A Complete Guide to Paying Your Kosciusko Water and Electric Bill

Living in Kosciusko? Then you likely receive your water and electric services from the city’s municipal utilities Paying these monthly bills is essential to keep your services running smoothly.

In this comprehensive guide, I’ll walk through all the ways Kosciusko residents can pay their water and electric bills. You’ll learn about:

  • Payment options with the city and electric co-op

  • Setting up automatic payments

  • Paying online, by phone, or in person

  • Finding assistance if you cannot pay

  • Avoiding late fees and disconnection

Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be able to pay your Kosciusko utilities stress-free each month. No more worrying about missed due dates or scrambled last-minute payments!

Kosciusko Utility Providers

The city of Kosciusko provides municipal water service to residents.

Kosciusko REMC (Rural Electric Membership Cooperative) handles electric service in the area.

Understanding these two providers is key to paying your bills properly. Let’s look at payment options for each utility company.

Paying Your City of Kosciusko Water Bill

To pay your city water bill, you have a few options:

Online – Pay by card or e-check via the city’s payment portal.

Phone – Call the city utility office to pay over the phone.

Mail – Send a check or money order to the utility address.

In Person – Visit the utility office or authorized pay sites around town.

AutoPay – Enroll to have payments automatically deducted from your bank account.

Here are more details on each method:

Pay Online

The fastest way to pay is through the City of Kosciusko’s online payment portal:

  • Go to cityofkosciusko.epayub.com

  • Select “Pay Bill” and enter your account number

  • Choose a payment amount and enter payment details

  • Submit payment and get a receipt

Payments post to your account instantly. You can also view billing history and usage.

Pay by Phone

To pay your water bill by phone:

  • Call the city utility office: (574) 372-2466

  • Provide your account number and name

  • Enter payment amount and card details

  • Get a confirmation number as receipt

This automated system is available 24/7 for your convenience.

Pay by Mail

To pay by mail, send a check or money order to:

City of Kosciusko Utility
101 N Lake St
Kosciusko, IN 46561

Write your account number on the check. Allow 5 business days for delivery.

Pay In Person

Visit the utility office at 101 N Lake St to pay in person Monday-Friday. They accept cash, check, or card.

You can also pay at authorized pay stations around town like grocery stores or pharmacies.

Enroll in AutoPay

For hands-free payment, enroll in AutoPay through the online portal. This automatically deducts your water bill from your bank account each month.

Contact the utility office if you have any issues with automated payments posting.

Paying Your Kosciusko REMC Electric Bill

KREMC offers several ways to pay your electric bill:

Online – Pay by card or e-check through SmartHub portal.

Phone – Call KREMC to use the automated pay by phone system.

Mail – Send check or money order to KREMC address.

In Person – Pay at KREMC office or drop box.

AutoPay – Set up recurring bank account payments.

Budget Billing – Pay a levelized amount each month based on usage.

Here’s more about each of these options:

Pay Online

To pay online, use KREMC’s SmartHub web portal or mobile app:

  • Go to kremc.smarthub.coop or download the app

  • Log in and select “Pay”

  • Choose pay amount and enter payment info

  • Get emailed receipt after submitting

This allows 24/7 access to pay anytime.

Pay by Phone

Call 1-800-790-7362 to use KREMC’s automated pay by phone system. Follow prompts to enter your account number, payment amount, and card or bank account details.

Pay by Mail

Mail a check or money order payable to KREMC at:

PO Box 14
Warsaw, IN 46581

Write your account number on the check and allow 5 business days for delivery.

Pay In Person

Visit the KREMC office at 370 S 250 E in Warsaw Monday-Friday to pay in person. You can also use the drive-up 24-hour drop box.

Enroll in AutoPay or Budget Billing

For consistent payments, sign up for AutoPay or Budget Billing. Contact KREMC to get enrolled and avoid late payments.

Avoid Late Fees and Disconnection

To keep your water and electricity flowing:

  • Note due dates on your calendar

  • Pay a few days early to be safe

  • Contact providers if you cannot pay

  • Ask about extensions or payment plans

  • Look into energy assistance programs if eligible

With some planning, you can stay on top of bills and avoid penalties.

Easiest Ways to Pay Kosciusko Utilities

  • AutoPay – Set and forget recurring payments

  • Online – Pay anytime 24/7

  • Phone – Quickly pay via automated system

  • Budget Billing – Consistent electric bills

Choose the options that work best for your situation. Consider going paperless with e-billing to save time and hassle.

And if funds are tight, don’t hesitate to call for help. They can explain programs that may assist you.

Paying your city water and electric co-op bills should be simple, stress-free, and on time every month. Follow this guide and take control of your utility payments.

What other bill pay tips do you recommend? Share your thoughts below!

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