How to Pay Your Champion Utility Bill Online

Paying bills can be a hassle But with Champion Utility’s online payment options, you can easily view and pay your utility bill anytime, anywhere Champion Utility provides water, sewer, gas, electric, and trash services to thousands of customers across the United States. Read on to learn how simple and convenient it is to pay your Champion Utility bill online.

Why Pay Online?

Paying your Champion Utility bill online has many advantages

  • It’s quick: You can pay with just a few clicks, day or night. Much quicker than mailing a check.

  • The website for Champion Utility or your bank’s online bill pay make it easy and safe to pay.

  • You can set up one-time or recurring payments to be taken out of your bank account.

  • It’s free – Champion Utility does not charge convenience fees for online payments.

  • It’s safe – Payment information is encrypted and securely processed.

  • It’s efficient – Payments post to your account immediately, avoiding late fees.

  • It’s eco-friendly – Go paperless and save trees by not using bills and checks.

Paying online just makes managing your utility bill easier!

How to Pay Your Bill on Champion Utility’s Website

Paying on Champion Utility’s website is quick and easy. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to and click “Account Login” at the top.

  2. Enter your Champion Utility account number and password.

  3. On the account dashboard, click “Make a Payment” under the account balance.

  4. Choose whether to make a full or partial payment.

  5. Enter your debit/credit card information or bank account details.

  6. Review payment details and click “Submit Payment” when finished.

Once submitted, your payment will instantly post to your account. It’s so convenient!

Setting Up Recurring Payments

The easiest way to stay on top of your bill is to enroll in recurring automatic payments through Champion Utility’s online system.

To set up recurring payments:

  • After logging into your account, click on “My Profile”.

  • Under “Payment Options”, choose “AutoPay”.

  • Enter your preferred payment method and date for monthly debits.

  • Check the box to authorize recurring payments and submit.

Now your bill will be paid automatically each month! One less thing to remember.

Paying Through Your Bank

Many banks offer online bill pay services you can use to pay your Champion Utility bill. Just set up Champion Utility as a payee in your bank’s online system. Payments are either sent electronically or by physical check on your behalf.

Be sure to schedule payments through your bank 5-7 days before the due date. This allows time for processing and ensures your payment arrives by the due date to avoid any late fees.

Check with your financial institution to see if they offer online bill pay. It’s a simple way to pay all your bills, including Champion Utility, in one place.

When is My Bill Due?

Champion Utility bills on a monthly cycle. Your billing date depends on when your meter is read each month.

Utility bills are typically due 20-25 days after the billing date printed on your statement. Payments received after the due date will incur a late fee, so be sure to pay your bill on time.

If you miss the due date, you risk having your services disconnected. Champion Utility will send a disconnection notice giving a deadline to pay before shutdown. To restore service after disconnection, full payment of the overdue balance plus a reconnection fee will be required.

Avoid headaches by paying online before the due date. Set up text/email reminders through your Champion Utility account so you never forget.

Is There an Online Payment Fee?

The great news is Champion Utility does not charge any fees for online payments! You can securely pay by e-check or debit/credit card online for free.

Many companies charge processing fees for online payments. But Champion Utility offers this service free of charge for your convenience. Take advantage of the savings and pay online!

Get Payment Notifications

In addition to payment reminders, you can opt in to get notices when your bill has been paid through Champion Utility’s online system.

To set up payment notifications:

  • Go to your account and click on “My Profile”.

  • Check the box by “Payment Notification” under Notifications.

  • Choose to be alerted by email, text, or both when a payment posts.

Now you’ll have a record of paid bills handy and one less thing to wonder about!

Is Online Bill Pay Secure?

Absolutely! Champion Utility uses advanced encryption and security measures to keep your information safe.

When you enter payment details online, the data is transmitted securely using SSL encryption. Account numbers, bank details, and credit card numbers are hidden from view.

Champion Utility will never email or call requesting your account credentials or payment info. Any communication asking for such information should be reported as suspicious fraud attempts.

Rest assured all billing and payment transactions on Champion Utility’s website are safe and secure.

Go Paperless with Online Statements

Tired of clutter from paper bills and statements? You can opt in to paperless billing when logged into your Champion Utility account.

To go paperless:

  • Click on “My Profile” then check the box for “Paperless Billing” under Notifications.

  • Verify your email to receive electronic statements moving forward.

With paperless billing, your monthly statements will be securely emailed to you as PDF attachments. You’ll get timely delivery without wasting paper. And you can always print copies if needed.

Why not simplify bill management and go paperless when paying your Champion Utility bill online!

Let Champions Take Care of Your Utility Payments

As a leading provider of utility management services, Champion Utility is dedicated to making bill payment fast, easy, and secure for customers. Take advantage of all their online payment options and account management tools.

Sign up for automatic payments to stay on track. And be sure to pay your bill through Champion Utility online before the due date to avoid late fees. Keeping your utility account in good standing is important. Champion Utility’s digital services make it easy and convenient to do just that.

Champion Utility Online Bill Pay

Lawrence Utilities Online Bill Pay Tutorial


Does Champion Energy have an app?

Our free app is available for Apple and Android users.

What is the number to champion energy?

1 (877) 653-5090

Does Champion Energy have hidden fees?

Straightforward Pricing No hidden fees mean you only pay for the electricity you use.

How do I Pay my Champion Energy Bill?

You can pay your Champion Energy bill in their online account management, by mail, via phone or at cash payment locations. Or use the Quick Pay function. Champion Energy is a Houston electricity company offering service throughout the deregulated markets of Texas. Their main office location and headquarters is 1500 Rankin Road, Houston Texas.

What is champion utility?

Champion Utility’s billing services and reporting services are unrivaled in the sub-metering industry. We pride ourselves in the personalized customer service that we provide for you. Champion never estimates a utility bill, ensuring you of accurate information with no surprises.

What payment options does Champion Energy offer?

Champion Energy offers several payment options to fit your lifestyle. If you pay with your bank or a credit card you can set up convenient automatic payments. If you prefer to pay last minute or schedule payments in advance each month you have additional options. We offer PayPal, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, and Google Pay.

Does Champion Energy include a payment envelope?

Champion Energy includes a payment envelope to make it easy for customers who prefer the more traditional payment option of mailing a check each month. To ensure timely credit to your account, be sure to include your remittance stub and write your Champion Energy account number on your check.

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