How to Pay Your NJM Insurance Bill Online

New Jersey Manufacturers (NJM) makes it easy to pay your insurance premiums online through their website. Read on for a complete guide to utilizing NJM’s online bill pay system to manage your policy payments.

Create an NJM Online Account

To pay your insurance bill online at NJM, you first need to create an account on their website. This allows you to securely access your policy information and make payments.

To create an account:

  • Go to and click “Log In”

  • Select “Register” under the Personal or Business login

  • Enter your policy number, name, email, phone number and create a password

  • Agree to the Terms of Use

Once registered, you can now log into your account anytime to view your policy details, documents, and make online payments.

One-Time Payment Without Account

You can also make a one-time NJM payment without creating an account Simply go to the Make a Payment page and select “One-Time Payment”

  • Enter your policy number, billing account number, and insurance type

  • Choose to pay by e-check, credit/debit card, or mail in a check

  • Submit your payment details and the amount owed

This allows you to quickly pay your current premium due without registering your account.

Recurring Automatic Payments

Setting up recurring automatic payments with NJM is a convenient option to ensure your policy remains active and avoids lapses in coverage,

To start automatic payments from your NJM account

  • Log into your account and click on “Recurrent Pay” under the Payments tab
  • Choose your payment method, either credit/debit card or bank account
  • Select the date you want payments to be processed each month
  • Agree to the terms and submit the request

Going forward, NJM will now automatically charge your selected account on the scheduled date for the amount due. You’ll no longer need to manually pay each month!

One-Time Payments Through Account

If you don’t want automatic recurring payments, you can still log into your NJM account online to make one-time payments as needed.

On your account homepage, click “Make One Time Payment” under Payments. Choose your payment amount and method. NJM accepts e-check, credit/debit cards and allows you to mail in checks.

Submit your one-time payment and the bill for your current premium due will be settled! The amount and confirmation will display in your payment history.

Mobile Payments On MyNJM App

For on-the-go payments, download the MyNJM mobile app on your smart device. You can directly pay your bill through the app as long as you have an NJM online account.

To pay on your phone:

  • Open MyNJM app and log into your account
  • Select Payments > Make One-Time Payment
  • Choose your payment method and submit the amount due

The mobile app also lets you view your policy documents, insurance ID cards, and claims information from anywhere.

Payment Methods Accepted by NJM

NJM offers various payment methods to provide alternatives based on your needs and preferences:

  • Credit or debit card – Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover
  • Electronic check – Use your checking or savings account
  • Mail – Send your check or money order payable to NJM
  • NJM installment plans – Spread payments over several months
  • Bank bill pay – Through your bank’s online bill pay service

Review your options and choose the payment method that works best for your situation each month.

Handling Changes to Your Premium

If your premium amount owed goes up or down due to policy changes, NJM will notify you. Be sure to update any automatic payments or scheduled one-time payments to reflect the revised amount due.

You can view your new premium statements by checking your account. If you need to discuss the change, contact your agent or NJM customer service for details.

Keeping your monthly payments aligned with your actual bill ensures continuous, uninterrupted coverage.

Payment History and Receipts

Your NJM online account stores a detailed payment history with confirmation numbers, amounts, and dates for the last 24 months.

To access:

  • Login to your NJM account
  • Go to Payments > Payment History
  • Filter history by date range or policy

Save or print any receipts or invoices needed for your records. NJM also emails a payment confirmation with receipt anytime you pay online or through your mobile app.

Late Payments and Lapsed Policies

Paying on time is crucial to keep your NJM insurance active and avoid cancellation. NJM offers a 10 day grace period after your due date.

If your account shows unpaid premiums past the grace period, your policy is considered lapsed – but it can sometimes be reinstated.

To revive a cancelled policy:

  • Immediately pay any past due premiums
  • Provide proof of continuous insurance coverage
  • Request reinstatement in writing

Act fast, as there are strict time limits, fees, and eligibility factors to reinstate a lapsed policy. Avoid this major hassle by closely monitoring your NJM account and paying on time.

Customer Support for Billing and Payments

If you need help with your NJM insurance bill, online account, or payments, contact customer support:

  • Call 1-800-232-6600 (Mon-Fri, 8am-6pm EST)
  • Email customer service through your account
  • Live chat via your account for quick questions
  • Schedule a call back from NJM staff

The support team can answer any billing questions, assist with payment issues, update your account info, and more. NJM aims to deliver helpful, personal service to policyholders.

Paying Your NJM Insurance Bill Online is Simple

Sign up for an NJM online account to gain access to convenient online and mobile payment options. Avoid lapses in coverage by paying your exact premium amount on or before the due date each month. Utilize NJM’s website and app to view billing statements, payment history, and manage recurring or one-time payments.

New Jersey Manufacturers Bill Pay Online

New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance Company

Can I use any payment option for NJM payments?

Yes, you can use any payment option offered by NJM. To set up Automatic Payments, log in to Manage Your Policy as a personal or business account holder and select Manage Payments from the left navigation.

How can I pay my NJM premium without logging in?

To pay your NJM premium without logging in, you need to set up bill pay individually for each policy to ensure prompt processing. You will have to change your payment amount any time your NJM premium changes. Bill pay options vary by bank. For questions about the service, please contact your bank.

Does NJM offer car insurance?

Similar to all auto insurance companies, NJM offers liability insurance, comprehensive and collision insurance. You can also get common add-on coverages, like roadside assistance, rental car and/or travel reimbursement and gap insurance. But NJM does not offer accident forgiveness, new car replacement or deductible modification.

Is New Jersey manufacturers auto insurance a good company?

New Jersey Manufacturers auto insurance has an 81/100 MoneyGeek score, with high rankings for customer satisfaction and financial stability. Its policies are generally affordable, although it doesn’t offer many discounts. Free. Simple. Secure.

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