How to Pay Your College Park Power Bill Online – A Complete Guide

Paying your power bill in College Park is easier than ever thanks to the city’s online billing and payment system. As a College Park Power customer, you have multiple options for taking care of your electric bill quickly and efficiently from the comfort of your home.

Let us walk you through everything you need to know to pay your College Park Power bill online in this complete guide.

  • Creating an Online Account
  • Viewing Your Bill
  • Payment Options
  • Setting Up Auto-Pay
  • Understanding Rates and Fees
  • Getting Assistance

So if you’re looking for the fastest most convenient way to pay your power bill. read on for a complete overview of online payment with College Park Power!

Creating an Online Account

The first step in paying your bill online is creating an account in the College Park Power customer portal. This secure portal allows you to view billing history, make payments, set up recurring payments, and more.

To create your online account

  • Go to
  • Click on “Customer Portal (Registered User Payment)”
  • Click the “New User” button
  • Enter your College Park Power account number and the last name on the account
  • Create a username and password and provide your email address
  • Agree to the terms and conditions

After making an account, you can access it at any time to handle payments, change your details, and do other things. Remember to keep your username and password safe so you can use them again.

Viewing Your Bill Online

One of the best things about the online customer portal is that it lets you see both your current bill and your billing history. This allows you to closely monitor your power usage and charges each month.

To view your bill online:

  • Log into your College Park Power customer portal account
  • Click on “View Bill”
  • You will see your current balance along with a PDF copy of your most recent bill
  • Click “View Usage” to see your daily power consumption for the current billing cycle
  • Click on “Billing History” to see previous bills going back 24 months

Reviewing your bill online is a great way to catch any unexpected spikes in usage and closely track charges over time.

Payment Options

College Park Power offers several convenient payment options through the online customer portal:

One-Time Payment

To make a one-time payment on your account:

  • Log into your online account
  • Select “Make Payment”
  • Enter the payment amount and submit
  • Payment can be made via credit card, debit card or e-check

One-time payments are applied immediately to your account.

Recurring Payments

You can also set up automatic recurring payments from a credit card or bank account. This ensures your bill is paid on time each month.

To set up recurring payments:

  • Log into your online account
  • Click on “Recurring Payments”
  • Select whether to pay the full balance or fixed amount each month
  • Enter your payment information
  • Pick the day each month the payment should process

With auto-pay, you don’t have to remember to pay each month!

Pay Near Me Locations

For cash payments, you can visit any of College Park Power’s “Pay Near Me” locations, which allow you to pay your bill in cash at a participating retailer.

To find Pay Near Me locations:

  • Log into your online account
  • Click on “Payment Locations”
  • Enter your zip code to find nearby participating retailers
  • Take your bill or account number to the retailer to make a cash payment

This provides an easy way to pay in cash without having to visit the utility office.

Payment Extensions

If you need some extra time to pay your bill, you can quickly request a payment extension online:

  • Log into your account
  • Click on “Request Extension”
  • Select a new due date for the payment (up to 15 days)
  • The system will review and send a confirmation email

This provides flexibility if you need a few extra days to make the payment.

Setting Up Auto-Pay

For maximum convenience, we highly recommend setting up recurring auto-pay through the online portal. This ensures your bill is paid automatically each month.

To set up auto-pay:

  • Log into your online account
  • Click on “Auto Pay Program”
  • Select whether to pay the full balance or fixed amount each month
  • Enter your credit card or bank account information
  • Pick the day each month the payment should be processed

Once enrolled, you don’t have to do anything else – the system will withdraw the payment on the selected day each month.

You can cancel or change your auto-pay option at any time through the online portal. Auto-pay gives you peace of mind that the bill is always paid on time!

Understanding Rates and Fees

When reviewing your bill online, you’ll see various rates and fees that make up the monthly charges. It’s helpful to understand what these represent:

  • Energy Charge – This covers the actual electricity used based on your consumption and the current rate for residential service. Rates may vary seasonally.

  • Base Charge – This is a fixed monthly charge that helps cover the costs of billing, meter reading, equipment maintenance and more.

  • Municipal Franchise Fee – A 3% fee that goes to the City of College Park general fund.

  • Right-of-Way Fee – A 3% fee for use of city property for power lines and equipment.

  • Regulatory Fee – This helps fund the Georgia Public Service Commission, which regulates utilities.

  • Taxes – Local sales tax is added to the subtotal.

Understanding the various rates and fees will help you better interpret your monthly charges. Rates are set by the College Park City Council.

Getting Account Assistance

If you have any questions or issues with your College Park Power account, customer service reps are available by phone and email:

Some key reasons to contact customer service include:

  • Questions about your bill or charges
  • Reporting a power outage
  • Setting up new service
  • Closing your account

The College Park Power customer service team is knowledgeable and responsive. They can help resolve any account issues promptly.

College Park Power Bill Pay

Georgia Power’s Customer Care Website – Pay Your Electric Bill Easily


How do I pay my Georgia Power bill without logging in?

Pay your bill online for a fast and secure experience. To pay your bill without logging in, you will need your account number and your access code from your bill.

What is the number for the Georgia Power BillMatrix?

To be directed to BillMatrix, a separate company not affiliated with Georgia Power, call 1‑800‑672‑2402 to pay using a credit card or debit card. Be sure to have your Georgia Power account number ready.

Can I pay my Georgia Power bill at Kroger?

Locations include Kroger, Walmart, Publix, Walgreens, Dollar General, Family Dollar and more. To ensure immediate posting of your payment, please provide your barcode or ask store agent to process through Western Union, CheckFreePay, Fidelity Express or U.S. Payments.

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