How do I cancel my car insurance with Kemper?

Kemper is a national auto insurance provider that offers policies in all 50 states. While the company specializes in high-risk drivers, they also provide insurance for regular drivers as well.

If you currently have a car insurance policy through Kemper but want to cancel it, there are a few simple steps you need to take. Below we will explain exactly how to cancel Kemper auto insurance smoothly and avoid any issues.

Overview of canceling Kemper car insurance

Before going into details, here is an overview of what to expect when canceling a Kemper auto insurance policy:

  • You can cancel by calling Kemper or talking to a local agent.

  • Kemper may charge a cancellation fee, so ask upfront.

  • You’ll need your policy number and personal details ready.

  • Return any proof of insurance cards or documents.

  • If you paid upfront, you’ll get a prorated refund for unused time.

  • Confirm the cancellation date in writing for your records.

  • Consider your new insurance options before canceling Kemper.

  • Make sure any outstanding claims are handled before canceling.

So in most cases, canceling Kemper insurance just involves a quick phone call or visit. But you’ll want to take a few proactive steps to ensure it goes smoothly and avoid surprises.

When can I cancel my Kemper auto insurance?

You can cancel your Kemper car insurance policy at any time as the company does not lock you into long-term contracts. However, Kemper recommends giving them at least 10 days notice before your requested cancellation date.

This gives them time to process the cancellation and make sure everything is in order. You can choose to cancel at your policy renewal or in the middle of your current policy term.

Some reasons drivers may want to cancel their Kemper insurance include:

  • Finding a better rate with another insurer
  • Having too many claims or rate hikes
  • Moving to a new location
  • Selling your vehicle
  • Adding your car to a family member’s policy

No matter what prompts you to switch insurers, cancelling a Kemper policy is your right as a policyholder.

How to cancel Kemper car insurance over the phone

The easiest way to cancel your Kemper auto insurance is to call their customer service line at 1-800-216-6347. This number will connect you with a Kemper agent who can immediately process your cancellation request.

When you call to cancel your Kemper insurance policy, make sure to have the following information handy:

  • Your full name and policy number
  • Your vehicle(s) details like the VIN number
  • The date you want your policy canceled
  • Your desired refund method

The Kemper agent will walk through the cancellation process with you. They may ask some additional questions to verify your identity and process the request accurately.

Before ending the call, confirm your exact cancellation date and any cancellation fees. Also request written documentation of the cancellation once it is processed. This way you have proof your Kemper insurance policy has officially ended.

How to cancel in person with a Kemper agent

Another option is to visit your local Kemper insurance office and speak to an agent in person about canceling your policy.

To find your nearest Kemper agent, go to the company’s website and enter your zip code. Then call the office to schedule a cancellation appointment with an insurance representative.

Bring the following with you to your appointment:

  • Your Kemper insurance ID card
  • Printed declarations page or policy documents
  • List of any outstanding claims or issues

During the appointment, the agent will have you fill out cancellation paperwork and may ask for additional verification. Make sure to get written confirmation of your cancellation date before leaving.

Canceling in person allows you to tie up any loose ends and get explanations about the cancellation process. But for sheer convenience, calling Kemper directly is simpler in most cases.

Getting a refund of unused premiums

If you already pre-paid for your entire Kemper auto insurance policy term and are canceling mid-term, you are owed a prorated refund.

Kemper will calculate your refund based on the number of days left in your policy period after the cancellation date. This unused premium amount gets sent back to you within a few weeks.

You can choose to receive your prorated Kemper insurance premium refund via:

  • Check in the mail
  • Direct bank account deposit

Make sure to let your Kemper agent know how you want your refund delivered when canceling. Also provide any account details needed for a direct deposit.

For example, if you originally paid $600 for a 6-month Kemper policy but cancel after 2 months, you may get back around $400 for the 4 unused months. The exact refund amount depends on variables like your state.

Are there Kemper cancellation fees?

Whenever you cancel a car insurance policy early, there is a chance the insurer will charge a cancellation or early termination fee. With Kemper, you may face a cancellation fee, but the amount varies case-by-case.

Be sure to specifically ask if any cancellation fees apply when starting the process. Kemper should disclose any charges upfront before finalizing your policy cancellation.

If you simply stop paying premiums without formally canceling, Kemper may continue auto-debiting your account. This can lead to declined payments, insufficient funds fees, and a lapse in coverage.

