Simplifying Your Charlotte Water Utility Bill Payments

Paying your water bill on time every month is an important responsibility for every Charlotte resident and business owner However, between busy work schedules, family demands, and countless other obligations, it can be easy to forget this routine task. That’s why Charlotte Water offers various convenient payment options to simplify the process. Read on to learn all about the available methods for handling your Charlotte Water utility bill payment

Online Bill Pay

For quick easy payments that you can make from anywhere Charlotte Water’s online bill pay system is hard to beat. Available 24/7, this online portal allows customers to view their current bill, see previous statements, set up recurring payments, and make one-time payments.

To start, you’ll need to create an account on the portal. Registration just takes a few minutes. All you need is your account number, email address, and mailing zip code. Once your account is set up, you can log in anytime to manage payments. The portal can be accessed from the Charlotte Water website or directly via

The best part about paying your water bill through the online system is that there are no fees! Paying directly through your bank account or setting up a recurring auto-draft comes at no extra charge. For added convenience, you can also opt for paperless billing and receive an email notification when your bill is ready instead of waiting for a statement in the mail.

One-Time Payments with Kubra EZ-PAY

Don’t need full access to your account and bill history? Charlotte Water also offers a streamlined option for making one-time payments through Kubra EZ-PAY. This service allows you to pay by phone, online, or at an authorized payment location around Charlotte.

To pay by phone, call 311 and select the payment options or dial 1-855-288-9286. You’ll need your account number, street number, and a debit/credit card. A $1.10 convenience fee applies to payments under $1000 and $55 for payments over $1000.

For one-time online payments, visit and click on “Make a One-Time Payment”. Again, you’ll need your account details and card information plus a $1.10 or $55 convenience fee.

You can avoid the online fee by taking your payment to an authorized walk-in location like CVS, Walmart, 7-Eleven, and more. Bring your account number and a unique barcode (available at Payments made by 5pm will be processed same-day. The in-person fee is $1.49 per transaction.

Paying by Mail

To pay your water bill through the mail, simply send your payment coupon and a check or money order to:

City of Charlotte
PO Box 1316
Charlotte, NC 28201

Be sure to make your check payable to City of Charlotte and include your account number on the memo line. Allow 5-7 days for mailed payments to process. Do not mail cash payments.

Pay in Person

For those who prefer to drop off payments in person, Charlotte Water offers several options:

  • Government Center (600 E 4th St) – Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm, accepts cash, check, or card

  • Payment drop boxes at 600 E 4th St and 18500 Murdock Circle – check/money order only

  • Authorized payment locations like CVS, Walmart, and 7-Eleven – cash only plus $1.49 fee

You can search for authorized payment locations near you at Payments made at drop boxes or in person by 5pm will be processed same day.

Enroll in Automatic Bank Drafts

For ultimate bill paying convenience, sign up for automatic bank drafts. Charlotte Water will automatically deduct your monthly bill amount directly from your checking or savings account around the due date. No more remembering when to pay or mailing checks!

To enroll, complete and submit the bank draft authorization form available on the Charlotte Water website. You can cancel or change your auto-draft at any time by filling out the cancellation form or managing your payments online.

Automating your utility bill payment ensures it gets paid on time every month with no hassles. One less thing to remember each month!

Review Billing Cycles and Due Dates

Before selecting your payment method, it’s helpful to understand Charlotte Water’s billing cycles and due dates:

  • Bills are sent every month and are typically due 21 days after the billing date. Due date is listed on your statement.

  • Cycles 1-6 are billed monthly. Cycle 7 is billed every other month.

  • If due date falls on a weekend/holiday, payments are due the next business day.

With bills arriving on different schedules depending on your cycle, it’s important to pay attention to your individual due date each month to avoid late fees. Mark it on your calendar or set up automatic payments timed to your billing cycle.

Avoid Late Fees and Service Disruption

Like most utility companies, Charlotte Water charges late fees on overdue bills to encourage prompt payment. Here are some key dates and penalties to keep in mind:

  • Bills become past due the day after the due date
  • A 1.5% late penalty is applied to past due balances
  • Final notices are sent allowing 10 additional days for payment before disconnection
  • After the 10 day grace period, a $50 disconnection/reconnection fee is charged
  • Service is disconnected if the overdue balance remains unpaid

Avoid these extra fees and potential service interruption by paying your bill in full by the due date each month. Auto-pay or online bill pay can help prevent ever missing a payment.

Payment Assistance Options

For Charlotte Water customers experiencing financial hardship and difficulty paying their utility bills, assistance programs are available. Qualifying residents can receive aid through:

  • The Customer Assistance Program – Offers payment plans and bill credits

  • Crisis Assistance Ministry – Provides emergency utility bill funding

  • Salvation Army – Helps with bills for seniors, disabled, and low-income residents

  • Care Ring – Connects households to financial assistance resources

Contact Charlotte Water at 311 to learn more about qualifications and applying for payment help if needed. Programs are available year-round to support customers in tough situations get back on track with their water bill.

Special Billing Considerations

Along with standard monthly billing, Charlotte Water offers some special accommodations:

  • Large families can qualify for an additional wastewater allowance.

  • Home dialysis patients can receive a wastewater billing adjustment.

  • Water-only account options are available for septic system users.

  • Rate and fee exemptions may apply for farmers.

Reach out to Charlotte Water customer service for guidance on special billing needs. Agents can explain requirements and help customers take advantage of any exemptions or discounts.

