Navigating Lafayette Utility System Bill Payment Options

As a longtime resident of Lafayette, I’ve been a customer of the city’s utilities system (LUS) for water, sewer, and electric since I first moved here over 15 years ago. In that time, I’ve seen LUS make great strides in improving bill payment options to better serve customers like me Here, I’ll walk through the various ways LUS allows residents to pay utility bills and highlight the pros and cons of each method.

Getting Started with an LUS Account

Before you can pay any LUS bills, you first need to establish service and an account This involves submitting an application with details on the service address, your contact info, and billing preferences You’ll receive an account number that you’ll need for all payment transactions and account management going forward.

If you’re a renter, you may need to coordinate with the property owner or manager to get LUS bills placed in your name. Make sure any account changes are submitted well in advance of move-in so you can pay on time.

As a tip, take time to explore the LUS website and set up an online profile through the My Account portal when activating service. This will make ongoing bill pay much smoother.

Paying Bills Via the My Account Website

The My Account online system is my preferred way to pay LUS bills. It’s quick, secure, available 24/7, and provides great account management features beyond just payment.

To pay a bill online, I simply log into my My Account dashboard, review the latest charges, and submit payment by credit card, debit card, or electronic check. I receive instant email confirmation when the payment processes.

I like that I can reference my billing history and consumption data through My Account any time. I also have paperless billing activated, so my statements are archived online.

The autopay feature is handy for scheduling recurring payments. But I still review my bill each month before the auto charge date, just to verify the amount.

Mailing in Payments the Old-Fashioned Way

While I opt for the web route, LUS does still accept mailed check or money order payments. This may be the best approach if you prefer not to bank online.

Each bill includes a payment stub and return envelope that you can use to mail in your check. Just make sure to allow plenty of lead time before the due date for postal delivery.

I’d advise against sending cash payments through the mail, for security reasons. Always include your account number on the check memo line to ensure proper crediting as well.

Just know that mailing payments takes longer to post to your account than electronic options. Make sure to pay at least a week early to avoid late fees if using this option.

Paying in Person at LUS Offices

For those who prefer in-person bill payment, you can visit either of the two LUS office locations in Lafayette. Both accept payments by cash, check, money order, or credit/debit card.

The main office downtown is open Monday through Thursday, 7am to 5:30pm. The pay window at the service center on Fieldspan Street has more limited hours.

I’d call ahead before visiting to confirm they can process payments at the time you plan to arrive and avoid wasted trips. There is metered parking outside both offices.

While paying at the office takes more effort than the website, it does provide instant payment posting and confirmation. Just be prepared for a potential wait if arriving during a busy period.

Paying Over the Phone

LUS also allows customers to pay bills by phone through the automated payment system. To use this option, you simply call the toll-free number provided, enter your account details, and follow the prompts to make a payment.

The system accepts payment by credit card, debit card, or electronic check. Like online payments, you receive email confirmation once the payment processes.

I mainly use the phone payment method as a backup if I’m traveling when my bill comes due and don’t have web access. The automated system is available 24 hours a day, which is helpful.

Just have your account number, contact details, and payment info handy before you call to make the process smooth.

Setting Up Recurring Payments for Convenience

If you have a fixed income or tight budget, consider setting up recurring payments through the LUS autopay feature. This automatically deducts your bill amount each period.

To start autopay, log into your My Account dashboard and navigate to the payments settings. Choose the autopay option for your account, enter your payment method, and save the details.

Going forward, LUS will charge your card or withdraw from your bank account for the total bill amount each billing cycle. You’ll still receive emailed statements for your records.

I personally like to manually pay each month, but autopay can simplify bill payment if you have a predictable utility budget. Just be sure to review statements periodically for accuracy.

Avoiding Late Fees and Service Disruption

Like most utility companies, LUS charges late payment fees and can eventually disconnect service if bills go unpaid for too long. Avoid penalties and outages by paying on time every month.

I advise signing up for email and/or text alerts through your My Account portal. LUS sends notifications when new bills are ready and payment reminders as your due date approaches. These notices help you remember to pay on time.

If you do miss a payment and receive a past due notice, pay the overdue amount as soon as possible. Extended nonpayment can lead to much larger fees and service interruptions.

Payment Assistance Programs for Qualified Customers

If you’re struggling with utility bills, know that LUS offers some assistance programs based on eligibility. For example, they have discounted senior rates and flexible payment plans.

Contact LUS customer service to learn about available bill pay assistance options if you meet certain income level requirements. They can provide the details and forms needed to apply for a program.

Getting on an affordable payment plan is better than not paying at all. Temporary assistance can help avoid consequences like shut-offs.

Simplifying Utility Bill Management

The various payment methods LUS provides make it relatively painless to pay your utility bills on time each month. I personally love the convenience of the online My Account system – it saves me hassle and stamps!

But having choices like autopay, phone payments, and in-person office visits allows customers to select the best payment option for their needs. Just be sure to pay by the due date every month to avoid fees. Reach out for assistance if you need help managing utility payments.

Lafayette Utility System Bill Pay

More Ways to Pay

  • Pay online or use your credit card in person at 1290 S. Public Road, Lafayette, CO 80026.
  • Authorize automatic withdrawals from your checking account: Download/Print Automatic Bill Payment Enrollment Form and return it to City Hall at the address below.
  • Use your bank or credit cards own bill pay service. Set this up according to their instructions, and be sure to include your account number from your utilities bill so that your payment is credited properly.
  • Pay by check: add account number to check notes, and send with top portion of bill to: 1290 S. Public Road, Lafayette, CO 80026
  • Visit Finance counter at City Hall, 1290 S. Public Road, or use the drop box outside the main doors.

Utility billing update September 2020

How do I pay my Lafayette Utilities System – Louisiana bill?

You can also contact Lafayette Utilities Systems via phone at 337-291-8280. Pay your Lafayette Utilities System – Louisiana bill online with doxo, Pay with a credit card, debit card, or direct from your bank account. doxo is the simple, protected way to pay your bills with a single account and accomplish your financial goals.

What is the Lafayette Utilities System?

The Lafayette Utilities System (LUS) provides water for about 198,975 residents living in the Lafayette area. Established in 1897, the Lafayette Utilities System (LUS) collects groundwater from its primary source, the Chicot Aquifer, a large, natural underground storage in southwest Louisiana.

How do I log in to my Lafayette Utilities System account?

You can login to your Lafayette Utilities System account online on their site at: . I need help logging in to my Lafayette Utilities System account. Where’s the best place to get help? Customer support for Lafayette Utilities System, available at, can provide help accessing your account or resetting your password.

When do Lafayette Utilities system customers have a payment arrangement plan?

Lafayette Utilities System customers have until August 17 to apply for a payment arrangement plan.

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