How to Pay City of Hagerstown Bills Online

Paying your utility bills, taxes, and other city fees in Hagerstown, MD is now easier and more convenient with the launch of the city’s new online payment portal This comprehensive guide covers everything Hagerstown residents need to know about setting up an account to pay city bills digitally in just minutes from home

Overview of Hagerstown Bill Pay Options

The City of Hagerstown offers several ways for residents to pay their monthly municipal bills and charges:

  • In person at City Hall
  • By mail with check or money order
  • Over the phone
  • Automatic bank account deductions
  • Online through the payment portal

Paying online via the portal provides the most flexibility, control, and convenience for managing your city bills.

With the portal, you can review statement details, make one-time or recurring payments, store payment methods securely, go paperless, and more. Payments can be made 24/7 in just minutes on your computer or mobile device.

Benefits of Paying Bills Online

There are many good reasons to switch to online bill payment through the City of Hagerstown’s portal:

  • Fast, easy payments 24/7
  • Avoid lines and call wait times
  • Pay anywhere with internet access
  • Store payment info securely
  • Go paperless with e-bills
  • Set up automatic recurring payments
  • Access real-time account balances
  • Receive payment confirmations
  • Manage notifications and reminders
  • Safe and secure system

Online payments are processed immediately, meaning you can avoid late fees and service disruptions as long as bills are paid on time.

How to Set Up Online Bill Pay

Ready to start paying your city bills digitally? Follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Create an Account

Go to the payment portal website and click “Register” to create your online account profile. Provide your account number email phone number, and other details.

Step 2: Link Payment Method

Select your preferred payment method – bank account, debit card, or credit card. Safely store the details to enable quick one-click payments.

Step 3: Log In and Access Accounts

Sign into your account dashboard using your email and password. All your active city accounts will display with real-time balances.

Step 4: Select Bill and Make Payment

Choose the account and bill you want to pay. Enter the payment amount and submit. The funds will instantly deduct from your stored payment method.

And you’re done! Your account balance will update once the payment is processed. Just log in anytime to make more one-time payments or set up auto-pay.

Helpful Tools and Account Management Features

Beyond basic bill pay, Hagerstown’s online payment system includes other useful features:

  • Secure account dashboard to manage all your city accounts
  • Enable text/email reminders and past due notices
  • Establish recurring automatic payments
  • View previous statements and payment history
  • Go paperless by enrolling in e-bills
  • Store multiple payment methods for convenience
  • Pay bills easily on mobile device using the app

Be sure to take advantage of these extras to simplify city account management.

Getting Assistance with Online Bill Pay

Don’t hesitate to contact Hagerstown’s Customer Service team if you need any help with the online payment process:

  • Phone: 301-790-4160 (M-F 8AM – 4PM)
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Visit: City Hall at 1 E. Franklin St.

The city staff is always ready to answer questions, provide portal support, and guide citizens through online bill payment.

Can’t Pay Online? Other Payment Options

If you are unable to use the online payment portal, the City of Hagerstown does offer other ways to pay your bills:

  • By phone with debit/credit card
  • Mail in a check or money order
  • In-person at City Hall with cash, check, or card
  • Automatic bank account withdrawals

Find the method that works best for your needs. The city aims to provide flexible options to fit every resident’s payment preferences.

With its user-friendly portal, the City of Hagerstown makes paying your municipal bills and fees online an absolute breeze. Sign up for an account, securely store your preferred payment method, receive e-bills, set up auto-pay, and manage everything in one place. Payments can be made anytime from your desktop or mobile device in just minutes!

Go online and get control over your city utility bills, taxes, permits, and other payments. Digital bill pay offers unbeatable convenience. Don’t stand in line or wait on hold again – let Hagerstown’s improved system simplify managing your accounts.

City Of Hagerstown Bill Pay

A Reminder for our Utilities Customers:

A late payment charge of 10% will be calculated upon the total charges and applied to the Water and Wastewater bill or any portion of the bill not paid by the current amount due date. Each subsequent Water and Wastewater Bill not paid in full will be subject to the aforementioned late payment charge on the unpaid balance. Additionally for HLD customers, late payment charges will be imposed on all delinquent bills excluding State charges and taxes. Late payment charges will not exceed a total of 5% of the unpaid bill.

Easing Winter Heating Bills:

Due to the length of the heating season and the low temperatures experienced by our customers, some electric bills will appear higher in cost than some may expect. The monthly bill is made up of several components:

  • Kilowatthour (kWh) charge = the measured amount of electric used within the billing period
  • Purchase Power Cost Adjustment (PPCA) = the number of kWh used times the PPCA factor for the billing period

The Hagerstown Light Department is a not-for-profit entity. The PPCA is a pass-through charge and is utilized to capture costs associated with fluctuations caused by weather conditions and varying usage patterns. The remaining components of the bill are state and federal taxes and surcharges.

In order to reduce the variations in monthly bills, all eligible customers should consider utilizing the Average Payment Plan offered by the Hagerstown Light Department. Call (301) 790-4160 for details.

For more information on conserving energy and reducing electric costs within your home, visit our energy savings page.

Five Stupid Things About Hagerstown


Does Hagerstown have city taxes?

The minimum combined 2024 sales tax rate for Hagerstown, Maryland is 6%. This is the total of state, county and city sales tax rates.

How much is water in Hagerstown, MD?

Inside City – Volume Fee per 1,000 Gallons
Residential Cost per 1,000 Gallons
0-18,000 gallons
>18,000 gallons

Who provides electricity to Hagerstown?

For more than 75 years, the City of Hagerstown Light Department (HLD) has been dedicated to providing safe and reliable electric power to our customers, at the most economical cost available, while endeavoring to provide the best reliable service possible.

Does Hagerstown have a payment system?

HAGERSTOWN, Md. (WDVM) — The City of Hagerstown is working to make paying your bills much easier. There will be different ways to make payments, including Venmo, PayPal and Apple Pay. City officials said that the idea is to modernize the way people pay on social media. However, there currently is not any information on […]

How do I pay my utility bill in Hagerstown MD?

For assistance in paying utility bills, please contact Washington County Community Action Council – 101 Summit Avenue, Hagerstown, MD; 301-797-4161. By mail using check or money order; be certain to include bill stub; write your account number on your check or money order; DO NOT SEND CASH

What does the Hagerstown Utilities Department do?

Hagerstown Utilities Department is composed of the Electric Division, Water Division, Wastewater Division, Utilities Engineering, and Laboratories. Our mission is to provide low-cost, reliable electric service to the residents of the City of Hagerstown as well as water and wastewater customers inside and outside the City.

How do I contact Hagerstown customer service?

Business such as scheduling moves, making payment arrangements, and inquiring about accounts can be handled by emailing [email protected] or by calling 301-790-4160. Say goodbye to paper clutter! The City of Hagerstown is committed to proactively making bill delivery more efficient.

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