How to Pay Your Joemc Bill by Phone or Online

Paying your monthly electric bill to Joemc shouldn’t be a hassle. As your local energy cooperative, Joemc aims to make bill payment easy and convenient for all members. In this article, I’ll explain the different ways you can pay your Joemc bill quickly over the phone or online.

Overview of Joemc Bill Payment Options

Joemc offers several ways for members to pay their monthly electric bills. The main options include:

  • Pay by phone – Call Joemc’s automated pay-by-phone line or speak to a customer service agent to pay over the phone.

  • Online Bill Pay – Log into your secure online account on the Joemc website to view your bill and make an electronic payment.

  • Mobile app – Download the Joemc mobile app to your smartphone or tablet to access account info and pay on-the-go.

  • Automatic bank draft – Set up recurring automatic payments from your bank account each month.

  • In person – Visit a Joemc office or payment kiosk to pay your bill in person.

  • By mail – Mail in a check or money order with your paper bill stub.

No matter how you choose to pay, Joemc aims to make it fast, easy, and secure. Keep reading to learn more details about paying your Joemc electric bill by phone or online.

Paying Your Joemc Bill by Phone

Calling Joemc by phone is one of the quickest ways to pay your monthly electric bill Here are the steps to pay by phone

1. Call Joemc’s Pay-By-Phone Line

The main Joemc pay-by-phone number is 800-272-9712. This automated line is available 24/7 for fast and easy bill payments.

When you call, you’ll need to enter your 10-digit Joemc account number and the amount you wish to pay. The system will guide you through the process step-by-step.

2. Choose Your Payment Method

After entering your account details, you’ll be prompted to choose how you want to make the payment:

  • Debit or credit card – Enter your card details to pay immediately

  • Electronic check – Provide your bank routing and account number

  • Speak to an agent – Option to pay with an agent over the phone

3. Get a Confirmation Number

Once your payment is processed, you’ll receive a confirmation number. Be sure to note this number down for your records. It confirms your payment went through successfully.

4. Payment Appears on Your Account

The payment typically posts to your account within an hour if you pay before 7 PM on a weekday. Payments made after 7 PM or on weekends will post the next business day.

And that’s it! Paying your Joemc electric bill by the automated phone line takes just a few minutes.

Speaking to a Joemc Agent to Pay by Phone

If you need help or prefer to speak to someone, you can also pay your Joemc bill by calling and talking to a customer service agent.

Here is the process when paying over the phone with an agent:

1. Call During Business Hours

The main Joemc customer service phone number is 910-353-1940 or 800-682-1515. Call during regular business hours, Monday to Friday from 8AM to 5PM.

2. Provide Your Joemc Account Details

When you reach an agent, they’ll ask for your 10-digit Joemc account number and service address to pull up your account. Have these handy to make the process faster.

3. Choose Your Payment Amount

Tell the agent how much you would like to pay on your Joemc bill. They can also tell you your total balance due if you are unsure.

4. Supply Payment Information

Provide your debit/credit card details or bank account information for an electronic check payment. The agent will process your payment while you are on the phone.

5. Get a Confirmation Number

The agent will provide a confirmation number when the payment is complete. Save this number or write it on your bill as proof of payment.

And that’s all there is to it! Paying your bill with a live agent gives you the benefit of having any questions answered in real-time. Just call during business hours to speak with a knowledgeable Joemc customer service rep.

Paying Your Joemc Bill Online

Paying online through the Joemc website is another fast, simple option. Here’s how online bill pay works:

1. Log Into Your Joemc Account

Go to and log into your online account with your username and password.

If you haven’t registered, click “Register Now” to set up your account. You’ll need your Joemc account number to register.

2. View Your Balance

Once logged in, you’ll see your current balance owed and due date prominently displayed. Review the details to ensure you pay the right amount.

3. Enter Payment Details

Select your payment amount and method. You can pay by debit/credit card or electronic check from your bank account.

4. Get Confirmation

After submitting payment, you’ll receive a confirmation message and number right on the website. Your account balance also updates instantly.

5. Check Your Email

You’ll receive an email receipt as well for your records. Save this in case you need to reference your payment details later.

Paying online is secure, fast, and allows you to log in and check payment status anytime. Set up online bill pay to simplify paying your Joemc electric bill each month.

Tips for Hassle-Free Joemc Bill Pay

Follow these tips for smooth, stress-free bill payment every month:

  • Pay early – Don’t wait until the due date, when phones tend to be busier. Pay a few days early to avoid the rush.

  • Setup reminders – Use the Joemc app or website to setup bill reminders by text, email, or in-app notification.

  • Go paperless – Reduce clutter and save trees! Go paperless so your bill is sent electronically each month.

  • Check payment history – Log into your online account anytime to double check when payments were made.

  • Ask for help – Joemc agents are ready to assist if you have any bill pay questions or issues.

  • Autopay – For ultimate convenience, setup recurring monthly payments from your bank account. Then you never have to remember to pay!

Joemc Bill Pay FAQs

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about paying Joemc bills:

What are the main ways I can pay my Joemc bill?

You can pay online, through the Joemc mobile app, by phone, automatic bank draft, in person, or by mailing a check. Joemc offers multiple options for your convenience.

What information do I need to make a payment?