Avoid headaches by officially canceling your policy and checking for cancellation fees. Also pay any remaining premium amounts due.

Returning proof of insurance

Once your Kemper auto insurance cancellation goes through, you are no longer covered. This means you must return any insurance documents that prove you have active coverage.

Specifically, you will need to mail back or destroy your Kemper insurance ID card. Also remove any proof of insurance paperwork from your glovebox.

Without returning these items, you or other drivers could get in trouble for falsely using invalid insurance documents after cancelling a Kemper policy.

Make copies of any documents before mailing them back. And request written confirmation of your cancellation date from Kemper as new proof your policy ended.

How canceling affects outstanding claims

If you have any outstanding claims on your Kemper insurance policy, it is crucial to settle these before officially canceling your coverage.

Otherwise, any pending claims may get denied or delayed since the policy will no longer be active after a set cancellation date.

To avoid issues, take the following steps related to outstanding claims:

  • Inform your Kemper agent of any pending claims when canceling.

  • Ask about the status of all claims and what still needs to be settled.

  • Do not cancel until all repairs, medical bills, and payments tied to claims are completed.

  • Consider delaying your cancellation date if claims will spill over.

  • Get written confirmation from Kemper that claims are fully closed pre-cancellation.

Properly settling any claims before your policy ends will protect you from denied payments or lingering auto damages after canceling with Kemper.

Finding new insurance before canceling

While Kemper should prorate your premium refund when canceling mid-term, insurers still prefer no gap in coverage.

Because of this, it is wise to line up new car insurance before officially canceling your Kemper policy. This ensures you have active coverage at all times.

Here are some tips for coordinating continuous insurance protection:

  • Research new insurers and get quotes a month before your desired cancellation.

  • Choose a new provider and start your application. You don’t need to fully complete it yet.

  • Pick a new insurance effective start date right after your Kemper policy will end.

  • Finalize your new insurance application when you formally cancel with Kemper.

  • Time both the new policy start and Kemper cancellation dates with no gap.

  • Have both insurance cards handy during the coverage transition.

By properly timing your new coverage with your Kemper cancellation, you can change insurers smoothly and avoid driving uninsured.

Cancelling Kemper insurance at renewal

Another option is to simply not renew your Kemper auto insurance when your current policy term expires. This avoids any mid-term cancellation fees.

Kemper will send a renewal notice about a month before your annual policy expiration date. At this point, you can call Kemper and inform them you will not be renewing.

It is still smart to have new insurance lined up to start immediately after your Kemper policy expires. This ensures you never go without coverage.

The main advantage to cancelling at renewal is avoiding cancellation fees. The drawback is you must wait for your policy to expire rather than canceling right away.

Key steps for a smooth cancellation process

Follow this checklist when you are ready to cancel your Kemper car insurance policy to ensure it goes smoothly:

  • Inform Kemper of your cancellation 10+ days in advance.

  • Have your policy number, vehicle details, and requested cancellation date ready.

  • Note any outstanding claims and make sure they are closed.

  • Return any insurance documents like ID cards to Kemper.

  • Line up new coverage effective immediately after cancellation.

  • Confirm cancellation date and fees in writing with Kemper.

  • Provide bank details if you want your refund direct deposited.

  • Destroy any old insurance documents and save new insurer’s documents.

  • Enjoy your new policy!


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Does Kemper charge a cancellation fee?

Buyer may cancel in writing an order for goods other than special orders; provided, however, that Buyer shall pay KEMPER SYSTEM (i) all costs and expenses KEMPER SYSTEM incurred in relation to the order before KEMPER SYSTEM received the cancellation request, (ii) a cancellation charge equal to 5% of the invoice price …

Is it easy to cancel car insurance?

Whether you’re switching car insurance providers or selling your car, you can cancel your current insurance policy at any time. It’s a simple process that typically doesn’t take much time. That said, you’ll need to consider the timing and potential fees before you terminate your insurance.

Does Liberty Mutual charge a cancellation fee?

Depending on the state you live in, Liberty Mutual may charge a cancellation fee. Call customer support at 1 (800) 290-8711 to ask about the conditions or costs associated with policy cancellations.

Why did Kemper insurance go out of business?

Kemper put the business under strategic review last November to evaluate its options. “The decision to exit the business was made after thoughtful evaluation of our options and considered the most effective and efficient way to support our stakeholders,” said Kemper CEO Joseph P. Lacher Jr.

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