Disneyland Hours: A Complete Guide to Park Operation Times

Planning your ideal Disneyland trip requires knowing the park’s hours of operation. Disneyland’s opening and closing times vary day by day, so check the schedule before your visit. This article will break down Disneyland’s daily hours, how they set their schedule, tips for managing park time, and more!

Overview of Disneyland Park Hours

Disneyland park is located in Anaheim, California. The park is typically open 365 days per year from 8:00am – 12:00am. However, operating hours vary by date.

Here are the key details on Disneyland’s hours:

  • Open every day of the year except December 25
  • Standard hours are 8:00am – 12:00am
  • Hours are extended on peak attendance days
  • Hours are reduced on lower attendance weekdays
  • Special hours apply during Halloween and Christmas seasons

Official hours are posted on Disneyland’s website calendar 60 days prior to a given date. Be sure to check the calendar when planning your visit.

Checking Disneyland’s Hours Calendar

Disneyland’s official website has a convenient calendar displaying scheduled park hours for upcoming dates.

To check the hours:

  • Go to the calendar link above
  • Click your desired date
  • View the scheduled opening and closing times

This calendar is the most accurate source for Disneyland’s hours of operation. Bookmark the page for easy reference when planning your trip.

The calendar displays scheduled hours up to 60 days out. If your travel dates are farther than 60 days away, check back closer to your trip for updated hours.

Typical Disneyland Park Hours

While hours vary day to day, here is an overview of the typical open and close times:


  • 8:00am – 10:00pm or 12:00am


  • 8:00am – 12:00am


  • 8:00am – 12:00am


  • 8:00am – 10:00pm or 12:00am

Park hours are generally extended Friday-Sunday when crowd levels are higher. Some weekdays have shorter 9:00am – 9:00pm hours.

These are general guidelines – always check the calendar for your specific dates. Holidays, summers, and busy seasons also impact hours.

Disneyland Morning Opening Time

Disneyland almost always opens at 8:00am daily. The only exception is during the Halloween season when the park opens at 9:00am or 10:00am on many weekdays.

Getting an early start is key to maximizing your time in the parks. Plan to arrive at opening time to enjoy lighter crowds and shorter lines.

Be at the gates 45 minutes before official opening time on extra busy days. Disneyland often opens a bit earlier than posted times due to high crowds.

Disneyland Evening Closing Times

Disneyland’s closing time ranges from 10:00pm to 12:00am depending on the day.

Peak seasons like summer and holidays usually have later closes at 12:00am. Slower days often close at 10:00pm or 11:00pm.

Stay until closing to get the most magic out of your day! Wait times drop and crowds thin out late night. Catch the iconic fireworks shows right before closing.

Review the hours calendar closely so you know how late you can stay. Parking also impacts closing time – the Mickey & Friends Garage stops allowing re-entry at 11:00pm.

Longest Disneyland Park Hours

Disneyland’s longest scheduled hours are typically during busy periods like:

  • Spring Break
  • Summers
  • Fridays/Saturdays
  • Holiday weeks

Hours on long days usually are:

  • Open: 8:00am
  • Close: 12:00am

This gives you 16 total operating hours in the parks – a full marathon!

Come prepared with comfy shoes, snacks, Power Packs, and planning to survive the long but magical day.

Shortest Disneyland Park Hours

On lower attendance days, Disneyland occasionally has reduced hours such as:

  • Open: 9:00am or 10:00am
  • Close: 8:00pm or 10:00pm

Shorter days like this are most common on:

  • Weekdays in September – October
  • Weekdays in January – February
  • Days when a special event closes part of the park

While shorter hours may seem disappointing, light crowds make for lower wait times and more experiences. Plan your priorities and still make the most of your time!

Disneyland Hours Impacted by Special Events

Certain Disneyland special events and parties require closing parts of the park early. When this occurs, standard operating hours are reduced.

For example, when the Halloween party is scheduled from 6:00pm – 12:00am, the park may close as early as 6:00pm for day guests.

Similarly, special holiday parties like the Merriest Nights reduce standard hours down to 9:00am – 5:00pm or 6:00pm.

Check the hours calendar for any date you plan to attend to ensure the party schedule doesn’t impact standard park times.