You’ll need your 10-digit Joemc account number and service address. If paying by credit/debit card or bank account, have that information ready too.

When will my payment post to my account?

Online, phone, or in-person payments before 7 PM on weekdays post the same day. Payments after 7 PM or on weekends post the next business day.

Is there a fee to pay by debit/credit card?

Yes, there is a $2.50 convenience fee when paying by card over the phone or online. There is no fee for bank account/e-check payments.

What do I do if I lost my confirmation number?

Log into your online account and view payment history or call Joemc to ask an agent to look up your recent payments.

How do I know if I still owe a balance after making a payment?

Your current balance appears at the top of your online account. Or call Joemc anytime to check if a payment has been applied yet.

Pay Joemc Bills Your Way

As your trusted local energy provider, Joemc offers flexible options to pay your electric bill by phone, online, or using the mobile app. Payments are quick and easy to make using your preferred method. Be sure to take advantage of tools like reminders, autopay, and paperless billing to simplify the process even further. Contact Joemc anytime you have questions or need assistance with bill payment.

Joemc Bill Pay Phone Number

FlexPay puts you in the driver’s seat

Does the timing of your electric bill match the timing of your payday? Would you like to take the stress out of due dates and avoid late fees?

Now is the time to speed up or slow down your payments with a new plan that allows you to pay for electricity on your schedule. FlexPay gives you greater control and offers you the flexibility to purchase electricity when you want—daily, weekly, or monthly. You pay when it works for you—in amounts that fit your budget. The choice is yours.

Think of FlexPay as putting gas in your car. You can add a little gas or fill up the vehicle’s tank, depending on what the gas gauge reads. In the same way, Flexpay allows you to purchase small amounts of electricity every few days or “fill up the tank” and not worry about it for a more extended period of time.

You decide when you want to use electricity. You choose when you want to buy more. It gives you the tools to manage your energy use better and take charge of your monthly bills by paying lower startup costs and having the convenience of paying for your electricity on your schedule.

Rates, taxes, and facility charges are the same as accounts on a conventional residential billing plan. But, participants are NOT required to make a security deposit, and there is no disconnect, reconnect, or late fees.

Because FlexPay is a self-managed, pay-as-you-go program, you are responsible for monitoring and keeping a credit account balance. It is also the end of a paper bill in the mail. Instead, your account balance can be reviewed anytime, anywhere from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Once enrolled in FlexPay, a member must purchase at least $75 worth of energy to start and have access to the internet or the ability to receive text messages. JOEMC reads your electric meter daily, and the amount associated with that day’s electric service is deducted from your account balance.

If it is easier to make daily or weekly payments rather than one larger monthly payment, FlexPay may be right for you.

Statistics also indicate that “pay-as-you-go” electricity programs often help lower consumption due to members’ awareness of usage patterns. So, if you’re interested in monitoring and lowering your electricity use, you may potentially benefit from FlexPay.

Yes, ask a representative at one of our local offices about the benefits of FlexPay. Learn more or to sign-up, call 910-353-1940.

There’s never a deposit or a fee with FlexPay. If you’re already a Jones-Onslow EMC member who has paid a deposit, it will be directly applied to your account. And, there are never any fees. If your account balance runs low, you simply make a payment to “refuel” your account to the level you desire.

No, with FlexPay instead of receiving a traditional paper bill, usage is calculated daily and you purchase electricity as you need it using cash, check, debit or credit card. You can also make payments in our office between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m., or anytime by phone, online, or at any of our district payment kiosks.

That’s entirely up to you! That’s one of the benefits of FlexPay: You create the program that fits your budget and make purchases on your own timetable. You can purchase enough electricity to last a day, a week, a month, or more. The only requirement is that you maintain a credit balance.

When you set up your FlexPay account, you’ll be asked whether you want to receive messages about your account status by text or email.

You can also check your account balance and monitor your usage through the JOEMC Member Portal or mobile app.

Through the Member Portal or JOEMC mobile app you can see how much electricity you use on any given day. Typically, consumers don’t realize how much electricity they’ve used or how much it will cost until their bill arrives but this feature can help you better understand and control your electricity usage and costs.

Payments can be made 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through our mobile app, phone system, or online at with an e-check or credit card. In addition we have six kiosk located through-out our service area where you can make payments using cash, check or credit cards.

*Please note that FlexPay accounts are not eligible for pay arrangements or time extensions.

Payment is at the member’s discretion. Once your account reaches a zero balance, it is subject to immediate disconnection. If you do not purchase more power, the meter will be turned off. The minimum amount accepted to refill your pre-pay account is $20 plus any amount owed on the account at the time of reconnection.

No! With FlexPay, you’re still a Jones-Onslow EMC member. You still accumulate capital credits based on the amount of electricity you purchase and receive your portion of capital credits funds as they are “retired” over time.

The initial payment is $100.00. This includes a $25.00 adminstrative fee and a credit balance of $75.00 towards the puchase of electricity.

To sign-up or switch your account to the FlexPay program, members can call Jones-Onslow EMC at 1-800-682-1515 or visit our Jacksonville or Sneads Ferry offices between 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday thru Friday.

Yes, you will be charged a FlexPay processing fee of sixteen cents per day when using this program.

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