Is Humana Health Insurance Available in Every State?a is one of the largest health insurance providers in the United States, offering Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement, prescription drug, dental, vision, and other insurance plans. But is Humana available in every state across the country?

A Look at Humana’s National Reach

Humana has a presence in all 50 U.S. states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. However, the company does not offer plans in every single state.

Humana focuses primarily on providing Medicare Advantage and prescription drug plans to seniors. The company has a strong presence across the country in this market.

For individual, family, and group health insurance plans, Humana’s availability is more limited. The company tends to concentrate on certain states and regions where it has established a strong provider network and customer base over the years.

Let’s take a closer look at exactly where Humana offers different types of plans:

Medicare Advantage

Humana offers Medicare Advantage plans in 48 states and Puerto Rico. The only exceptions are Alaska, Vermont, and Wyoming.

In 2022, Humana had around 5 million Medicare Advantage members across the country. Some of their biggest markets for Medicare plans include Florida, Texas, California, North Carolina, Kentucky, and Georgia.

Prescription Drug Plans

Humana provides standalone Medicare Part D prescription drug plans nationwide except for Alaska, Vermont, and U.S. territories.

They have over 5 million members enrolled in Humana Rx Medicare prescription plans as of 2022.

Medicare Supplement

Also known as Medigap, Humana offers Medicare Supplement insurance in 48 states and D.C. The exceptions are Massachusetts, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

Some of Humana’s top states for Medicare Supplement coverage include Florida, California, Arizona, Texas, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Illinois.

Dental Insurance

Humana provides dental insurance plans in all 50 states. They focus primarily on employer-sponsored group dental coverage.

The company also offers individual dental plans in several states including Florida, Illinois, Texas, Arizona, North Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, Kansas, Missouri, Ohio, Kentucky, and California.

Vision Insurance

Similar to dental, Humana provides vision insurance to groups and individuals nationwide in every state.

For individual vision plans for families, they concentrate on states such as Florida, Texas, Arizona, North Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, Kansas, Missouri, Ohio, Kentucky, California, Nevada, Colorado and Utah.


Humana offers Medicaid and CHIP plans in a handful of states including Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Ohio, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia, and West Virginia.

Individual and Family Health Insurance

For major medical health insurance for individuals and families, Humana focuses their offerings primarily in Florida, Texas, Arizona, and North Carolina.

They provide ACA-compliant plans on the federal health insurance marketplace in these states. Humana pulled out of other state exchanges in previous years.

The company also sells short-term and other non-ACA health insurance options for individuals and families in select areas.

Group Health Insurance

For employer-sponsored group health plans, Humana can provide coverage to businesses in all 50 states. They have the ability to cover employees nationally through Humana’s broad provider networks.

Self-funded groups have the flexibility to customize their plan design no matter where their workers reside. Fully-insured small groups may be limited to certain states where Humana offers plans.

Recent Geographic Expansions

While Humana has offered Medicare, Medicaid, and group plans nationally for many years, they are selectively starting to expand into more individual and family plan markets across the U.S.

Some examples include:

  • In 2022, Humana expanded their individual and family health insurance offerings into 12 new states. They now offer ACA and short-term health plans in Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Utah and Virginia.

  • Humana recently expanded dental insurance plan options into states like California, Nevada, Colorado, Utah, Ohio, and Virginia.

  • Vision insurance plans were launched in Nevada, Colorado and Utah in 2022.

  • Medicaid plans were introduced in new states such as Virginia and South Carolina.

Humana continues seeking strategic geographic expansion opportunities to broaden their range of insurance options in regions where they can deliver affordable, high-quality coverage.

While keeping a focus on their Medicare Advantage and prescription drug core business, Humana is also investing in growth of their commercial insurance segments to balance their portfolio across the public and private sectors.

Why Isn’t Humana in Every State?

Given Humana’s national brand recognition, you may wonder why they don’t offer all of their plans in all 50 states. There are a few key reasons:

  • Established provider networks – Developing an expansive provider network in a new state takes significant time and resources. Humana concentrates on states where they have cultivated robust networks.

  • Experience and market share – Building up expertise and a customer base within a state’s insurance landscape is an incremental process. Humana aims to gain market share in states where they have a competitive foothold.

