Is Trustmark Part of Cigna?

Trustmark and Cigna are two separate companies that work together to provide health insurance and benefits services. However, Trustmark is not part of or owned by Cigna.

Overview of Trustmark

Trustmark is an insurance company that provides:

  • Voluntary benefits like life, disability, and critical illness insurance
  • Self-funded health plans for small businesses
  • Wellness programs through HealthFitness

Trustmark has been in business for over 100 years and is based in Lake Forest, Illinois. It is part of the larger Trustmark Mutual Holding Company.

Some key facts about Trustmark:

  • Offers insurance and benefits products and services
  • Focuses on voluntary benefits and self-funded health plans
  • Has around 1,000 employees
  • Operates nationally across the United States

Overview of Cigna

Cigna is a large global health services company that offers:

  • Health insurance plans for employers, individuals and groups
  • Pharmacy benefit management services
  • Dental insurance plans
  • Disability and life insurance coverage

Cigna is based in Bloomfield, Connecticut and has over 70,000 employees worldwide.

Some key facts about Cigna:

  • Provides insurance and related health products
  • One of the largest health services companies in the U.S.
  • Operates health plans and services globally
  • Brings in $160 billion in annual revenues

Relationship Between Trustmark and Cigna

Trustmark and Cigna work together in the following way:

  • Network partnership – Trustmark utilizes Cigna’s PPO network for some of its self-funded small business health plans.

  • Independent companies – Trustmark and Cigna are completely separate companies that are not affiliated or owned by each other.

  • Administrative services – Cigna administers claims payments for Trustmark’s self-funded health plans that use Cigna’s network.

  • Licensed use of name and network – Trustmark licenses Cigna’s brand name and network for use with certain jointly administered health plans.

Trustmark’s Relationship with Cigna’s PPO Network

Here is an overview of how Trustmark leverages Cigna’s PPO network for its self-funded health plans:

  • Access to Cigna’s provider network – This gives Trustmark plan members access to Cigna’s 1.1 million in-network health providers and 6,100 hospitals.

  • National coverage – Cigna’s large network enables Trustmark to offer nationwide coverage for self-funded health plans.

  • Administrative partnership – Cigna provides claims administration services for Trustmark’s self-funded plans that use Cigna’s PPO network.

  • Plan designs offered with Cigna network – Trustmark incorporates the Cigna PPO network into many of its self-funded health plan designs that are sold to small businesses.

  • Licensing agreement – Trustmark licenses Cigna’s network for usage in jointly administered health plans under Cigna’s brand.

  • Member services – Cigna provides support services to members of Trustmark’s self-funded plans that leverage the Cigna PPO network.

By partnering with Cigna for network access and claims administration, Trustmark can offer small business health plans with a national footprint and robust provider access.

Trustmark Health Plan Offerings

Trustmark offers a range of self-funded health plans for small businesses with 5-250 employees. Here are some of the main plan options:

Plans using Cigna PPO network

  • Value PPO
  • Core PPO
  • Classic PPO

Plans using Aetna Signature Administrators network

  • Value Plus PPO
  • Core Plus PPO

Plans using various regional networks

  • Select PPO (uses regional PPOs)
  • Premier Plus PPO
  • Elite PPO

So Trustmark utilizes Cigna’s network for some of its plan offerings, while also incorporating other networks like Aetna and regional PPOs for additional plan choices.

Trustmark Offerings Beyond Health Insurance

Although Trustmark leverages Cigna’s network for some of its self-funded health plans, Cigna is not involved in Trustmark’s other lines of business:

Voluntary Benefits

  • Life insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Critical illness insurance
  • Accident insurance

Wellness Programs

  • HealthFitness wellness services

So Trustmark relies on its own capabilities and partners to provide voluntary benefits, wellness services, and other offerings beyond its self-funded health plans linked to Cigna’s network.

Is There Common Ownership Between Trustmark and Cigna?

No, Trustmark and Cigna do not share any common ownership or control. Some key points:

  • Trustmark is privately owned by Trustmark Mutual Holding Company.

  • Cigna is a publicly traded company (NYSE: CI) with no ownership ties to Trustmark.

  • The two companies operate independently and are completely separate entities.

  • Trustmark is not a subsidiary, division, or affiliate of Cigna.

The two companies collaborate in a network partnership and administrative service agreement, but there is no equity relationship or shared ownership between Trustmark and Cigna.

Could Cigna Acquire Trustmark in the Future?

It is possible that Cigna could attempt to acquire Trustmark in the future to expand its health benefits capabilities. However, there are no current public plans for Cigna to acquire Trustmark. Some factors to consider:

  • Cigna is actively growing, including its recent acquisition of Express Scripts. Trustmark could be a potential target.

  • An acquisition of Trustmark would allow Cigna to expand its presence in voluntary benefits and wellness services.

  • On the other hand, Trustmark is significantly smaller than Cigna, so may not move the needle for a company of Cigna’s size.

  • Antitrust concerns could come into play regarding market concentration if Cigna tried to buy Trustmark.

  • Ultimately, any acquisition would come down to if the valuation and deal structure met both parties’ interests.

For now, Cigna seems focused on integrating its Express Scripts acquisition and growing its current business lines. But further expansion through acquiring companies like Trustmark could certainly occur later on depending on market conditions and strategic priorities.

Key Points Summary

  • Trustmark partners with Cigna to access its PPO network to administer self-funded health plans.

  • However, Trustmark is not owned by Cigna or part of the Cigna company.

  • The two companies operate independently and have no equity relationship.

  • Trustmark offers various self-funded health plans, some that leverage Cigna’s PPO network.

  • Trustmark and Cigna collaborate closely but remain completely separate entities.

So while Trustmark and Cigna work together on health benefits administration, Trustmark is not part of Cigna’s corporate structure in any way. Their network partnership offers Trustmark clients enhanced provider access while allowing both companies to grow.

Trustmark Critical HealthEvents® – Overview


What insurance is Trustmark?

Trustmark Voluntary Benefits offers Life, Accident, Critical Illness, Disability, and Hospital insurance solutions that help policyholders achieve greater financial security and well-being. For more than 100 years, we’ve been building a different kind of benefits company, and going beyond the needs of our customers.

Who bought Trustmark?

Health Care Service Corp., the parent company of Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Illinois, paid more than $400 million last year in a deal to acquire Trustmark Health Benefits, records reveal.

What is the payer ID for Trustmark Cigna?

Trustmark’s electronic payer id is 61425.

What did Trustmark used to be called?

Trustmark was founded in 1913 as the Brotherhood of All Railway Employees, and later in 1917 adopted the name Benefit Association of Railway Employees. In 1963 the company became Benefit Trust Life Insurance Company.

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