How to Pay Your Menards Credit Card Bill Online

Paying your Menards credit card bill is easy and convenient with online bill pay The Menards credit card, also known as the BIG Card, is issued by Capital One. With online bill pay, you can securely view your account balance, make payments, set up autopay, and manage your Menards credit card from your computer or mobile device. In this article, we’ll walk through the steps for setting up online bill pay and making payments for your Menards credit card

Overview of the Menards Credit Card

Menards offers a credit card known as the BIG Card to help customers finance purchases and earn rewards on shopping. The Menards BIG Card is issued by Capital One, so account management and bill pay is handled through Capital One. Here are some key facts about the Menards credit card:

  • Official name is the Menards BIG Card®.
  • Issued by Capital One.
  • Can be used to finance purchases at Menards stores.
  • Cardholders earn Menards rewards points on purchases.
  • Points can be redeemed for discounts on future Menards purchases.
  • Carries an annual percentage rate (APR) on any revolving credit card balance.
  • Minimum monthly payments are due on any outstanding balance.

The Menards credit card provides cardholder benefits like earning rewards and special financing offers. However, like any credit card, you’ll need to make sure you pay your Menards credit card bill on time each month to avoid interest charges.

How to Sign Up for Online Account Access

To pay your Menards credit card bill online, you’ll first need to set up online account access with Capital One. Here are the steps to establish online account access:

  1. Go to the Menards Capital One website at

  2. Click on “I don’t have a Capital One online account. Set up my account”.

  3. Enter your Menards credit card number and details.

  4. Create your Capital One online account username and password.

  5. Agree to the website’s terms and conditions.

  6. Complete the identity verification process.

Once your online account is set up, you’ll be able to log in anytime to manage your Menards credit card. Be sure to keep your username and password in a safe, secure place.

How to Login and Access Your Menards Credit Card Account

To login to your Menards credit card account and pay your bill, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to and click “Sign In”.

  2. Enter your Capital One online account username and password.

  3. Review the account dashboard for an overview of your Menards credit card account details, including:

    • Account balance
    • Minimum payment due
    • Payment due date
    • Recent transactions
    • Available credit
    • Rewards point balance
  4. Use the navigation menu or tabs to access specific account options like making a payment, viewing statements, updating account settings, and more.

The online account login enables complete management of your Menards credit card with Capital One. You can login anytime to pay your bill, check your balance and transactions, redeem rewards, set up autopay, update personal details, and more.

How to Pay Your Menards Credit Card Bill Online

Paying your bill is easy with the online account access. Here are the steps for making a one-time payment on your Menards credit card online:

  1. Login to your account at

  2. Click on “Make a Payment” from the navigation menu or account dashboard.

  3. Enter the payment amount to pay the total balance, minimum payment due, or a custom amount.

  4. Enter your debit card or bank account information that you want to use for paying the bill.

  5. Review the payment details and submit the payment.

Once submitted, the online bill payment will be processed immediately and the funds debited from your bank account in 1-2 business days. You’ll see the payment reflected in your Menards account in just a few days.

Payment Options

In addition to making one-time payments, the Capital One online account access allows you to:

  • Set up autopay to have your bill paid automatically each month.
  • Schedule future payments in advance.
  • Pay by phone by calling the number on the back of your Menards credit card.
  • Pay by mail by sending a check or money order to the payment address provided on your statement.

Be sure to pay at least the minimum payment due by the monthly payment due date to avoid late fees and interest charges. Paying the full balance will keep your account in good standing.

Managing Your Menards Credit Card Account Online

In addition to making bill payments, Capital One’s online account management system allows you to:

  • View monthly statements and transaction history.
  • Redeem Menards BIG Card rewards.
  • Set up account alerts and notifications.
  • Update your personal information and contact details.
  • Manage security by updating passwords, security questions, and more.
  • Activate a new Menards credit card when received.
  • View annual credit card summaries and tax documents.
  • Contact customer service via online chat or messaging.

