Simplify Medical Bills with Henrico Doctors Hospital’s Convenient Payment Options

Dealing with medical bills can be confusing and stressful, especially when you’re trying to focus on healing and recovering Henrico Doctors Hospital aims to alleviate billing headaches by providing secure online bill pay options and financial resources to help patients understand and manage healthcare costs. Read on to learn how Henrico Doctors Hospital’s payment system streamlines medical bills for a better patient financial experience

Access Bills and Pay Online

Through the MyHealthONE patient portal, Henrico Doctors Hospital patients can easily view billing statements and pay medical bills online. MyHealthONE offers secure 24/7 access to:

  • Current and past billing statements
  • Account balance
  • Payment history
  • Online bill pay

To start using MyHealthONE, visit and set up your account. You’ll need your medical record number, which can be found on billing statements or obtained by calling the hospital.

Once your account is created, you can log in anytime to view new bills, review statement details, and pay outstanding balances. Online payments are fast and convenient, avoiding the need to mail checks or visit the hospital in person.

Payment Options

Henrico Doctors Hospital offers flexible medical bill payment choices

  • Online bill pay – Pay by credit/debit card or checking account through MyHealthONE.
  • Phone payments – Call the billing department to pay over the phone.
  • Mail payments – Send checks or money orders to the hospital’s billing address.
  • In-person payments – Visit the cashier’s office to pay by cash, check, or credit/debit card.

Online and phone payments process immediately, while mailed payments can take 7-10 days to apply to your account. Patients can also set up payment plans and financial assistance if needed.

Financial Resources

In addition to online bill pay, Henrico Doctors Hospital provides resources to help patients understand medical bills and costs:

  • Price estimator tool – Get cost estimates for hundreds of procedures and services.
  • Billing FAQs – Answers to common medical billing questions.
  • Financial assistance – Information on payment plans and financial aid for eligible patients.
  • Accepted insurances – Details on insurances accepted at Henrico Doctors Hospital.

These resources aim to clarify billing details so patients can focus on recovery rather than administrative tasks.

Benefits of Online Medical Bill Pay

Paying Henrico Doctors Hospital bills online offers many advantages over paper bills and in-person payments:

  • It’s fast – Make secure payments in minutes and avoid mailing delays.
  • It’s easy – Pay anywhere 24/7 without visiting the hospital.
  • It’s mobile – Use the MyHealthONE app on your smartphone or tablet.
  • It’s paperless – Reduce clutter and go green by avoiding paper bills.
  • It’s organized – All bills and payments are in one place for easy tracking.

MyHealthONE Offers More Than Just Bill Pay

In addition to medical bill pay, MyHealthONE providesPatients secure online access to:

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Health records
  • Test results
  • Hospital registration
  • And more!

Accessing all your healthcare needs through one online portal makes life simpler.

Take Control of Medical Bills

Don’t let medical bills and payments add stress during a difficult time. Henrico Doctors Hospital’s online payment system gives patients control over healthcare costs for a smoother experience.

Visit to access billing and payment resources. Then enroll in MyHealthONE online bill pay to simplify payments today!

Henrico Doctors Hospital Bill Pay

Your hospital costs, explained

Paying your hospital bill is fast and easy with our online bill pay system. Our online bill payment service provides details related to your charges in an easy-to-understand format. You’ll be able to see:

  • The amount you owe to the hospital
  • The services associated with your costs
  • Payments made by any health insurance coverage you may have
  • A history of your previous payments

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How do I pay my Henrico Doctors’ Hospital Medical bill?

Easily view and pay your Henrico Doctors’ Hospital medical bill using our secure and convenient payment options. View and pay your bill online, anytime, anywhere. Flexibility to pay online means it’s easier to focus on what matters most: your health and wellness.

How do I contact Henrico Doctors’Hospital?

If you have a concern or a compliment regarding your care, please contact the Patient Advocate. For Henrico Doctors’ Hospital, West Creek Emergency Center, and Hanover Emergency Center, the Patient Advocate can be reached at (804) 289-4691.

How do I contact a doctor in Henrico County?

For Henrico Doctors’ Hospital, West Creek Emergency Center, and Hanover Emergency Center, the Patient Advocate can be reached at (804) 289-4691. For Parham Doctors’ Hospital and Retreat Doctors’ Hospital, the Patient Advocate can be reached at (804) 747-5689.

What can I expect at Henrico Doctors’ Hospital?

Please try again later. At Henrico Doctors’ Hospital in Richmond, Virginia, you can expect the latest advances in surgical and endoscopic technologies delivered by the best surgeons and surgical specialists in the region.

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