How to Pay Your Dixie Electric Bill Online

Having reliable electric service is essential for homes and businesses in Mississippi. Dixie Electric Power Association provides this vital service to members in its service area. It’s the cooperative’s responsibility to keep the lights on, and it’s the member’s responsibility to pay their Dixie Electric bill on time each month. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about paying your bill quickly, easily, and securely online 24/7.

Understanding Your Monthly Electric Bill

Dixie Electric will send you a bill every month in the mail that shows how much power you used and how much you were charged. Key elements of your electric bill include:

  • Account number – Unique number identifying your home or facility,

  • Meter number – Identifies the specific meter monitoring your electricity usage.

  • Billing period – Dates service covered on that bill

  • Due date – Date full payment is due to avoid late fees.

  • KWH usage – Kilowatt hours of electricity used that billing period.

  • KWH charge – Rate per KWH set by your rate class and tariff.

  • Taxes & fees – Franchise fees, municipal fees, etc.

  • Current charges – Total amount owed for that billing period.

  • Account balance – Sum of current and any past due charges.

Review your bill carefully to ensure all information is accurate before paying.

Paying Your Bill Online Through SmartHub

The fastest, most convenient way to pay your Dixie Electric bill is through SmartHub. This online portal and mobile app allow you to manage payments, monitor usage, contact customer service and more.

To pay online via SmartHub:

  • Visit or download the app

  • Log into your account using your account number and last name

  • Select “Pay Now” and enter payment amount

  • Enter credit/debit card information or bank account

  • Payment is processed instantly

SmartHub provides complete online account management 24/7. You can opt for paperless billing, view payment history, set payment reminders and more.

Other Ways to Pay Your Power Bill

In addition to convenient online payments via SmartHub, Dixie Electric offers multiple options for members to pay their electric bills:

  • By phone – Call 601-425-2535 anytime to make a payment.

  • Drive-thru window – All three offices have drive-ups open during business hours.

  • 24/7 kiosk – Self-service kiosks located at all offices accept cash, cards and checks.

  • By mail – Send check or money order with your bill stub to the remittance address.

  • In person – Pay by cash, check or credit/debit at any member service office.

  • Bank draft – Sign up to have your bill paid directly from your bank account each month.

Having flexible options ensures you can pay your bill on time from anywhere.

Setting Up New Electric Service With Dixie Electric

To establish power service for a new home or facility in the Dixie Electric service area, you must open a new account before move-in.

To open a new account you’ll need:

  • Completed membership application form

  • Primary ID (drivers license, passport, military ID, etc.)

  • Secondary ID (social security card, birth certificate, etc.)

  • Lease or proof of ownership if renting/buying

  • Cash deposit may be required based on credit history

To transfer service:

  • Existing member submits a disconnect order effective their move out date

  • New resident completes a service application to begin service in their name

Initiate new service or transfers at least 3 days prior to needing power turned on to allow time for processing. Accurate member information prevents billing issues.

Sign Up For Automatic Bill Pay

For maximum convenience paying your Dixie Electric bill each month, enroll in automated payments through SmartHub.

To set up recurring bank draft payments:

  • Log into SmartHub and access the billing section

  • Select “AutoPay” then “Manage AutoPay accounts”

  • Choose the account to draft from and confirm account information

  • Save your selection

Benefits of automated payments include:

  • Never miss a due date and risk late fees

  • Avoid service interruption from non-payment

  • Saves time not having to manually pay each month

  • Can go paperless with online billing

  • Earn bank rewards for automatic drafts

Set it and forget it! AutoPay takes the stress out of paying bills.

Late Payment Grace Periods and Fees

If you miss paying your Dixie Electric bill by the due date, here is the grace period before late fees are assessed:

  • Due date – Payment must be received by this date on your bill

  • 5 days past due – Bill is now considered late

  • 10 days past due – $10 late fee added

  • 15 days past due – Additional 1.5% penalty

  • 30 days past due – Subject to disconnection; $25 fee

Set bill pay reminders to avoid penalties. Keep your account active and in good standing.

Payment Assistance Programs Available

If facing financial hardship, Dixie Electric offers programs to help qualified members catch up on past due bills and maintain service:

  • LIHEAP – Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program provides federal bill grants.

  • Project CARE – Member-funded assistance for seniors and disabled.

  • Agency referrals – Area social service agencies may have support programs.

  • Special payment arrangements – Discuss options with member services if facing disconnection.

Don’t let an overdue bill snowball. Contact Dixie Electric early to learn about bill help.

Avoid Disconnection with Late Notices

If your electric account becomes severely past due, you’ll receive these notices from Dixie Electric:

  • 15 days past due – Disconnection warning notice sent

  • 25 days past due – Automated warning call

  • 30 days past due – Disconnect order issued; $25 fee assessed

  • 35 days past due – Power shut off scheduled

Once electric service is disconnected, the full past due amount plus a $25 reconnection fee must be paid before power is restored. Avoid service interruption by keeping your account current.

Closing or Transferring an Electric Account

To close or transfer power service when moving out of a Dixie Electric-served home or facility:


  • Submit a disconnect order with your move out date

  • Keep account active through closing date for final meter reading

  • Provide forwarding address to mail final bill and any credit


  • Notify your landlord well in advance of move out date

  • Landlord will submit order to transfer service back to their name

  • Ensure all final charges are settled before turning in keys

Properly closing your account avoids headaches and saves money down the road.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dixie Electric Bill Pay

Here are answers to some common questions about paying Dixie Electric power bills:

What are the office hours for in person payment?
Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Drive-thru windows stay open through the lunch hour.

What is the deadline for bills paid online or by phone?
Payments are posted same day if submitted by 5:00 PM Monday to Friday.

Where can I find my Dixie Electric account number?
Your account number is printed at the top of your monthly utility bills and statements.

What do I do if I lost my paper bill?
Log into SmartHub or call customer service to request a statement copy.

Who do I call to set up new service?
Contact Dixie Electric’s member services department at 601-425-2535 to establish new electric service.

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept cash, check, automatic bank draft, debit and major credit cards both online and in person.

Paying your Dixie Electric bill is quick and easy with multiple options like SmartHub online and phone payments. Keeping your cooperative account current ensures uninterrupted electric service. Learn about payment assistance programs if facing financial hardship. Maintaining good standing provides the power you need.

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