A Guide to Paying Your Utility Bill with the City of Rockport

Rockport homes and businesses need to be able to depend on their utility services, such as water, sewer, gas, and trash collection. You owe the City of Rockport money, so please pay your bill on time every month. This article will go over your payment options, including how to avoid late fees, set up auto-pay, read your bill, and more.

Overview of Rockport’s Utility Services

The City of Rockport provides the following utility services for residents and businesses

  • Water
  • Wastewater (sewer)
  • Natural gas
  • Garbage and recycling collection

Rockport’s water system serves over 8000 customers. Natural gas service is available for about 5,000 customers. Bills are issued monthly based on metered usage.

Ways to Pay Your Rockport Utility Bill

The City offers various ways to pay each month for convenient bill payment:

  • Online – Pay through Rockport’s online portal by e-check or card. No registration required for quick pay.

  • By phone – Call the utility billing office at 361-729-2213 and pay over the phone with a card.

  • Mail – Send a personal check or money order with your bill stub.

  • In person – Pay with cash, check or card at Rockport City Hall.

  • Auto pay – Sign up to have payments automatically drafted from your bank account.

  • Drop box – Place a check or money order in the drive-up utility box at City Hall.

Choose the most convenient way for you to pay each month. The City also offers payment assistance for qualifying customers.

Avoiding Late Fees

To encourage prompt payment, the City charges late fees on overdue utility bills:

  • A 10% penalty is added if payment is received after the due date.

  • Services may be disconnected if a bill is 30 days past due.

  • A $30 reconnection fee per service applies if disconnected.

Signing up for auto-pay is the easiest way to avoid late fees. But you can also call the City to explain your situation and request a one-time waiver.

Registering for an Online Account

Managing your utility account online with the City of Rockport is quick and easy. Just follow these steps:

  1. Go to Rockport’s utility payment website.

  2. Select “Sign Up” under the log in boxes.

  3. Enter your account number, email, phone number, and password.

  4. Confirm your registration.

Once registered, you can view statements, payment history, usage, and more with just a simple log in.

Setting Up Automatic Payments

One of the top conveniences offered by the City is auto-pay options for utility bills. To enroll:

  • Log into your online account and click on “Auto-Pay Accounts” under “My Profile”.

  • Choose the account(s) you want to enroll and the date to draft payments.

  • Enter your credit/debit card or bank account information.

  • Review and submit the automated payment agreement.

You’ll receive email confirmation when setup. Log in anytime to update your payment method or date.

Understanding Your City of Rockport Utility Bill

When reviewing your monthly utility bill from the City, here are the key sections:

  • Account summary shows previous balance, payments received, and total now due.

  • Meter readings summarize your usage for each service over the month.

  • Charges break down your bill by water, sewer, gas, garbage, fees, etc.

  • Messages may contain important notices or updates from the City.

  • Payment stub lists due date and ways to pay like online, by mail, etc.

  • Back lists utility rates and contact information for the billing office.

Monitoring Monthly Usage and Costs

You can track your utility usage and what impacts your costs each month:

  • The City bills show water use in gallons, gas in CCF, and waste levels. Compare monthly.

  • Rate increases will raise your costs independent of usage changes. Check the City’s website for updates.

  • Weather drives seasonal spikes in gas for heating and water for irrigation.

  • Home changes like new residents or appliances affect utility use.

Understanding the factors influencing your utility bill allows you to manage costs over time.

Steps if You Miss a Payment

If you fail to pay your City of Rockport utility bill by the due date, take these steps:

  • Pay immediately, even a partial payment, to stop late fees from accumulating.

  • Review your account details to ensure everything looks accurate.

  • Contact the billing office at 361-729-2213 to explain and request a one-time waiver of late fees.

  • Ask about payment plans or assistance programs if struggling financially to avoid disconnection.

  • Sign up for auto-pay so payments are made on time going forward.

Staying in touch with the City and keeping your account current will help resolve any issues quickly.

Paying your Rockport utility bill promptly, monitoring usage, and leveraging payment programs allows you to conveniently manage City services. Contact the billing office with any account needs or questions.

City Of Rockport Bill Pay

Sign Up for Utility Service

The City provides water, sewer, natural gas, garbage and recycling services. You may sign up HERE all of these services. For further assistance, you can call 361-729-2213, ext. 234.

Information on garbage and recycling pick-up is also available through this direct link (PDF). Actual map with pick up days (PDF) and a calendar (PDF) are available through the link on the left menu. If your garbage pickup falls on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day or New Year’s Day, it will be collected on your next regular pickup day. Garbage collection will operate on its normal schedule on all other holidays.

Customers can always pay through the City’s website with a credit card (Service Fee of 2.5% will apply), their account is updated immediately. Other payment options include paying in person at our offices during normal business hours (Monday-Friday 8 am – 5 pm) or setting up automatic drafting on your bank account. For additional information, contact Utility Billing at (361) 729-2213, ext. 234

Pay by Credit Card. Be sure to have your account number on hand when paying in this manner.

The City now offers a new service that allows you to access your account 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Make sure you have your account number handy and click on this secure link. You will be asked to register and provide any updated account information.

You may view real time balances, payment amounts and bill due dates, as well as graphs detailing current and last year’s consumption history. This application is also optimized for mobile devices.

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