How to Pay Your Lyon County Water Bill Online

Lyon County provides water service to residents and businesses in their jurisdiction. As a customer, you receive monthly water bills that must be paid to avoid late fees or service disruption. Lyon County offers several ways to pay your water bill conveniently, including online bill pay.

Below we’ll explain how to set up and use Lyon County’s online bill pay system to maintain good standing on your water account

Overview of Lyon County’s Online Bill Pay

Lyon County utilizes a third-party service called Nexbillpay to handle online bill payments With Nexbillpay, you can

  • Pay your water bill online 24/7
  • Store payment information for quicker checkout
  • Enroll in autopay to have payments processed automatically
  • Receive paperless billing via email
  • View current and past water bills in your account

To use Lyon County’s online bill pay system, you must first create a customer profile on the Nexbillpay website. This involves registering your account with your personal and water service details.

Once registered, you can log in anytime to make one-time payments or set up recurring autopay. Nexbillpay accepts debit/credit cards and e-checks. Convenience fees apply based on the payment method.

Registering for Online Bill Pay

Follow these steps to get started with Lyon County online bill pay:

  1. Visit Nexbillpay Site – Go to

  2. Click “Sign Up” – This will start the new user registration process.

  3. Enter Details – Provide your name, account number, email, phone and address.

  4. Create Username & Password – Choose a unique username and secure password.

  5. Agree to Terms – Accept Nexbillpay’s terms and conditions.

Once registered, you can immediately log in and access your Lyon County water account! It’s that quick and easy to set up.

Making One-Time Payments

To make a one-time Lyon County water bill payment online:

  1. Log In – Enter your Nexbillpay username and password.

  2. View Balance – Your account dashboard shows your current balance due.

  3. Enter Payment Amount – Specify the payment amount up to your current balance.

  4. Select Payment Method – Choose a card or bank account on file or enter new payment details.

  5. Submit Payment – Authorize and process your online payment to Lyon County.

One-time payments are ideal if you prefer manually paying your water bill each month. Just repeat the steps above by your due date.

Enrolling in Autopay

For even more convenience, enroll in autopay to have your Lyon County water bill paid automatically each billing cycle.

To set up autopay:

  1. Log into your Nexbillpay account.

  2. Click “My Profile” and select “Recurring Payments”.

  3. Choose your payment method and enter amount.

  4. Check the terms and click “Add Recurring Payment”.

Once enrolled, Nexbillpay will withdraw the payment amount from your selected account on the bill due date each month. You’ll receive email confirmations whenever a payment processes.

Autopay ensures your water bill gets paid on time without hassle. You can cancel or edit the setup anytime through your profile.

Going Paperless with Online Bill Pay

Tired of receiving paper bills in the mail? With Lyon County’s online bill system, you can stop postal mail and go paperless!

To enable paperless billing:

  1. Log into your Nexbillpay profile.

  2. Click “My Profile” and choose “Paperless Settings”.

  3. Check the box to opt-in and enter your email.

  4. Save your changes.

Once paperless billing is active, you’ll receive email notifications whenever a new bill is ready to view. Log in anytime to check your current balance and payment history. No more paper clutter!

Payment Methods and Convenience Fees

Lyon County accepts the following payment methods through Nexbillpay:

  • Debit/Credit Card – Visa, Mastercard, Discover, AMEX
  • Electronic Check – Direct bank account withdrawal

For debit/credit cards, fees are:

  • $2.50 minimum or 2.45% of payment amount

For electronic checks, fees are:

  • $1.50 flat fee per transaction

The convenience fees go to Nexbillpay for payment processing. Lyon County does not receive any portion of the fees.

While fees do apply, online payment remains a fast and convenient option for paying your Lyon County water bill from home.

Getting Account Help and Support

If you need assistance with Lyon County’s online bill pay system, contact customer support:

  • Nexbillpay Support – 1-800-639-2435 (available 8am-5pm Monday-Friday)

  • Lyon County Water – 270-388-0271

The Nexbillpay site also provides FAQs and navigational guides to help with account registration, making payments, paperless billing, and more.

Don’t let a water bill go past due – sign up for convenient online account access through Lyon County and Nexbillpay today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to common questions about Lyon County’s online water bill pay system:

What are the fees to pay my water bill online?

  • Credit/debit cards have a 2.45% fee ($2.50 minimum).
  • Electronic checks have a $1.50 flat fee.

Can I see my current and past water bills online?

Yes, once registered you can view and download current and past bills directly through your Nexbillpay account.

What card and bank brands are accepted?

All major cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, AMEX) and checking/savings accounts can be used for online payments.

When will online payments process from my account?

One-time payments process immediately. Autopay payments process on your bill due date each month.

Can I cancel autopay at anytime?

Yes, you can cancel or edit your autopay settings through your Nexbillpay account profile.

Frequency of Entities:

Lyon County: 28
water: 19
bill: 18
online: 16
payment: 15
account: 12
pay: 12
autopay: 10
paperless: 7
current: 6
convenience: 6
payments: 5
billing: 5
email: 5
assistance: 4
fees: 4
due: 4
details: 3
terms: 3
amount: 3
payment method: 3
process: 3
customer: 3
one-time: 3
accept: 3
disruption: 3
immediately: 3
checkout: 3

submit: 2
maintaining: 2
jurisdiction: 2
customer: 2
monthly: 2
conveniently: 2
good standing: 2
nexus: 2
personal: 2
dashboard: 2
prefer: 2
automatic: 2
withdraw: 2
confirmations: 2
postal: 2
clutter: 2
electronic: 2
flat: 2
brands: 2
savings: 2

Lyon County Water Bill Pay

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Service Address:

If Lyon County Utilities Dept has received written authority from the property owner authorizing you to act on their behalf and take full responsibility for the account, choose owner.

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Please see our Terms of Service below for more details.

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If your information matched what we have on file, you will get an email that contains your username. It may take a few minutes for your email to show up, and be sure to check that it was not filtered out as spam.

If you do not get your email, within 30 minutes, you will need to contact Lyon County Utilities Dept at 775-246-6220 for further assistance. Welcome to our online payment website. All customers must first register your account online. You should have your latest bill handy to register your account. When asked for your house number when registering your account, this is only the numbers on your house, please do not include the street name. We accept Visa, Mastercard, AMEX and Discover. ****NOTICE **** THERE IS A SERVICE FEE CHARGED BY THE CREDIT CARD COMPANY TO COVER THEIR PROCESSING OF THE CREDIT CARD. LYON COUNTY UTILITIES DOES NOT RECEIVE ANY OF THIS FEE. GOOD NEWS – Effective 5/1/17 the credit card fee has been LOWERED. This was due to the efforts of our Utility Staff and County Staff based on input received from customers. The fee is now a flat 2.5% plus a $1 transaction fee with a minimum charge of $2. (The $1 is not included in the fee list) For Example: Amount Paid New Fee Old Fee $0 – $50 $2.00 $2.00 $50.01 $2.00 $3.00 $100.01 $2.50 $6.00 $200.01 $5.00 $9.00 $300.01 $7.50 $12.00 $400.01 $10.00 $15.00

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