How to Cancel Your UnitedHealthcare Medicare Supplement Plan

UnitedHealthcare offers a variety of Medicare supplement (Medigap) plans to help cover healthcare costs that Original Medicare does not. These plans can provide valuable additional coverage, but you may decide you want to cancel your plan at some point. Here’s what you need to know about canceling a UnitedHealthcare Medicare supplement plan.

When Can I Cancel My Medicare Supplement Plan?

You can cancel your UnitedHealthcare Medicare supplement plan at any time throughout the year. There is no restricted cancellation period.

However, before canceling, make sure you understand how it may impact your healthcare coverage:

  • Confirm your new coverage start date – Do not cancel your Medicare supplement plan until you know the exact date your new coverage begins. Canceling too early can leave you with a gap in health coverage.

  • Understand the differences in coverage – Review how your new plan’s coverage differs from your Medicare supplement plan so you know what to expect after the change.

  • Avoid lapses in coverage – It’s best to time your Medicare supplement cancellation so your new coverage starts the very next day. Lapses in health coverage can lead to paying full healthcare costs out-of-pocket.

How Do I Cancel My UnitedHealthcare Medicare Supplement Plan?

You have a couple options for canceling your UnitedHealthcare Medicare supplement plan:

Cancel by Phone

The easiest way to cancel your Medicare supplement plan is to call UnitedHealthcare directly at 1-800-523-5800. Let them know you want to terminate your Medicare supplement coverage.

Be prepared to provide:

  • Your full name
  • Plan details (plan name, group number, ID number)
  • The date you want your coverage to end
  • The reason you’re canceling

A representative can walk through the cancellation process with you and answer any questions.

Cancel in Writing

You can also cancel your UnitedHealthcare Medicare supplement plan by submitting a written request.

Download the Medicare Supplement Disenrollment Form from the UnitedHealthcare website.

Fill out the form with:

  • Your personal information
  • Plan details
  • Cancellation date
  • Reason for canceling
  • Signature and date

Mail the completed cancellation form to:

P.O. Box 30385
Salt Lake City, UT 84130-0385

Be sure to keep a copy for your records. Your coverage will terminate at the end of the month UnitedHealthcare receives your written cancellation notice.

Submit in MyUHC Account

If you have a MyUHC online account, you can submit a disenrollment request electronically:

  1. Log into your MyUHC account.

  2. Under the “Coverage” tab, click on “Coverage Details”.

  3. Select the Medicare supplement plan you want to cancel.

  4. Click “Disenroll from Plan”.

  5. Follow the prompts to confirm cancellation details and submit your request.

Print or save a copy of the confirmation page for your records.

What Happens After I Cancel My Medicare Supplement Plan?

Here’s what to expect after you terminate your UnitedHealthcare Medicare supplement coverage:

  • Receive confirmation – UnitedHealthcare will send you written confirmation once they process your cancellation request. This will verify your exact termination date.

  • Coverage ends – Your Medicare supplement plan coverage will continue until the end of the month that UnitedHealthcare receives your cancellation notice.

  • New coverage begins – Your new Medicare Advantage or Prescription Drug plan should start the 1st of the following month after your Medicare supplement ends.

  • Cards are deactivated – Any UnitedHealthcare cards associated with your Medicare supplement coverage will be deactivated on your termination date.

  • Premiums stop – You are only responsible for Medicare supplement premium payments up until your termination date. Once coverage ends, you no longer owe premium costs.

  • Reapply in future – If you want to enroll again in the future, you may have to re-apply and medically qualify for a UnitedHealthcare Medicare supplement plan. There may be a waiting period before coverage takes effect again.

Always be sure there is no gap between when your Medicare supplement plan ends and new coverage begins to avoid paying unexpected healthcare costs. Reach out to UnitedHealthcare if you have any questions about the cancellation process or transition to a new Medicare plan.

Frequently Asked Questions About Canceling a Medicare Supplement

Here are answers to some common questions about ending UnitedHealthcare Medicare supplement coverage:

How do I get my refund after canceling?

If you paid premiums past your Medicare supplement termination date, you should receive a refund check from UnitedHealthcare for any overpayment about 2-4 weeks after your coverage ends.

Can I cancel just my spouse’s Medicare supplement plan?

Yes, you can cancel Medicare supplement coverage for your spouse or dependent individually without affecting your own plan. Simply specify only that person’s name and information when submitting the cancellation.

Does canceling affect my Medicare benefits?

No, canceling only terminates the supplemental coverage provided by your Medigap plan. It does not impact your underlying Original Medicare benefits.

Are there fees for canceling my Medicare supplement plan?

UnitedHealthcare does not charge any administrative fees for terminating or canceling your Medicare supplement coverage.

Can I cancel my Medicare supplement plan retroactively?

No, retroactive cancellations are not allowed. Your termination date will always be the end of the month that UnitedHealthcare receives your cancellation notice. Coverage cannot be ended retroactively.

Will I have a waiting period to re-enroll in a Medicare supplement plan?

It depends on the situation. If you had continuous Medicare supplement coverage with no break, you may be able to re-enroll anytime. But if you had a lapse in coverage, you may have to wait up to 6 months before reapplying.

What if I change my mind after canceling?

You have a free look period where you can reinstate your coverage within 30 days of termination if you change your mind. Contact UnitedHealthcare immediately if you want your Medicare supplement plan reinstated within the first month after canceling.

Canceling your UnitedHealthcare Medicare supplement plan is an important decision. Be sure to understand how it impacts your healthcare coverage and costs. If you have any other questions about terminating your Medicare supplement policy, don’t hesitate to reach out to UnitedHealthcare directly for assistance.

United Healthcare Medicare | What to Know before you buy it.


How do I cancel my Unitedhealthcare plan?

Cancel by phone To cancel a plan or ask a question, you can cancel Marketplace coverage for all household members by calling the Marketplace Call Center at 1-800-318-2596 (TTY: 1-855-889-4325). Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Can a Medicare Supplement plan be canceled by the insurance company?

This means that there are only certain conditions under which your insurance company can cancel your Medicare Supplement plan, such as: You stop paying your Medicare Supplement insurance plan premiums. You provided false information on the policy application. The insurance company becomes bankrupt or insolvent.

What is the difference between cancellation and Disenrollment?

Canceling coverage can only take place if the health or dental plan has not started yet. Disenrolling from coverage can only take place once the health or dental plan has already started. A consumer may disenroll from coverage if it is after the coverage start date.

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