Simplifying Utility Payments with City of Danville Va Utilities Bill Pay

Paying utility bills can feel tedious. Sorting paperwork, jotting down due dates, buying stamps – it takes time many of us don’t have For Danville, VA residents, an easier option exists – City of Danville Va Utilities Bill Pay This online bill payment system allows you to pay your electric, water, and gas bills quickly and securely.

As a Danville homeowner, I used to struggle to stay on top of utility payments. I’d misplace the bill and have to pay late fees for forgetting. I dreaded having to manually write and mail checks each month. Then I discovered City of Danville Va Utilities Bill Pay and it streamlined the whole process.

How City of Danville Va Utilities Bill Pay Works

City of Danville Va Utilities Bill Pay allows you to view and pay your utility bills online through a secure web portal. To use it, you first create an online account and link your City of Danville utility accounts. You can then see your current balance, amount due, and upcoming due date.

When it’s time to pay, simply log in to your account, enter the payment amount, and submit You can choose options like

  • One-time payment
  • Recurring auto-payments
  • Partial payment
  • Full balance payment

Payment methods include checking account, savings account, or credit/debit card. The payment processes electronically, eliminating the need to mail checks. You receive email confirmation when the payment goes through.

Benefits of City of Danville Va Utilities Bill Pay

Switching to City of Danville Va Utilities Bill Pay offers many advantages:


  • Access your account anywhere, anytime online
  • Pay bills on your schedule 24/7
  • Avoid late fees by scheduling auto-payments


  • View balance and payment history in one place
  • Set up recurring payments for budgeting
  • Skip printing, stuffing, and mailing checks


  • Secure login protects your information
  • Payments processed through encrypted channels
  • Payment confirmation emailed to you

Cost Savings

  • Avoid late payment fees
  • No cost for online payments
  • Option to pay by e-check, not credit card

Is City of Danville Va Utilities Bill Pay Right for You?

City of Danville Va Utilities Bill Pay is ideal for anyone looking for an easier way to pay utility bills. The convenience of paying online can save you time and give you peace of mind. If you still mail paper checks, it’s worth switching to e-payments.

To use City of Danville Va Utilities Bill Pay, you must have active City of Danville utility accounts. Both residential and commercial customers can enroll:

  • Single family homes
  • Multi-family complexes
  • Businesses
  • Government buildings
  • Schools
  • Other organizations

If you already have online account access, enrolling in paperless billing and bill pay is simple. There’s no fee to make electronic payments.

For customers receiving paper bills, signing up is easy:

  1. Register for an online account at [URL]
  2. Link your utility accounts
  3. Select “Go Paperless” to stop paper bills
  4. Start using online bill pay for fast, easy payments

What to Expect When Paying Bills Online

Wondering what the process looks like to pay your utility bills via City of Danville Va Utilities Bill Pay? Here’s an overview:

First, log into your account on the bill pay website. You’ll see your current balance, payment history, and upcoming due date for each utility account.

To make a payment, click “Pay Bill” and enter the amount. You can pay the minimum due, scheduled payment, or full balance. Choose one-time or recurring.

Next, select your payment method – checking account, savings account, or card. Enter the information to securely process the payment.

Finally, review the payment details and submit. You’ll receive instant email confirmation with the transaction details. And your bill is paid without stamps!

Give City of Danville Va Utilities Bill Pay a Try

Paying utility bills doesn’t need to be a chore. With City of Danville Va Utilities Bill Pay, you can conveniently pay online 24/7 through a secure portal. It simplifies the entire process and saves you time and hassle.

If you’re ready to go paperless and streamline payments, give City of Danville Va Utilities Bill Pay a try. Sign up for an online account, link your City of Danville utility accounts, and opt for e-bills. You’ll be able to quickly pay your bills anytime, anywhere while avoiding late fees.

Say goodbye to sorting through papers, jotting down dates, and buying stamps. Just log in and pay your bill in minutes with a few clicks. Your future self will thank you!

City Of Danville Va Utilities Bill Pay

Danville Utilities Customer Web Portal

Access your utility bill, transaction history, usage history, outage information, make online payments, and more!

GIS-based public access websites

E-Payments – Taxes & Utilities

Pay your tax and utility bills online

Utility bill credit, debit card fee change set to go before Danville city council


Who helps with light bills in Danville VA?

The Virginia Energy Assistance Program (EAP) assists low-income households in meeting their immediate home energy needs. The EAP consists of four components: Fuel Assistance, Crisis Assistance, Cooling Assistance and Weatherization Assistance.

Can you pay a Danville KY water bill online?

City of Danville Utility Customers now have access to multiple payment methods including Online Payments , Pay by Phone 866-771-1193, and Pay By Text. Customers can sign up for AutoPay and receive email notifications regarding due bills and payment confirmation.

How do I call Danville utilities in Danville VA?

Customers whose residence or business is without power should call Danville Utilities at (434) 773-8300 to report the outage. When calling, customers are asked to verify their telephone number and account number with the staff member or through the automated system.

Who provides electricity in Danville VA?

Danville Utilities provides innovative, reliable, competitive, and safe utility services with a highly valued and qualified workforce, while helping drive economic development. The City of Danville has been in the utility business since 1876.

How do I pay my Danville utility bill?

The City of Danville strives to provide quality customer service. For your convenience we provide a variety of methods for paying your bill: Utility bills can also be paid at the following satellite payment centers:

How often do I receive a Danville utility bill?

All Danville Utilities customers receive a utility bill every month which includes charges for all services – electric, natural gas, water, wastewater (sewer), and refuse collection and telecommunications where available. If you have any questions about billing, please call Danville Utilities Customer Accounts at 434-799-5159.

What does the town of Danville utilities do?

The Town of Danville Utilities is a municipally-owned water treatment, and wastewater utility. Use the links below for specific information on each of these services:

How long does it take for Danville utilities to receive payment?

Allow 5-7 days for Danville Utilities to receive payment. Please update your utility account number on your bank’s bill-pay system if you move from one location to another. Two lanes are open during regular business hours for drive-thru payments, located at the rear of the Charles H. Harris Financial Service Center.

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