Simplifying Your Life: An Easy Guide to Paying Your Lake County Department of Utilities Bill Online

Paying your utilities bill each month doesn’t have to be a chore The Lake County Department of Utilities offers a quick, easy and secure way to pay your water, sewer and solid waste bill online. As a Lake County resident myself, I know how hectic life can get. Running errands, juggling work and family obligations, and trying to squeeze a million little tasks into your day is hard enough without having to mail a paper check for your utilities Let’s make life a little bit simpler by setting up online bill pay with the Lake County Department of Utilities.

I’ll walk you through the whole process step-by-step, but first let’s look at some of the major benefits of paying your LCDU bill online:

  • It’s fast and easy – takes just minutes to pay each month
  • Available 24/7 – pay at your convenience, anytime night or day
  • Automatic payments mean never forgetting a due date
  • No paper bills or checks to keep track of
  • Secure payment portal keeps your info safe
  • Access payment history easily in your online account

As you can see, online bill pay makes managing your utilities easy, while saving you time and hassle. Keep reading and I’ll explain exactly how to get set up.

Setting Up Your Online Account

Setting up online bill pay with the LCDU only takes a few minutes Here are the simple steps

  1. Go to

  2. Click “Register Here” below the login fields

  3. Enter your LCDU account number and the last name on your account

  4. Create a username and password

  5. Provide your email address and accept the terms and conditions

Once your registration is complete, you can start using your online account immediately to pay your bill or set up automatic payments.

The first time you log in, I recommend updating your payment information by clicking on “My Profile” and adding your credit/debit card or bank account info. This way the details will be stored securely for future payments.

Making One-Time Payments

When you receive your monthly LCDU bill and you’re ready to make a payment, just log into your online account.

Under the “Payments” tab, click “Pay Now” and enter the amount due. Select whether you want to pay by credit/debit card, e-check or EFT (if you already have bank account info stored in your profile).

Review the payment details and submit. It takes about 5 minutes to complete the whole process. You’ll receive a confirmation email with your payment details as well.

Setting Up Automatic Payments

While one-time online payments are convenient, setting up recurring automatic payments makes paying your utilities bill completely hassle-free. Just set it up once, and your bill will be paid on time, every month.

To set up auto-pay, follow these steps:

  1. In your online account, click on “My Profile”

  2. Select “AutoPay Accounts” from the menu

  3. Check the box next to your utilities account and pick your preferred payment method

  4. Choose the day each month that you want payments to be processed

  5. Save your settings

And you’re all set! Going forward, the LCDU will automatically debit your selected credit card or bank account each month. You’ll still receive a bill for your records, but no action is required on your part. Just set it and forget it!

One tip: Make sure you update your payment method immediately if your card expires or you close your bank account. You can edit your auto-pay info under the “My Profile” section.

Added Benefits of Paying Online

Besides the convenience and time savings, your online account provides other useful features:

  • Payment history – View 12 months of previous bills and payments. Helpful for budgeting and taxes!

  • Consumption tracking – Monitor your household’s water usage over time. Identify spikes that may indicate leaks.

  • Paperless billing – Opt out of mailed paper bills and access your statements electronically. Reduces clutter!

  • Account management – Update your contact information, email preferences and more.

  • Email reminders – Choose to receive email alerts when your bill is ready and when payment is due.

  • Mobile access – Pay on the go from your smartphone or tablet.

Security You Can Trust

I know security is a big concern when making payments online. Rest assured the LCDU’s payment system uses industry-standard encryption and security measures to keep your information safe. Your payment details are not stored on local computers. Instead, transactions are processed through secure payment gateways.

You also play a role in account safety. Be sure to use a strong password, keep it private, and update it periodically. Also provide your current email and notify the LCDU if it changes. These steps help protect against unauthorized access.

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