Managing Time During Disneyland Park Hours

A full 8:00am – 12:00am day may seem exhausting. But smart planning allows you to enjoy every moment of Disney magic! Here are tips:

  • Take breaks – Leave the park midday to rest, have a meal, or swim at your hotel. Re-enter when refreshed.

  • Rotate activities – Alternate high-energy rides with shows, meals, meeting characters, and window shopping.

  • Use MaxPass – Skip lines with this ride reservation system and app.

  • Mobile order food – Order on the app and skip restaurant lines.

  • Use early/late hours – Take advantage of lighter crowds in the morning and at night.

  • Stay at a hotel – Quickly return for breaks at on-site hotels within walking distance.

With savvy planning, even long park days can be managed smoothly. Mix in rest, food breaks, and pacing to maintain your energy.

Disneyland Hours: Parking Considerations

Parking needs to be factored in when reviewing Disneyland hours. The main Mickey & Friends parking garage has hours that coordinate with park operations.

Key points on parking access:

  • Opens 90 minutes prior to park opening time
  • Stops allowing re-entry at 11:00pm
  • Closes 1 hour after park closing time

Once parked, you can go straight to Disneyland entrance during morning Extra Magic Hour early admission if staying at a Disneyland Resort hotel.

Be sure to leave enough time to get back to your car before the parking garage restricts re-entry in late evening.

Disneyland Morning Extra Magic Hours

Guests of Disneyland’s three official on-site hotels enjoy one Extra Magic Hour in Disneyland each morning:

  • Disneyland Hotel – Extra hour on Sundays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays
  • Paradise Pier Hotel – Extra hour on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays
  • Grand Californian Hotel – Extra hour every day

During the special extra hour, only hotel guests with active room keys can access the park. Rides operate and hotels offer breakfast.

This gives hotel visitors exclusive early park access on lighter crowd mornings – a huge perk!

Changes to Disneyland’s Hours

While Disneyland posts their hours calendar far in advance, changes occasionally occur closer to dates. Be aware of:

  • Seasonal hours adjustments – Hours extended or shortened as actual attendance levels solidify.

  • Special events additions – New parties or private events may be added and reduce public hours.

  • Refurbishment changes – Ride maintenance can prompt hour modifications.

  • Weather closures – Severe weather may require unscheduled full or partial closures.

Sign up for Disneyland email and monitor hours up to your visit for any calendar changes. Maintain flexibility in case modifications occur.

Arriving Before Posted Opening Time

Especially on peak days, Disneyland often opens a bit earlier than the posted opening time due to crowds buildup.

Extra staff are brought in on busy mornings to accommodate letting guests in early – sometimes up to one hour before posted times.

For example, if official hours list a 9:00am open, guests may be welcomed as early as 8:00am.

There is no guarantee Disneyland will open early, but the possibility exists on peak attendance days. Plan to arrive up to an hour before opening just in case!

Making the Most of Disneyland Park Hours

While visiting when Disneyland has extended hours is ideal, you can maximize your experience no matter the schedule.

On shorter days, prioritize must-do attractions and shows. Arrive at rope drop to beat crowds. Use MaxPass and mobile ordering to skip lines.

On longer days


What are the hours for Disneyland?

Typically, Disneyland opens between 8:00 AM and 10:00 AM and closes between 10:00 PM and midnight. During mid-week off-season, Disneyland may close as early as 8:00 PM, and during special events, occasionally as early as 5:00 PM.

Why is Disneyland closing at 8 pm?

Disney California Adventure does close early on certain nights throughout the year for special events and Cast Member celebrations. See the dates that we know so far above. Why is Disneyland closing at 8 pm? Disneyland closes at 8 pm at certain times throughout the year for special events.

How late can you go to Disneyland?

To start with, the opening time listed on the Disneyland app isn’t actually when the park opens. This time changes seasonally, but right now, park hours are generally 8 a.m. to midnight. If you arrive at 8 a.m., though, you’ll find thousands of people who are already inside the gates.

Do they do fireworks every night at Disneyland?

The Disneyland fireworks schedule runs nightly during peak seasons (summer) and around the holidays. Off season, fireworks are Friday through Sunday. To ensure that there will be a fireworks show on your visit, it is always a good idea to check Disney’s website, the Disney app or ask a Cast Member.

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