Deciphering Your Water Usage and Charges

Between water service, sewer service, fees, and taxes, Charlotte Water bills can be complicated. Here’s a quick guide to understanding the various charges:

  • Service Charge – Fixed monthly fee that covers infrastructure and operating costs

  • Water Usage Charge – Variable fee based on the amount of water used in gallons

  • Sewer Usage Charge – Based on your water consumption since most returns to the sewer

  • Stormwater Service Charge – Varies by property size and amount of impervious surface

  • Sales Tax – NC sales tax on water and sewer charges

Check your usage over time and across seasons to get a sense of your household’s normal water consumption. Look for spikes that may indicate leaks or waste. The customer portal has tools to track and analyze your usage.

Understanding the rates, meters, and billing processes allows customers to better manage costs and usage. Charlotte Water’s knowledgeable team is also available by phone or in person to answer any questions.

Customer Service Options

Charlotte Water offers top-notch customer service to support residents and businesses in our community. Contact them with any water bill or service questions:

By Phone
311 or 704-336-7600
Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm

[email protected]

In Person
Charlotte Water Main Office
5100 Brookshire Blvd
Charlotte, NC 28216
Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm

The utility also provides translators to assist non-English speaking customers. Overall, the Charlotte Water team aims to provide friendly, transparent billing and exceptional service to the Charlotte area.

Key Takeaways for Paying Your Charlotte Water Bill

Managing utility bills is part of adulthood. But Charlotte Water’s payment options and helpful customer service make the process smooth and stress-free.

Keep these tips in mind for easy water bill payment:

  • Enroll in online bill pay to receive, view, and pay bills digitally

  • Set up recurring auto-drafts from your bank account to automate payments

  • Use Kubra EZ-PAY for convenient one-time payments

  • Pay via mail, in person

Charlotte Water Utility Bill Pay

Pay Your Bill Your Way

Warning: If you have received an urgent notice and are in imminent danger of having your services disconnected, we recommend you speak to a customer service agent when making your utility payment. Please call 941.764.4300 if this applies.​​

Please be aware of longer mail delivery times when sending your payment. To ensure your payment is received promptly, you can pay your bill in-person or at one of our drop box locations.

The Utilities Department offers several options to pay your water and/or wastewater utility bills. These are the only sanctioned vendors allowed to accept your payment. Other third-party websites may delay payment to us and potentially cause penalties and shutoffs.

The Customer Support Center and the Charlotte County East Port Environmental Campus located at 25550 Harborview Rd. is currently closed. The drop box at the entry gate is still open.

You can pay your bill in person at the Customer Payment Center located at the Murdock Administration Center, 18500 Murdock Circle, B-109.

Hours of operation are 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday (except holidays).

Quick Pay Provided by Billtrust You can make a one-time payment without enrolling in eBill using your Visa card, Master Card, Discover card, checking or savings account. Billtrust charges a convenience fee of $3.95 to use this service. Quick Pay

eBill Provided by Billtrust You can enroll in eBill, an automated method of receiving and/or paying your bill online. Once enrolled, you may make one-time payments or set-up automatic payments via your checking or savings account. You may also use this option to receive and view your bill online without making a payment. This service is free of charge. Pay online

If you enroll in eBill, you will be able to view your bill upon login. You will receive your eBill with the next billing cycle and all paper bills will cease. If you wish to receive an electronic bill, but do not wish to pay on line, you need to enroll in eBill but not elect a payment method.

You can cancel and update your automatic payment by logging into the eBill service. Once you are logged in, select Setup and then Automatic Payments to make your changes. Please contact the Utilities Department at 941.764.4300 for assistance.

Both of these services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Payments made through Billtrust will be identified on your Banking or Credit Card Statement as Charlotte Utility. Payments made online after 2 p.m. will not be posted until the next business day.

A convenience fee is charged in addition to the original bill amount for payments. The fee is paid directly to Billtrust to cover their costs to provide the services plus merchant fees. This fee is non-refundable. Charlotte County Utilities does not receive any portion of this fee. Pay online

Automated Pay by Phone By calling 941.764.4300 and selecting #1, or calling 1.855.288.9286, you can check your balance due and pay your bill with a VISA, MasterCard, Discover card, or your checking account using a touch-tone phone. This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Billtrust charges a convenience fee of $3.95 to use this service.

Tips to lower your utility bill

How do I pay my Charlotte water bill?

You will need the Utility Account Number and the Service Address “Street Number” located on the Charlotte Water bill you want to pay. A fee of $1.10 is charged by KUBRA EZ-PAY for this service. KUBRA EZ-PAY is the fastest way to make a payment. Payments made before 5:00 pm (ET) Sunday-Friday are posted the same day.

How do I pay my Charlotte County utility bill?

Charlotte County Utilities does not receive any portion of this fee. Pay online By calling 941.764.4300 and selecting #1, or calling 1.855.288.9286, you can check your balance due and pay your bill with a VISA, MasterCard, Discover card, or your checking account using a touch-tone phone. This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Does Charlotte County Utilities accept checks?

Charlotte County Utilities is partnered with CheckFree, FISERV, Metavante and FIS. Contact your bank or credit union to determine if they participate. Please be sure to use your account number as shown on your bill. Please DO NOT send cash through the mail. We reserve the right to present your check electronically for payment by your bank.

What is the Charlotte County Utilities Department summer internship program?

The Charlotte County Utilities Department is seeking applicants for its six-week summer internship program. Applicants must be current high school students. The paid internship program will give students hands-on experience while learning about water distribution, treatment facilities, and wastewater collection.

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