How to Pay Your Water Bill in Fayetteville, GA

Having access to clean, reliable water is vital for any community. The city of Fayetteville, GA and surrounding county areas are serviced by the Fayette County Water System for water and sewer utilities. As a customer, you are responsible for paying your water bill on time each month. This article will explain the various ways to pay your Fayetteville, GA water bill conveniently.

Overview of Fayette County Water System

The Fayette County Water System is a government utility serving around 60,000 water connections across Fayetteville and unincorporated areas of Fayette County. They operate and maintain:

  • Water treatment plants and distribution system
  • Wastewater collection and treatment
  • Water quality testing and monitoring
  • New customer connections and meter installations
  • Billing and payment processing

Paying your monthly water bill funds the infrastructure operations and maintenance that allow Fayette County Water System to deliver safe, clean water to your home or business. Be sure to pay on time to avoid any service disruptions.

Your Fayetteville Water Bill Amount

As a Fayette County Water System customer, you are billed monthly for your water and sewer service based on your usage. Here’s how your charges are calculated

  • Water Usage – Based on monthly meter readings. Volumetric rates apply for your tiered usage.
  • Base Fee – Covers a portion of fixed costs like metering and billing.
  • Sewer – Percentage (currently 40%) of your water usage charges.
  • Sales Tax – Currently 8% sales tax applied.
  • Other Fees – Items like security deposits, late fees, meter installs etc.

Rates are set by the Fayette County Water Committee and increase periodically to cover rising operational expenses. Check your latest bill for the current rates.

When to Pay Your Fayetteville Water Bill

The due date for payment is shown on your monthly paper or electronic bill. Due dates are generally around 20-25 days from the billing date. Paying by the due date prevents late fees or water service disruption.

If paying after the due date, expect:

  • Late Fee – 10% penalty fee charged on past due balance

  • Interest – 1,5% monthly interest applied to unpaid balance

  • Disconnection – Water service interrupted if bill left unpaid

Avoid penalties and service interruption by paying on time every month. Contact Fayette County Water System immediately if you expect difficulty paying your bill.

Ways to Pay Your Water Bill in Fayetteville, GA

Fayette County Water System offers several payment options to choose from:

  • Online – Pay through their website 24/7. $3.35 third party fee applies.

  • Mail – Send check or money order to the water system PO box.

  • In Person – Pay with cash, check or money order at the water system office.

  • Drop Box – Deposit payment at a drop box location around the county.

  • Bank Draft – Automatically drafted from your checking or savings account.

  • Walmart – Pay at any Walmart with Cash, Credit, Debit, CheckFreePay, MoneyGram or Western Union.

  • Phone – Call invoice payment processor to pay over the phone for fees.

Choose the most convenient payment method that suits your needs. Pay early to avoid last minute delays or issues!

Payment Plan Options if Unable to Pay Balance

If you are having difficulty paying your water bill on time, Fayette County Water System encourages you to contact them as soon as possible to discuss payment solutions, such as:

  • Payment Plan – Arrange smaller installments over time to pay past due balance.

  • Payment Extension – Get a short grace period if needed to make the payment.

  • Budget Billing – Pay based on 12 month average usage to even out seasonal spikes.

  • Bill Adjustment – Review for potential leak adjustment or other credits if applicable.

  • Financial Assistance – Inquire if you qualify for any local utility assistance programs.

Communicate your situation right away to avoid mounting late fees or service disruption. Partial payments can help in the interim while a longer term solution is established.

Confirming Your Fayetteville Water Payment

After submitting payment, make sure it was processed properly by:

  • Checking your payment confirmation receipt if paying online.

  • Noting your account balance due reflects payment credit after a few days.

  • Confirming bank/card draft or check clearing as expected.

  • Reviewing your next bill to ensure on-time payment posting.

Contact Fayette County Water System if your payment is not showing or if your account remains past due. Promptly resolving any issues can prevent unnecessary late fees or service impacts.

Why Paying Your Water Bill on Time Matters

By paying your Fayetteville water bill responsibly each month, you:

  • Maintain uninterrupted water service to your home or business.

  • Support operation and maintenance of water infrastructure that serves the community.

  • Avoid fees and penalties that increase costs for all customers when unpaid bills accumulate.

  • Allow system improvements to continue enhancing water service countywide.

  • Uphold your role as a customer in keeping safe, reliable water flowing to Fayette County homes and businesses.

Your water payments contribute to the bigger picture of delivering this vital resource affordably across the community. Pay on time and help do your part!

In Summary

Paying your monthly water bill to Fayette County Water System keeps your service flowing and funds important community water infrastructure. Be sure to pay by the due date, understand your charges, use a convenient payment method, setup reminders and confirm payment posting. Contact customer service immediately if you anticipate any issues paying your bill. Keeping your account current is essential to maintaining water service we all rely on.

Fayetteville Ga Water Bill Pay

Pay Water and Sewer bills online

How do I pay my Fayette County water system Bill?

Payment Options: Fayette County Water System. For your convenience, we offer several ways to pay your Fayette County Water System bill: bank draft, any of our four drop box locations, in person at our Water System office, by mail, online, or via select Walmart locations. Telephone payments are no longer accepted.

What online services does Fayette County water system offer?

Online Services: Fayette County Water System. Citizen Self Service allows customers to view a range of account information online, including current balance, bill charges for up to 13 months, payment and consumption history as well as submitting mailing address change and bank draft requests.

Does Fayette County have a water system?

The Fayette County Water System provides service to Tyrone, Peachtree City, Woolsey, parts of Fayetteville and Brooks and part of the unincorporated County. The Water System also serves as a backup water supply for Fayetteville that is served by their own water department. . . . Learn More.

What payment methods does Fayetteville Public Utilities accept?

Fayetteville Public Utilities accepts regular methods of payment for your utility bills. We accept cash, checks, and certain debit and credit cards. In addition, we also offer several payment plans to make bill payments more convenient. Please read below for details about our various payment options.

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