How to Pay Your Mountain View Hospital Bill Online, In Person, or By Mail

If you were a patient at Mountain View Hospital, you probably got a bill for the care you received. Paying hospital bills can feel confusing with different options available. Because I was a patient there, I can tell you about the different ways to pay your Mountain View Hospital bill.

Whether online, by phone in person or by mail Mountain View Hospital aims to make bill payment convenient. Read on to learn the specifics of each method so you can handle your hospital payment smoothly.

Pay Online Through the MyHealthOne Patient Portal

The easiest way I’ve found to pay my Mountain View Hospital bills is through their MyHealthOne patient portal. This secure online portal gives 24/7 access to your account.

To sign up, provide your email at hospital registration or call the billing department. You’ll receive a registration email to setup your username and password.

The Payment Center in the portal lets you pay off past due amounts using a bank account, credit or debit card. You can also set up recurring payments. It’s fast, easy and available anytime.

Pay By Phone Through the Hospital Billing Line

To pay your hospital bill over the phone call Mountain View Hospital billing at (208) 557-2710. Let the agent know you wish to make a payment.

Have your account number ready. You can pay with a card over the phone. Billing agents are very friendly and can answer questions about your bill.

Phone payments go through right away during the call. I recommend calling their direct billing line rather than the hospital’s general line.

Mail In Your Payment With the Remittance Stub

Every Mountain View Hospital bill includes a payment remittance slip and return envelope. To pay by mail, detach the slip and enclose it with your check or money order made out to the hospital.

Standard mail takes 4-5 business days to reach the hospital. I recommend mailing your payment at least 1 week before the due date to ensure it arrives on time.

Always double check the remittance has the correct mailing address for payments printed on it too.

Stop By the Hospital Cashier To Pay In Person

For an in-person payment, visit the cashier office inside the main hospital entrance. They accept cash, checks, debit/credit cards and money orders for bill payment.

I like paying at the cashier when I have questions and want to talk to someone face-to-face. The cashiers have always been friendly and helpful in my experience.

In-person payments get applied right away before you leave. Just be sure to bring your bill or know your account number when visiting.

Sign Up For Monthly AutoPay Through Your Bank

Rather than remembering to pay each month, enroll in Mountain View Hospital autopay. This automatically pays your hospital bills from your checking account monthly.

To start, complete an autopay form through the patient portal or contact billing. Provide your account and routing number. Payments will withdraw on the bill due date monthly.

I love the convenience of autopay. Just monitor your account to ensure enough funds each month. You can cancel anytime if needed.

Avoid Phishing Scams And Unauthorized Payment Sites

Finally, be vigilant against shady websites posing as Mountain View Hospital billing. These scams try to steal money and information.

Only pay bills through or directly via the hospital cashier. Legitimate third parties will disclose their relationship with the hospital.

Mountain View Hospital Bill Pay

MountainView Hospital Lives the Mission

Where can I view my medical records or pay my bill?

You will now be redirected to our secure, trusted site, My Healthcare Connection, to view your medical records or pay your bill. The My Healthcare Connection app is now available on Google Play and Apple stores for iOSand Android. Proceed to Site Stay on Page

Is Mountain View Hospital a physician owned hospital?

Mountain View Hospital is a physician owned hospital You will now be redirected to our secure, trusted site, My Healthcare Connection, to view your medical records or pay your bill. The My Healthcare Connection app is now available on Google Play and Apple stores for iOSand Android.

How do I contact MountainView Hospital?

At MountainView Hospital, we are committed to providing you with the best available healthcare along with convenient and reliable billing services. Our patient accounting services office can be reached at (866) 839-9121.

How do I pay my city of Mountain View utility bill?

You may pay your City of Mountain View Utility Bill several ways: Pay by Phone 24/7: Call toll free 1-855-288-0315. You will need your 12-digit account number. We accept electronic check, Visa, MasterCard and debit card payments. One-time Online Bill Pay 24/7: Click here and click on Pay Now. You will need your 12-digit account number.

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