How To Pay Your Roku Bill: A Step-By-Step Guide

Roku provides easy access to streaming entertainment on your TV. Paying your Roku bill on time ensures continued service and access to your favorite shows, movies, and channels. Roku offers convenient online and mobile payment options to fit different needs. This comprehensive guide will walk through the simple process to pay your Roku bill.

Online Account Payment

The easiest way for most customers to pay their Roku bill is through their online account

To pay your Roku bill online:

  • Go to and click “Sign In” in the top right corner.

  • Enter your Roku account email and password and click “Sign In”.

  • On the left sidebar, click on “Payment Methods” under the Account section.

  • On this page you can view your balance due. Click “Pay Now” to make a payment.

  • Enter your payment amount, select a card, and click “Pay Now”.

  • You will see a confirmation that your payment has been processed.

Paying through your online account allows instant processing without having to call in.

Roku Mobile App Payment

The free Roku mobile app also allows you to easily pay your bill on the go.

To use the Roku app to pay:

  • Download the Roku app for iOS or Android if you haven’t already.

  • Open the app and tap the profile icon in the bottom right corner.

  • Tap “Payments” on the account screen.

  • Select your Roku account and click “Make Payment”.

  • Enter the payment details and tap “Pay Now”.

The Roku app makes paying fast and easy without needing a computer.

PayPal Payment

If you have a PayPal account, you can use it to pay your Roku bill.

To pay your Roku bill through PayPal:

  • Log into your PayPal account on the website or mobile app.

  • Click “Send & Request” at the top and select “Send Money”.

  • Enter the email associated with your Roku account and payment amount.

  • In the notes, indicate the payment is for your Roku bill.

  • Submit and authorize the PayPal payment.

PayPal can withdraw funds from your linked bank account or card.

Phone Payment

You also have the option to pay your Roku bill over the phone by calling Roku support.

To pay your Roku bill by phone:

  • Call Roku customer service at 1-816-272-8106.

  • Specify that you want to make a bill payment over the phone.

  • Provide your Roku account information and email address.

  • Enter your debit/credit card details when prompted.

  • Note down the confirmation number at the end for your records.

Phone payments allow you to speak with a live agent if you have any account questions.


For easy recurring payments, you can enroll in auto-pay through your Roku account. Your bill will be paid automatically each month using your default payment method on file.

To enable Roku auto-pay:

  • Go to the Auto-Pay page under Account Settings.

  • Click “Enable Auto-Pay”.

  • Select your preferred payment method.

  • Review and accept the Terms of Service.

  • Auto-pay will now be enabled.

With auto-pay, you don’t have to manually pay each month. Just ensure your card has funds available to avoid declines.

Payment Confirmation

When you pay your Roku bill, be sure to save any payment confirmation details:

  • Online Payments: Provided confirmation number

  • Mobile App Payments: Email receipt

  • Phone Payments: Confirmation number given

  • PayPal: Transaction history

Having proof of payment is useful if any issues arise with posting of your payment or account balance.

Late Fees and Failed Payments

If your Roku payment fails or results in a late fee, contact Roku support to see if they can waive the fee or make other arrangements. Be sure to update your payment method to avoid future issues.

Cancelling Service

If you need to cancel your Roku service, you can do so by calling Roku support. You will still be responsible for any remaining balance due on your account.

How to Change Payment Info

what to know what cc are u using I have a new one. Ihave an issure with my bill alsot

How To Pay Roku Bill

Re: How to Change Payment Info

Greetings and a warm welcome to the Roku Community, @dibartender!

We understand that youre concerned about your payment information. Wed be delighted to help you.

We advise you to cancel your subscriptions before removing the payment method and updating it with your new card for Roku. Learn how to cancel your subscriptions for more information.

Please be advised that when you cancel a subscription, you may still access content until the next renewal date.

To update your payment information on Roku, you have two options. You can either change it directly from your device or through your Roku account.

To update the payment method on the Roku streaming device:

  • Press Home on your Roku remote
  • Select Settings
  • Select Payment Method
  • Select Add payment method or Update payment method and provide the required information
  • For credit or debit card: enter your payment information in each field as it appears on your credit or debit card and select Save card
  • For Paypal: a link will be sent connecting to your PayPal account

To update the payment method through your Roku account:

If you need further assistance, you can reach out to one of our experts here at our Account-Billing Support page. Choose the options for “Account, payments & subscriptions” and they are the best ones to help you out with that matter.

We hope that youll find this information useful. Please let us know if theres anything else we can help you with.

Best regards, Jess Jessica G. Roku Community Moderator

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Does Roku charge a monthly fee?

Published: February 3, 2023 – Last updated: April 16, 2024 Roku charges a one-time price rather than a monthly subscription fee for its streaming services. Roku’s vertically integrated character, in which control extends from hardware to in-house advertising brokerage and payments and, ultimately, to all aspects of end-user experience.

Should I use my Roku account as a payment method?

An advantage of using your Roku account as the payment method for subscription billing is you can manage or cancel your subscriptions in one place – directly from your Roku ® streaming player or Roku TV ™, or by accessing your Roku account online.

What is a Roku payment method?

The payment method linked to your Roku account allows you to purchase subscriptions to channels for popular services through the Roku Channel Store.

Does the Roku channel require payment?

If you come across a channel that requires payment, you’ll be given purchase options (such as a free trial or a monthly or annual charge), before you can view the channel’s content. Paid subscriptions on The Roku Channel will appear as charges from “The Roku Channel” on your billing statement.

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