Late Fees

  • Water bills are due upon receipt each month.

  • Payments received after the due date are assessed a late fee.

  • Accounts with past due balances over 30 days may have water service disconnected.

  • An additional fee is charged to reconnect service after disconnection.

  • Late fees and reconnection fees must be paid along with the past due amount before service will resume.

To avoid late fees, pay bills on time. Contact the Water Department immediately if you anticipate difficulty with payment. They can discuss payment plan options to help avoid disconnection.

Setting Up New Water Service

To establish new water service in Carlsbad as a new resident or for a new construction property, follow these steps:

  • Visit the Cashier’s Office at City Hall and fill out an application for water service.

  • Provide a photo ID for all applicants along with a security deposit to activate service.

  • Deposits can be paid by cash, check, money order or credit card.

  • For new home construction, additional fees apply for water meter installation, etc.

  • Service generally activates 24-48 hours after application and fees are paid.

Notify the Water Department anytime you need to discontinue service, such as when moving out. This prevents continued billing at vacated properties.

Payment Assistance Programs

For low-income residents struggling to pay water bills, Carlsbad offers payment assistance:

  • Payment plans – Make arrangements to pay past-due balances over an extended timeframe. Helps avoid disconnection.

  • LIHEAP – Federally-funded utility bill assistance program for low incomes. Apply through state Human Services Department.

  • Project Share – Help paying water bills from a fund donated by Xcel Energy customers. Apply through St. Vincent de Paul.

Inquire about these and other utility assistance options if facing disconnection for non-payment. The Water Department wants to help customers maintain service.

Water Restrictions and Conservation Tips

Carlsbad encourages water conservation, especially during hot, dry periods. Follow these tips to use water wisely:

  • Observe any water restriction orders when issued by the city. Limit outdoor watering days/times.

  • Install low-flow showerheads, faucet aerators, and other water saving devices. Retrofits available at reduced cost through the city program.

  • Choose drought-resistant, native plants for landscaping that require less water.

  • Water outdoor plants in the early morning or evening to reduce evaporation.

  • Report leaks, drips, and other water losses so they can be repaired promptly.

Saving water helps the environment and reduces monthly water bills!

Avoiding High Water Bills

Sometimes water bills spike unexpectedly due to undetected leaks, irrigation system malfunctions, or other issues. Here are some steps to avoid problem water bills:

  • Routinely check faucets, showers, toilets for leaks and fix promptly when found. A small leak can waste hundreds of gallons monthly.

  • Inspect irrigation systems for broken lines or heads spraying where they shouldn’t. Adjust sprinkler schedules for weather.

  • Compare monthly water usage on your bill to typical usage to watch for abnormalities.

  • Contact the Water Department immediately if you see a spike in usage that seems abnormal. They can check for leaks on their end of the meter.

Finding the source of water loss quickly reduces wasted water and prevents ongoing high bills.

Understanding Your Water Bill

Carlsbad water bills include useful information beyond just the total amount due. Here is an overview of key sections:

  • Account information – Service address, account number, billing date range, due date

  • Previous balance – Any past due amount carried over

  • Payments – Payments received since last bill

  • Water usage – Meter readings showing gallons used that month

  • Water rates – Base fee, volumetric rate per gallon, tiered pricing

  • Sewer – Based on metered water usage since water must be treated after use

  • Taxes & fees – Utility user taxes and any special fees

  • Total current charges – Sum of all fees, rates and taxes for that billing cycle

  • Total due – Previous balance + Current charges

  • Next meter read date – Approximate date your meter will be read for the next bill

Review the bill details to understand what makes up your monthly charges and watch for sudden changes.

Water Department Contact

Contact the City of Carlsbad Water Department with any questions about water service, billing, payments, and more:

Phone: (575) 234-5678

Email: [email protected]

Address: 101 N. Halagueno St., Carlsbad, NM


The Water Department staff are available to assist customers and ensure Carlsbad residents have continued access to safe, reliable water service.

Paying Your Water Bill in Carlsbad

Having access to clean drinking water is an essential service for any home or business. The City of Carlsbad Water Department works hard to provide high quality water to the community. As a customer, paying your water bill promptly ensures you maintain this vital service while keeping costs low for the city.

The simple, convenient payment options make it easy to pay your water bill each month. And conservation programs help all residents use water more efficiently. By understanding the billing process and utilizing payment assistance when needed, Carlsbad homeowners and businesses can stay on top of their water service expenses.

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How do I pay my water bill in Carlsbad, NM?

We accept check, cash, money order, or credit card. We also accept phone payments by credit card. Credit card information can also be written on the water bill stub and mailed in. Customers also have the option to have their water bill drafted from their checking or savings account.

How do I pay my water bill in New Mexico?

Pay by Phone To pay your New Mexico Water bill over the phone using your bank account or Visa (credit or debit), MasterCard (credit or debit), or Discover card, call (888) 598-9825 (toll-free).

Who is the electric utility in Carlsbad New Mexico?

Xcel Energy serves Carlsbad and the surrounding area.

What days can you water in Carlsbad NM?

Your watering days depends upon your address. If your address ends in an even number, then you water on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. If your address ends in an odd number, then your days are Wednesday, Friday, and Sundays. There is no watering on Mondays.

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