  • State insurance regulations – Navigating individual state insurance rules and approval processes can be complex and time-consuming. Humana focuses on states with favorable regulatory environments.

  • Resource allocation – As a large insurer with many plan types, Humana strategically allocates resources to geographic expansion opportunities and new product development that have the strongest return potential.

  • Mergers and acquisitions – Humana’s presence in certain states is tied to past mergers and acquisitions of regional insurers that had existing footholds in those locations. For example, acquisitions expanded Humana’s Medicare and Medicaid reach in states like Florida, Illinois and Texas over the years.

By taking a selective approach to geographic expansion, Humana can provide quality plans to members and health partners in the regions where the company has established itself as a leading insurer.

Does Humana Have Any Plans to Expand to More States?

While Humana now has a presence in all 50 states, they appear to be gradually expanding their commercial plan footprints beyond their traditional Medicare strongholds. This growth into new states seems targeted primarily at individual dental, vision, and medical plans.

Humana may take a more cautious approach when it comes to entering additional individual health insurance exchanges to sell ACA marketplace plans in new states. The company scaled back their exchange participation after experiencing substantial financial losses in previous years.

States that Humana recently expanded into for commercial coverage represent smaller insurance markets where the company can potentially compete effectively against entrenched incumbents. Larger states with dominant insurers already established may present more of a challenge.

Humana is also expanding their Medicare Advantage plan options into new counties for 2023. While already present in nearly every state for Medicare, Humana continues efforts to extend their geographic reach within states to provide access to more seniors.

The insurer indicated in late 2022 earnings calls that they are working to improve sales and distribution capacity for Medicare Advantage in previously underpenetrated service areas. This includes plans to increase their agent count by 50% within the next few years.

Overall, while Humana has pursued selective expansion initiatives, they seem to be taking a prudent approach in evaluating potential new state entries. The company remains focused on delighting current members, sustaining financial performance, and capturing additional market share in existing service regions.

Checking Humana Plan Availability in Your State

Now that you know more about Humana’s geographic coverage footprint, you probably want to look into what specific plans may be available where you live. Here are a few easy ways to check:

  • Visit – You can browse and compare plans on Humana’s website by providing your zip code to see offerings in your local area.

  • Call a licensed sales agent – Speaking with an agent is the best way to learn what Humana has to offer in your state. Humana provides free consultation with no obligation to enroll.

  • Review plan guides – Humana publishes plan information manuals for each state that list available options by county. These are accessible through the website.

  • Check federal sites – For Medicare, you can use plan finder tools to see options in your area. For ACA plans, visit

Humana offers quality insurance options to millions of Americans across nearly all states. Check their site for the latest details on plan availability where you live.

Humana Continues Expanding Access Nationwide

While top health insurer Humana has long maintained a presence in most states, they do not uniformly offer all of their insurance plans in every single market across the country.

Certain states like Florida, Texas, and California have had broad access to Humana options for many years. Meanwhile, other states have seen Humana expand their offerings more recently as part of targeted growth initiatives.

Today, Humana provides Medicare Advantage coverage in nearly all states while availability of commercial dental, vision, and medical plans varies market to market. Humana continues working to extend their geographic reach to make their plans accessible to more people.

Whether you are shopping for an individual policy or employer coverage, be sure to check Humana’s website to see what plan choices they may

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Does Humana cover all 50 states?

Humana has served Medicare beneficiaries for decades, with nearly 8.7 million Medicare members in all 50 states, Washington, D.C. , and Puerto Rico , as of Sept. 30, 2023 .

Can I use my Humana Medicare in another state?

You won’t lose your Original Medicare, Part A and Part B coverage if you move to another state. However, if you have a Medicare Advantage plan or a stand-alone Medicare prescription drug plan, you should tell the plan before you move. Typically these plans won’t cover you in another state.

Are Medicare Advantage plans available in all states?

Medicare Advantage plans are offered by private insurance companies. Plan availability varies from state to state. Click on your state on the map or from the list of states to find Medicare Advantage information and resources for your state.

What state is Humana based out of?

Humana is a health insurance company headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky. Originally founded in 1961 as a nursing home operator, the company transitioned into owning and managing hospitals, then to health insurance plans in the 1980s. As of May 2015, Forbes estimated the company to be worth $26.7 billion.

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