Monitoring your Menards credit card account activity regularly is a smart financial habit. Login frequently to check your balance, review charges, redeem rewards, and verify the account is being used responsibly.

Benefits of Paying Your Menards Credit Card Bill Online

Paying your Menards credit card online directly with Capital One offers many benefits:

  • Simple and convenient – Login anytime to pay in just minutes. Avoid writing and mailing paper checks.

  • Payment tracking – Easily monitor when payments are made and when they clear your bank account.

  • Payment reminders – Set up account alerts to remember when your bill is due each month.

  • Faster payments – Online payments credit to your account faster than mailing a check.

  • Account management – Login to manage all aspects of your account in one place.

  • Security – Your financial information is secure when making online payments.

  • Budgeting – The online dashboard makes it easy to closely track your spending and balance.

  • Card controls – Options like setting spending limits help users manage their account responsibly.

Paying online provides the most efficient, convenient, and secure way to manage your Menards credit card.

Getting Help with Your Menards Credit Card Account

If you have any questions or run into issues managing your Menards credit card online, Capital One provides several support options:

  • Online chat – Chat live with a Capital One representative within your account.

  • Customer service number – Call the toll-free number listed on the back of your Menards credit card for assistance.

  • Secure messaging – Send a secure message to Capital One customer service via your online account.

  • FAQ and help articles – Find answers to common questions in the FAQ and search help articles.

  • Card benefits guide – Download the guide for your Menards card benefits and account management help.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Capital One’s customer service team for anything related to your Menards credit card. They are available 24/7 to help!

Stay on Top of Your Menards Credit Card Payments

The Menards BIG Card makes financing home improvement projects easy and rewarding. Be sure to pay your bill on time each month and take advantage of the online account management system. Sign up for online access today to conveniently monitor your spending, redeem rewards, make payments, set up autopay, review statements, and manage all aspects of your Menards credit card safely and securely. Responsible account management will keep your credit strong!

Frequency of Entities:

Menards: 21
Capital One: 16
Credit Card: 15
Online: 14
Account: 11
Bill: 10
Payment: 9
Login: 6
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Pay: 5
Manage: 4
Rewards: 3
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Website: 2
Cardholder: 2
Balance: 2
Bank Account: 2
Autopay: 2
Point: 1
APR: 1
Minimum Payment: 1
Due Date: 1
Transaction: 1
Credit: 1
Dashboard: 1
Notification: 1
Budgeting: 1
Spending: 1
Limit: 1
Support: 1
FAQ: 1

Menards Credit Card Bill Pay

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Can I use my Menards card at Walmart?

No, you cannot use your Menards Credit Card everywhere. This card can only be used at Menards and its partners. Participating stores and gas stations include Speedway, Holiday, Kwik Trip, Kwik Star.

Is the Menards card a Capital One card?

Offer available on approved Menards® pretax purchases of $299 and above made on the Menards® BIG Card® issued by Capital One, N.A. Minimum Payments required.

How do I pay my Menards credit card bill?

Don’t forget to post your comments below. The Menards Big Card credit card is offered in partnership with Capital One, and it is Capital One you will interact with in order to pay your Menards credit card bill online or by mail, or if you need customer service help. Information on completing

What benefits does the Menards® big card® offer?

The Menards® BIG Card® offers several benefits to its users.Here are some of the benefits: – **2% rebate on all Menards® purchases**: You can earn a 2% rebate on all Menards® purchases for savings on

Can I pay my Menards credit card in store?

You can’t pay your Menards credit card in store. They only accept payments online, by mail or by phone. Online: Log in to your account here and make your payment. By phone: The Menards credit card customer service phone number for payments is 1-800-871-2800. Yes you can pay your big card in store.

How to pay online at Menards?

Menards has several models of credit cards so that frequent consumers can take advantage of their offers. One of its cards is called “Big Card,” and here we will tell you how to activate it and pay online. The Menards website allows the customer to create an account and log in.

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