How To Pay Your City of Winfield Utility Bill: A Comprehensive Guide

Paying your utility bill on time every month is an important responsibility as a City of Winfield resident. However, with several payment options available, the process can seem confusing. This comprehensive guide will walk you through everything you need to know about paying your City of Winfield utility bill conveniently and on time.

Overview of City of Winfield Utility Billing

People who live in Winfield can get services like electricity, water, sewage, natural gas, and trash pickup from the city. The city bills residents monthly for these utility services.

The City Clerk’s Office files utility bills and mails them out every month in one of four billing cycles. Over 85,000 bills are sent out to Winfield households and businesses annually.

Bills are typically due 20 days after the statement date. It’s important to pay your utility bill by the due date to avoid late fees or service disruptions.

Understanding Your City of Winfield Utility Bill

You can find account information like your customer number, service address, and meter readings on your City of Winfield utility bill. The bill also breaks down the costs of each type of service you receive.

Here are the key sections to review on your utility bill:

  • Account Summary This table summarizes your current charges for each utility service payments made account balance, and due date. Compare this to your usage history.

  • Electric Charges: Details your electricity usage and rate plan. Check for accuracy against your actual usage.

  • Water Charges: Shows your water consumption based on meter readings and the tiered rate charges. Verify the meter readings.

  • Wastewater Charges Based on your water usage since wastewater correlates to water volume

  • Gas Charges: Natural gas usage and delivery charges based on meter readings. Validate readings.

  • Solid Waste Charges: Flat monthly fee for trash and recycling pickup.

  • Stormwater Charges Stormwater management service fee

  • Other Charges/Credits: Lists any other fees, taxes, penalties, adjustments or account credits.

Closely reviewing the charges on your utility bill can help you spot potential errors and account for usage fluctuations. Reach out to the utility billing department with any discrepancies.

5 Convenient Ways to Pay Your City of Winfield Utility Bill

The City of Winfield offers several payment options to provide customers with flexibility and convenience in paying utility bills on time.

Here are 5 easy ways to pay in Winfield:

1. Mail Payment

Simply mail your check or money order along with the payment stub from your utility bill to the remittance address printed on the statement. Be sure to allow enough time for the payment to reach the utility office by the due date.

2. In-Person Payment

Visit the Customer Service Office inside Winfield City Hall during business hours to pay your bill in person with cash, check or money order. This option allows you to get a payment receipt immediately.

3. ACH or EFT Payment

Sign up to automatically pay your utility bill through a bank account withdrawal each month. This is a convenient option that ensures your bill gets paid on time without the hassle.

4. Online Payment

The city allows online payments through their website using credit/debit cards or e-checks. Look for the “Online Payment” link on the website. This 24/7 payment method is quick and easy.

5. Phone Payment

Call the city utility billing office at 620-221-5500 and pay your bill over the phone using a credit or debit card. Just have your account number and card ready.

Choosing an automatic payment method like ACH or recurring credit card payments can simplify bill payment while avoiding late fees. Online and phone payments offer convenience for times when you need to pay last minute.

Payment Office Locations in Winfield

In addition to City Hall, Winfield offers a couple other authorized payment locations around town for dropping off check or money order payments. These include:

  • City Hall: 200 E 9th Ave

  • Dillions Grocery Store: 2310 Main St

Utilize these drop boxes to submit payments if you miss the mail pickup time or City Hall is closed. Payments left in the drop boxes will be collected and processed the following business day.

Late Payments and Disconnection Policy

Paying your utility bill after the due date will result in a late fee around 10% of the outstanding balance. If a bill remains unpaid for multiple cycles, the city may issue a disconnection notice and assess additional fees.

If service is disconnected due to non-payment, the full past due amount plus a reconnection fee will need to be paid before restoring your utilities. To avoid service interruptions and added fees, be sure to pay your utility bill in full by the due date.

The city may offer payment arrangements or assistance programs to customers facing financial hardship or temporary difficulties paying their utility bills. Reach out to the billing office to learn about available options if necessary.

Assistance Programs for Winfield Residents

For low-income residents or those facing financial hardships, Winfield offers assistance programs to help pay utility bills so basic services can remain connected.

Some of the assistance options to explore include:

  • Payment arrangements with extended due dates

  • One-time emergency assistance for past due balances

  • Percentage discount programs for seniors and disabled customers

  • Energy assistance programs through South Central Kansas Community Action Program

Contact the City of Winfield utility billing office to learn more about qualification guidelines and how to apply for these utility bill assistance programs if needed.

Changes to Your City of Winfield Utilities Account

If you need to make changes to your utility account in Winfield, such as updating your contact information or starting/stopping service, their customer service team can help. Here are a few account changes you may need to request:

  • Update your mailing address for bills

  • Add or remove someone from your account

  • Transfer service when moving to a new home

  • Suspend service during an extended absence

  • Reconnect service after disconnection

  • Downsize/upgrade electric or gas service

Reaching out to the billing department ensures these account changes are processed smoothly and correctly. Be sure to contact them a few days in advance when possible.

Communicating with the City of Winfield Utility Billing Office

The friendly and knowledgeable utility billing staff at the City of Winfield is available to support customers with any utility account needs.

Contact them at:

Phone: 620-221-5500

Email: [email protected]

Office Hours: Monday – Thursday, 8am – 5:30pm and Fridays 8am – 11:30am

The billing office team can answer your questions about your utility charges, payment options, account changes, assistance programs, and any other utility-related matters. Reach out to them right away if you ever notice any unexplained charges or issues on your bill.

Paying Your Utility Bill on Time Has Its Benefits

While paying bills isn’t typically fun, keeping up with your City of Winfield utility payments ensures uninterrupted access to essential services. Plus, paying on time every month means avoiding late fees, collections calls, and potential service disconnection.

Establishing a stress-free bill payment routine like auto-pay or reminders helps make the process quicker and easier. Review your monthly bill carefully and address any discrepancies right away as well.

With numerous payment methods and assistance programs available, Winfield aims to make managing utility bills convenient for all households and ensure the entire community has access to vital utilities. Reach out to the billing department if you ever have questions or need guidance on the process. Consistently paying your Winfield utility bill on time has its benefits!

City Of Winfield Utilities Bill Pay

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Utility Bill Explained

How do I pay utility bills in Winfield KS?

Remittance address: City of Winfield-Utility Billing, P.O. Box 646, Winfield, KS 67156 In-person- Cash, Check or Money Order-The Customer Service Office in City Hall at 200 E. 9th is open 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday-Thursday, 8:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. on Friday. ACH or EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer)- This is the most convenient way to pay.

How do I contact Winfield utilities?

We are always working to better our utilities and Winfield. Please browse a brief narrative for each of our utilities identified on the left. For additional information on any of our utilities or services, please call (620)221-5600 or email Customer Service.

What services does Winfield Public utilities offer?

Our customers receive electric, natural gas, water, Stormwater, solid waste, and wastewater services. Because Winfield Public Utilities is customer-owned and operated, its customers have the power to set rates and control the standard of service. We are always working to better our utilities and Winfield.

How do I pay a utility bill in Canfield OH?

Payment – Payment by check or money order may bemade by mail and sent to: CanfieldUtilities, 104 Lisbon St, Canfield, OH 44406. Or, you may drop your payment off at the Municipal Building between the hours of 8-4:00p.m. Monday through Friday.

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