Diamond Level Progressive: Benefits and Rewards Explained

Progressive’s loyalty program offers various benefits and discounts to customers who have been with them for years. One of the higher status levels in this program is called Diamond Level Progressive.

This article will explain everything you need to know about Diamond Level Progressive, including:

  • Overview of Progressive’s Loyalty Program
  • Requirements to Reach Diamond Level
  • Benefits and Rewards of Diamond Level
  • How to Qualify for Diamond Level Faster
  • Other Ways to Save with Progressive

Overview of Progressive’s Loyalty Program

Progressive provides auto insurance across the United States. The company offers a loyalty program to reward long-term customers.

The longer you stay insured with Progressive, the higher your loyalty status. Each status level unlocks new rewards and benefits.

Here are the different tiers in Progressive’s loyalty program:

  • Silver: Insured for 6 months
  • Gold: Insured for 1 year
  • Platinum: Insured for 3 years
  • Diamond: Insured for 5 years
  • Emerald: Insured for 10 years
  • Crown: Insured for 20+ years

The first four tiers (Silver through Diamond) are available if you’ve been insured with any company, not just Progressive, for the required time period. The two highest levels (Emerald and Crown) require being a Progressive customer for the specified duration.

Requirements to Reach Diamond Level Progressive

To reach Diamond Level Progressive, you need to have maintained continuous auto insurance coverage for 5 years. It doesn’t matter if that coverage was with Progressive or another insurer.

Here are the specifics on qualifying for Diamond status:

  • You must have had active car insurance without any lapses for the past 5 years
  • The coverage needs to be in your name as the policyholder
  • You can qualify based on coverage with Progressive or any other auto insurance provider
  • Proof of prior insurance will be required if earned through another insurer

You’ll automatically reach Diamond status after being a Progressive policyholder for 5 consecutive years. If your coverage is through another company currently, you’ll qualify for Diamond Level immediately when switching to Progressive.

Benefits and Rewards of Diamond Level Progressive

As a Diamond Level Progressive customer, you gain access to enhanced benefits and discounts.

Here are the key perks available at the Diamond status level:

  • Continuous Insurance Discount – You’ll receive Progressive’s best discount for maintaining continuous coverage. This can save you 5% or more.

  • Small Accident Forgiveness – Small claims won’t raise your rates. “Small” means under $500 in most states.

  • Teen Driver Discount – Insuring a teen on your policy will be cheaper.

  • Large Accident Forgiveness – Now even accidents over $500 won’t impact your premium if they are your first at-fault claim with Progressive.

  • Special Discounts – You may get access to exclusive Diamonc Level discounts and rewards that offer additional savings.

  • VIP Treatment – You’ll get dedicated service for handling your Progressive policy.

Maintaining loyalty with an insurer for 5+ years demonstrates you are a committed, long-term customer. Progressive rewards this longevity with discounts, forgiveness, and perks.

How to Qualify for Diamond Level Faster

There are a couple strategies you can use to reach Diamond Level Progressive status faster:

Join with prior coverage proof – Get credit for your years insured with another company by providing proof when you switch to Progressive. This immediately boosts your loyalty status.

Add multiple policies – Bundle home or other insurance with the same provider. Bundling can help you reach status levels faster.

Ask about status match – See if Progressive will match your elite status level from another insurer’s loyalty program. This can provide an instant boost.

Buy insurance for others – Being the policyholder for insurance covering your spouse, children, or even employees helps you progress through loyalty tiers quicker.

Pay annually – Opting for annual premium payments rather than monthly installments results in earning loyalty years faster.

Other Ways to Save with Progressive

Beyond loyalty rewards, Progressive offers many other possible discounts to lower your car insurance costs:

  • Multi-policy discount
  • Multi-vehicle discount
  • Good driver discount
  • Student discount
  • Pay-in-full discount
  • Homeowner discount
  • Prompt payment discount
  • Personal property discount
  • Defensive driving discount
  • Snapshot® usage-based discount
  • Paperless discount

Ask your agent about all the discounts you may qualify for when getting a Progressive insurance quote. Finding the right mix of discounts can result in significant savings.

Is Diamond Level Progressive Worth It?

Reaching Diamond Level status requires maintaining insurance coverage for 5 straight years. That’s a long commitment just for some incremental discounts and rewards.

However, if you already have years of insurance history, either with Progressive or another company, you might as well take advantage of the loyalty program. And the perks like accident forgiveness can certainly provide value.

Ultimately, having Diamond Level doesn’t guarantee Progressive is the cheapest option for your needs. Make sure to compare quotes regularly, including after reaching a new loyalty status level, to ensure you’re getting the best rates. Consider renewing your policy or shopping around if the premium is no longer competitive.

The Bottom Line on Progressive’s Diamond Level

Progressive’s Diamond Level status provides nice benefits for a customer’s 5th year and beyond. You get discounts, accident forgiveness, and VIP treatment in appreciation of your loyalty.

But Progressive also aims to offer competitive pricing to new customers. So reach Diamond Level for the perks, but don’t assumed you locked in the lowest rates forever. Regularly shop insurance quotes to find the best price on coverage as your situation changes.

Progressive Loyalty Program Membership Levels!


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What does Progressive level mean?

Progressive levels means inpatient, day patient and outpatient or other levels of rehabilitation programs and services through which a patient progresses based on established criteria for each level of care and on the individual patient’s plan of care.

What do you get with emerald level in Progressive?

The Emerald and Crown Loyalty rewards program (not offered in all stated ex: CA) is not a form of discount it is an incentive program that offers benefits such as small & large accident forgiveness, minor child/teen driver discount, Priority call handling (shorter wait time) and Lifetime renewal Guarentee (We’ll offer …

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