A Step-by-Step Guide to Paying Your Dekalb-Jackson Water Bill Online

Paying your water bill on time every month is an essential responsibility For customers of the Dekalb-Jackson Water Supply District in Alabama, there are several ways to pay your water bill conveniently Read on for a complete walkthrough of how to pay online – the fastest and most efficient option.

Overview of Dekalb-Jackson Water Supply District

The Dekalb-Jackson Water Supply District provides water service to over 5,000 residential and business customers across Jackson County Alabama. They are committed to supplying reliable and high-quality water service to their customers.

The utility company also handles billing and payment collection for the water service. On the 20th of every month, you have to pay your water bill or your service will be cut off. The Dekalb-Jackson Water Supply District gives customers a number of ways to pay their bills, so it’s easy for them to do so on time.

Benefits of Paying Your Water Bill Online

Paying online through the Dekalb-Jackson Water Supply District website is the preferred payment method for most customers because of these advantages:

  • Convenience – Pay anytime, anywhere with an internet connection. Avoid driving to the office or waiting on hold by phone.

  • Efficiency: When you pay online, the money goes into your account faster, usually within one business day. No waiting for the mail.

  • Security – The online payment portal uses industry-standard encryption to keep your information safe. Much more secure than mailing checks.

  • Flexibility – Make one-time payments or set up recurring automatic payments. You control the payment dates.

  • Account management – View payment history, consumption history, and update account info when logged into your online account.

Step-by-Step Guide to Paying Your Water Bill Online

Follow these simple steps to pay your water bill online with the Dekalb-Jackson Water Supply District:

Step 1: Gather Account and Billing Information

Have your water account number and current bill handy. You’ll need to enter this info to log in and make a payment.

Step 2: Go to the Payment Website

Go to djwaterusmgas.com/pay.online.html. This is the direct link to the online payment portal.

Step 3: Select Payment Option

Choose whether you want to make a one-time payment or set up an account for recurring payments. One-time payments are faster if you just need to pay your current bill.

Step 4: Enter Your Account Details

If paying one-time, enter your account number and billing zip code. For a registered account, log in with your email and password.

Step 5: Select Payment Method

Choose whether to pay by credit/debit card, bank account (ACH), or e-check. Enter the payment amount and required details.

Step 6: Submit Payment

Carefully review the payment info and amount. Then submit the payment and wait for the confirmation page.

Step 7: Save Confirmation

Print or save the confirmation page for your records. It contains the payment confirmation number and details.

And done! The payment will post to your account within 1-2 business days. Just repeat these steps each month by the due date to avoid late fees.

Setting Up an Online Account for Recurring Payments

For added convenience, you can create an online account to schedule recurring automatic payments. Here’s how to set it up:

  1. Go through steps 1-4 above to log in to the payment portal.

  2. Select “Sign Up” to create a new account.

  3. Enter your email, create a password, and provide the required account information.

  4. Read and accept the terms and conditions.

  5. Follow the email verification process to confirm your account.

  6. Log into your account dashboard and go to “Auto Pay” to schedule recurring payments.

  7. Select your preferred payment method, date, and frequency of payments.

  8. Save your auto-pay settings. The system will now withdraw payments on the designated date each billing period.

Be sure to log into your account occasionally to check for any notifications and ensure your autopay details are up to date. It takes just a minute to log in and gives you peace of mind knowing your water bill is handled.

Troubleshooting Tips for Online Payments

Sometimes technical issues can pop up when trying to pay a bill online. Here are tips for resolving common payment problems:

  • Reset your password if you get locked out of your account. Use the password reset option on the login page.

  • Contact customer support if you have trouble logging in or setting up an account. They can assist and verify your account details.

  • Try a different web browser if you experience error messages. Browser conflicts cause intermittent technical glitches.

  • Update payment details like expired credit cards or closed bank accounts to avoid declined payments. Log into your account to edit details.

  • Cancel and reschedule payments that fail due to insufficient funds. Make sure enough money is available for the next scheduled payment date.

  • Check account balances before making one-time payments. Underpayments can still incur late fees if the account isn’t settled by the due date.

  • Allow 1-2 business days for online payments to post to your account, especially during high volume times near the due date.

Paying bills online doesn’t have to be a chore. For Dekalb-Jackson Water Supply District customers, follow this guide to easily pay your water bill online and on time every month. Consistent on-time payments will keep your water flowing and avoid any late fees or service disruptions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dekalb-Jackson Water Bill Pay

What payment options does Dekalb-Jackson Water Supply offer?

They accept online payments, phone payments, in-person payments at the office, or mailed check/money order payments. Online and phone payments are the quickest options.

When is my water bill due each month?

Water bills are due by the 20th of the month. After the 20th, late payment fees apply. Service may be disrupted if an account remains unpaid.

Is there a bill pay service fee?

Yes, online and phone payments are processed by a third-party service that charges a small transaction fee. In-person and mailed payments avoid the service fee.

Can I pay for just part of my water bill?

Yes, but any unpaid balance remaining after the 20th will incur late fees. Part payments do not avoid penalties or service disruption.

What do I do if I can’t pay my water bill on time?

Contact the Dekalb-Jackson office immediately if you expect to have a payment issue. They may be able to arrange a payment plan or offer assistance.

Can I cancel a recurring auto-pay payment?

Yes. Log into your online account and edit or cancel scheduled payments at any time. Make sure to still pay the current bill to avoid late fees.

What is the mailing address to send my water bill payment to?

The correct mailing address to send water bill payments is:

Dekalb-Jackson Water Supply District
PO Box 1531
Fort Payne, AL 35967

Dekalb-Jackson Water Bill Pay

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  • – View and Pay your bills online
  • – View Smart Meter consumption data
  • – Review your transaction and payment history
  • – Analyze and download your water usage
  • – Add multiple accounts to your web profile

Before you get started, please have your most recent bill handy to complete the registration form.

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