How to Pay Your Kissimmee Utility Authority Bill

Paying your utility bill on time each month is an essential responsibility as a homeowner or renter in Kissimmee, FL The Kissimmee Utility Authority (KUA) provides electricity and water services to residents and businesses in the Kissimmee area Read on for a comprehensive guide on how to pay your KUA bill conveniently through various payment options.

Overview of KUA

The Kissimmee Utility Authority is the municipal electric and water utility company serving over 68000 customers in Kissimmee and parts of Osceola County Florida.

KUA is a not-for-profit community-owned utility focused on providing reliable essential services at reasonable rates They generate and purchase power from clean sources like solar and natural gas

If you own or rent property in the Kissimmee area, KUA is most likely your electric provider and may also supply your water. Understanding how to read your KUA bill, when it’s due, and the various payment methods available will help you easily pay on time each month.

How Often KUA Bills Are Issued

Residential customers receive a KUA bill every month, while commercial accounts are billed for electricity monthly and water bimonthly.

Bills are issued around the 10th of the month and reflect charges for the previous month’s usage and services.

For example, you would receive a bill in early June showing electric and water usage and fees for May. The due date is typically within 15-20 days of the bill issue date.

KUA Bill Pay Due Date

The specific due date for paying your KUA utility bill is shown on the statement you receive each month. But in general, payment is due within 15-20 days of the bill date.

So if you receive your bill on June 10th, your payment would be due before the end of the month, around June 25th-30th. The exact due date can vary from month to month.

Pay attention to the due date stated on each bill to know when your payment is expected and avoid late fees. Mark it on your calendar or set bill pay reminders.

How to Check Your KUA Account Balance

You have a few options to easily check your current balance due for KUA services:

  • KUA Online Account – Register at to view your balance and full billing details.

  • Mobile App – Download the KUA app to check your account balance and make payments.

  • Account Statement – Your total owed is printed on the bill statement you receive by mail each month.

  • By Phone – Call KUA at (877) 582-7700 to speak with a representative who can provide your balance.

  • In Person – Visit the KUA office in downtown Kissimmee and ask to have your current balance checked.

Knowing your account balance ensures you pay the full amount by the deadline and avoid late fees.

Available Payment Options for KUA Bills

KUA offers several ways to pay your utility bill that fit any schedule or payment preference:

Online – Pay via the KUA website or mobile app via credit/debit card or e-check. You can make one-time payments or set up autopay.

By Phone – Use the automated phone system anytime or talk to a representative during business hours to pay with a card.

By Mail – Send a check or money order with your bill stub to KUA’s mailing address. Allow 7-10 days to process.

In Person – Visit the KUA office or an authorized pay station with cash, check, or card.

Budget Billing – Spread costs evenly with KUA’s Budget Billing program. Pay the same each month based on your average annual usage.

Bank Bill Pay – Use your bank’s online bill pay feature to schedule one-time or recurring payments.

Drop Box – Place your payment in the secure drop box anytime outside the KUA building downtown.

Choose the most convenient option for you to pay on or before the due date each month.

Financial Assistance for KUA Bills

If you are experiencing financial hardship and struggling to pay your KUA utility bill on time, there are resources that may help, including:

  • Payment extensions and arrangements
  • Low-income assistance programs
  • Budget billing to spread costs evenly
  • Energy efficiency upgrades to lower usage/costs
  • Utility bill debt forgiveness and emergency funds

Contact KUA to learn about available bill pay assistance programs to avoid service disruption. They want to help customers in need keep their electricity and water connected.

Late Payment Fees and Disconnection

To avoid penalties, you must pay your KUA utility bill in full by the due date each month. Here’s what can happen if your account becomes delinquent:

  • Late fees of 1.5% are charged if a bill is not paid on time.

  • A disconnection notice is issued after 30 days past due.

  • Accounts over 60 days past due may have service disconnected without further notice.

  • Reconnection fees apply if service is interrupted – $25 electric/$15 water.

Avoid fees and outages by paying on time. Otherwise call KUA immediately if you anticipate falling behind on payments to explore assistance options before service is cut off. Maintaining uninterrupted utility service is vital.

Contact KUA Customer Service

If you have any questions about your KUA utility bill, multiple representatives are available to help:

  • By phone at (877) 582-7700
  • Online via live chat at
  • In person at the KUA office in Kissimmee
  • Email [email protected]

The KUA team can explain your charges, payment plans, energy usage, ways to lower your bill, and any other account-related questions.

Key Takeaways on Paying Your KUA Bill

  • KUA provides electricity and water services in Kissimmee, FL

  • Bills are issued monthly and due within 15-20 days

  • Pay online, by phone, mail, in person, or through your bank

  • Use autopay or budget billing to spread costs evenly

  • Seek bill pay assistance if facing financial hardship

  • Pay on time every month to avoid late fees and disconnection

Understanding your KUA utility bill and the various payment methods available allows you to easily pay on time each month. Follow these tips to maintain uninterrupted essential electricity and water services for your Kissimmee home or business.

Kissimmee Utility Authority Bill Pay

Home EV Charger Program

Our electric vehicle charging program allows EV owners the ability to conveniently charge their vehicles at home using KUA’s Home EV Charger.

Protect your appliances! Sign up for meter-based surge protection.

Kissimmee Utility Authority Bill Pay

Kissimmee Utility Authority Bill Pay

KUA provides a text based alert systems for customers to be made aware when active utility scams are occurring in our service territory. To sign up for the alerts, text SCAMALERT to 877-582-7700.

If you are going through financial hardship and need assistance paying your energy bill, we are here for you!

Kissimmee Utility Authority Bill Pay

KUA’s Good Neighbor Utility Assistance Fund is a voluntary customer contributory program that helps KUA customers experiencing financial difficulty pay their KUA utility bills in emergency situations.

Kissimmee Utility Authority Bill Pay

Kissimmee Utility Authority Bill Pay

Being good stewards of the environment means we care for the land, air, water, and wildlife in the community we serve. KUA protects these resources while meeting our customers’ demand for electric service.

Kissimmee Utility Authority Bill Pay

Scam Warning from Kissimmee Utility Authority

What is Kissimmee Utility Authority’s new customer portal?

KISSIMMEE — Kissimmee Utility Authority launched its new customer portal,, allowing customers to manage their KUA services through a comprehensive set of tools in a user-friendly dashboard.

Where can I get help paying my utility bill in Kissimmee?

For information visit, The Kissimmee Utility Authority, through their Good Neighbor Utility Assistance Fund, collects donations from other KUA customers and then donates those funds to Osceola County Council on Aging to manage a utility assistance program for residents who are unable to pay their power bill.

How much is a bundled electric bill at Kissimmee Utility Authority?

Currently, the average monthly bundled electric bill for customers of Kissimmee Utility Authority is $157.82. The Florida average bundled bill is $171.30 and the national average is $171.30. See Kissimmee Utility Authority’s electric rates, average bill, emissions and how they generate or buy their power.

How much energy does Kissimmee Utility Authority generate?

Kissimmee Utility Authority generates 289.43 megawatt hours (or 0.03% of their total generation) from the use of renewable fuel sources in their production facilities. Kissimmee Utility Authority customers experience outages lasting on average 34.03 minutes per interruption, with around 0.71 outages each year.

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