How to Pay Your Chesterfield County Utility Bill Online

Paying your electric, water sewer and trash collection bills in Chesterfield County is now easier than ever thanks to online payment options. Read on to learn the ins and outs of paying your Chesterfield County utility bill online.

Overview of Chesterfield County Utilities

Chesterfield County Utilities provides essential services like electricity, water, wastewater treatment, and trash collection to residents and businesses in Chesterfield County, Virginia. They strive to deliver reliable utility services at reasonable rates.

The county directly handles billing and account management for water, sewer, and trash services. Dominion Energy is contracted by the county to provide electric service. So you’ll receive one bill from the county for water/sewer/trash and a separate bill from Dominion for electricity.

Bills are sent out every two months and include both usage charges and any fixed service fees that apply. All bills are due upon receipt.

Why Pay Online?

Paying your Chesterfield County utility bill online provides many advantages

  • It’s fast – Make a payment in just a few clicks 24/7.

  • It’s easy – No stamps or checks required.

  • It’s secure – Payment portal uses encryption to protect your data.

  • It’s flexible – Use credit/debit card, bank account, or electronic check.

  • It’s paperless – Go green by skipping the mail.

  • It saves money – Avoid late fees by paying on time.

Online payments give you more control and convenience over your utility billing.

How to Pay Your County Water/Sewer/Trash Bill Online

Follow these simple steps to pay your Chesterfield County water, sewer, and trash bill online:

  1. Visit the customer portal. Go to and click on “Pay Water Bill” or navigate directly to

  2. Enter your account number. This 12-digit number is printed near your address on bills.

  3. Enter the amount due. Make sure it matches your latest bill.

  4. Select a payment method. Choose from credit/debit card, e-check, or bank draft.

  5. Confirm payment details. Double check the amount and that the funds will come from your desired account.

  6. Complete payment. Click “Pay” to finish the transaction.

  7. Get a confirmation number. Retain this in case you need to reference the payment later.

It’s that easy! The online portal accepts VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and electronic checks with no transaction fees. Your account will reflect the payment in approximately 3 business days.

How to Pay Your Dominion Energy Electric Bill Online

Dominion Energy handles electricity service and billing in Chesterfield County. Follow these steps to pay your Dominion Energy electric bill online:

  1. Go to Click on “My Account” then “Pay My Bill.”

  2. Log in or register. You’ll need your account number andzip code.

  3. Choose a payment amount. Select from bill balance, minimum due, other amount or scheduled payment.

  4. Enter payment details. Choose payment method, review funds source, email receipt preference.

  5. Authorize and submit. Carefully verify details before clicking submit.

  6. Confirmation. Print or save the confirmation page.

Dominion Energy accepts payments from checking/savings accounts, credit/debit cards, or Dominion Energy accounts. Confirm with your bank if e-check transactions count as debit card payments.

Setting Up Recurring Payments

Tired of having to manually pay bills each cycle? Sign up for auto-pay to have payments automatically drawn from your bank account each billing period.

For county bills, register online at and click on “Automatic Payments.” Choose your desired account, payment date, and frequency.

For Dominion bills, sign into your account at and navigate to “My Billing Preferences” to establish recurring payments.

Set it and forget it! Auto-pay saves you time while avoiding late fees. Monitor your account periodically to ensure the correct amounts are being deducted.

Going Paperless with eBills

Want to go green while simplifying bill payment? Sign up to receive bills electronically instead of by mail.

For county bills, register your account online and select the “Paperless” option to turn on eBills.

For Dominion bills, log into your account and click on “Communication Preferences” to turn on paperless billing.

You’ll get an email notification when your new bill is ready to view online. Pay right from your email for added convenience! Reduce clutter and wasted paper by converting your bills to eBills.

Payment Assistance Programs

If you’re struggling to keep up with utility payments, check if you qualify for one of these assistance programs:

  • Budget Billing – Pay a predictable amount each month based on average usage.

  • Payment Arrangements – Setup a personalized payment plan for past due balances.

  • CARE Discount – Low-income residents save 20% on county utility bills.

  • LIHEAP – Federally funded program providing bill payment relief.

Don’t hesitate to call Chesterfield County Utilities at 804-748-1291 if you need help managing payments. They’ll work with you on finding an assistance option that meets your needs.

Avoid Late Fees!

Here are some tips to remember to avoid late fees and service interruptions:

  • Mark your bill due dates on your calendar. Chesterfield County bills are due upon receipt.

  • Look out for past due notices and urgent disconnection warnings. These are signs a payment was missed.

  • Set payment reminders on your phone, calendar or email. Automated alerts can prevent lapses.

  • Sign up for text/email alerts from providers to receive due date reminders and notifications if your account becomes delinquent.

  • If a bill seems inaccurate or late, contact the utility immediately to understand why and avoid penalties.

Staying on top of utility bills prevents penalties, credit damage, and costly service disruptions.

In Summary

Paying your Chesterfield County utility bills online is fast, easy, and secure. Register your account on the county’s customer portal to access convenient features like one-time payments, auto-pay, paperless billing, and more. Dominion Energy also offers simple online payments and account management. Reach out to utility customer service if ever you need assistance managing payments or bills. Convenient online payment options help take the hassle out of paying your essential utility bills each month.

Chesterfield County Utilities Online Bill Pay

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How do I report a water outage in Chesterfield, VA?

Utility Water and Wastewater Emergencies Utility emergency crews are on call 24 hours a day. If you see an emergency or suspect there is a problem with any county maintained utility lines, call 804-748-1310.

Who is the power company in Chesterfield VA?

Dominion Energy has an existing electric transmission corridor running from its Chesterfield Substation in Chesterfield County to its Hopewell Substation in the City of Hopewell.

How much does it cost to connect to Chesterfield County water and Sewers?

Deposits and Fees Please call 804-748-1291 and ask a customer service representative for more information regarding the deposit procedure. To establish water/wastewater utility service, residential tenants pay $200 and commercial tenants pay $300 (see more details below).

What is the Chesterfield County utilities customer portal?

The Chesterfield County Utilities Customer Portal allows customers to either make a one-time payments without registering or register to view account information, set up AutoPay or receive paperless bills. Notifications for paperless customers will come from when bills are available for viewing.

What if I don’t pay my Chesterfield utility charges?

All outstanding charges, fees and assessments must be paid before service can be restored. For information about outstanding charges, call 804-748-1291. The Code of the County of Chesterfield, Section 18-30, referring to termination of service for nonpayment of utility charges and security deposit, was revised July 1, 2016.

How often are Chesterfield utilities water and wastewater customers billed?

Chesterfield Utilities’ water and wastewater customers are billed bimonthly (every other month) and are due upon receipt. The following payment options are available without service fees. Changing your service when moving can typically be done within two business days. If your water consumption appears to be higher than normal:

How do I contact Chesterfield County water & sewer?

For billing and account inquiries, customers can call 804-748-1291, while payments can be made by phone at 844-449-7664. Technical support for online and phone payments is available at 800-420-1663. Information about opening or closing a water and sewer account when moving in or out of Chesterfield County.

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