A Guide to Paying Your Ninety Six CPW Utility Bill

Ninety Six CPW provides water and sewer services to residents and businesses in the town of Ninety Six, South Carolina. If you are a customer, you have a few options to pay your utility bill conveniently including online, by phone, in person, or by mail. This comprehensive guide will walk through how to pay your Ninety Six CPW bill using their available payment methods.

Overview of Ninety Six CPW

Ninety Six CPW is the Commission of Public Works that supplies drinking water and sewer utility services within the town of Ninety Six

Some key facts about Ninety Six CPW

  • Provides water and sewer services to around 1,200 customers

  • Operates a water treatment plant and wastewater treatment facility

  • Maintains the water distribution and sewer collection systems

  • Governed by a Commission of Public Works with 3 commissioners

  • Native American name “Ninety Six” comes from it being 96 miles from the Cherokee Lower Towns

  • Located in Greenwood County, South Carolina

  • Established in 1965

Payment Options Offered by Ninety Six CPW

Ninety Six CPW offers customers several ways to pay their water and sewer bills conveniently. Here are the main payment options available:

Pay Online

The easiest way for most customers is to pay online through the Ninety Six CPW payment portal. You can pay using your checking account, credit card or debit card.

To use the online payment system, you will need:

  • Your Ninety Six CPW account number

  • Service address zip code

  • Email address

  • Payment method

Online payments are processed instantly, so you can avoid late fees. You can also view your balance and payment history.

Pay by Phone

Call 1-864-803-3960 to use the automated phone payment system. It is available 24/7 and you can pay using your credit/debit card or checking account.

Have your account number and billing zip code ready when you call. Phone payments are processed immediately.

Pay by Mail

Mail a check or money order using your pre-printed payment stub from your monthly paper bill. Use the return envelope provided and allow 5-7 days for standard mail delivery and processing time.

Mail payments to:

Ninety Six CPW
PO Box 8
Ninety Six, SC 29666

To avoid late fees, mail at least 7 days before your due date.

Pay In-Person

Visit the Ninety Six CPW office at 102 E Main St, Ninety Six, SC during business hours to pay your bill in cash, check, or money order. Their office hours are:

Monday – Thursday 8:30am – 5:00pm
Friday 8:30am – 12:45pm

In-person payment allows you to talk to a customer service rep with any questions.

Recurring AutoPay

For automated payments each month, enroll in recurring autopay through the online payment system. This automatically deducts your balance from your payment method monthly.

Doxo Bill Pay

You can also pay your Ninety Six CPW bill through Doxo, which allows bank account payments with no fee. Sign up at user.doxo.com.

Tips for Paying Your Bill

Follow these tips for a smooth billing and payment process with Ninety Six CPW:

  • Provide accurate account and contact info during sign up to ensure timely billing

  • Carefully review the monthly usage and charges on your bill

  • Pay the total current amount due before the due date to avoid late fees

  • Know your balance ahead of time before making an online payment

  • Contact Ninety Six CPW immediately with any billing disputes or adjustment requests

  • Set payment reminders to pay on time if not using autopay

  • Keep your payment information current on your online account

  • Enroll in paperless billing to receive bills electronically

What to Do If You Miss a Payment

If you miss paying your Ninety Six CPW utility bill by the due date, here are some steps to take:

  • Contact Ninety Six CPW immediately to see if a payment extension can be granted

  • Pay the overdue balance as soon as possible to stop additional late fees

  • Set up a payment arrangement if you need to pay in installments over time

  • Provide updated contact info so you do not miss further notices

  • Review billing and usage history to avoid missing future payments

  • Enroll in autopay to have payments automatically deducted

Missing occasional payments happens, so keep the lines of communication open with Ninety Six CPW to address the situation promptly and avoid service disruption.

Assistance Programs Available

If you are struggling to keep up with Ninety Six CPW utility bills, payment assistance programs may be available, including:

  • LIHEAP – Provides federal energy bill assistance for qualifying low income households

  • Payment Arrangements – Approved installment plans with extended due dates

  • Balance Adjustments – One-time credits offered in proven hardship cases

Check with Ninety Six CPW to see if you are eligible for any bill help programs. You may need to provide income verification and complete an application.

Contacting Ninety Six CPW

If you have any questions about your utility account, bill, payments, or available assistance, contact Ninety Six CPW:

Phone: 864-543-2900

Email: Use contact form at ninetysixcpw.com

Office Hours:

Monday – Thursday 8:30am – 5:00pm

Friday 8:30am – 12:45pm


102 E Main St, Ninety Six, SC 29666

Website: ninetysixcpw.com

Online Payment Portal: ninetysixcpw.qpaybill.com

Speaking to a Ninety Six CPW representative can provide personalized answers on payment options, account management, and bill help programs.

Paying Your Ninety Six Utility Bill

Ninety Six CPW offers convenient online, phone, mail, auto-pay, and in-person payment options to its South Carolina customers. Take advantage of these simple utilities bill payment methods, and contact Ninety Six CPW with any account or billing questions. Maintaining open communication and paying on time can help avoid service disruptions.

Ninety Six Cpw Bill Pay

Water Purity – Not A Problem

The Greenwood Water System is the 12th largest water system in South Carolina.

The source of water for CPW is Lake Greenwood. To ensure that the supply is ample and to protect the purity of your water, the water system is monitored and maintained 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

In all of the USA, less than twenty water treatment plants have successfully completed all four phases of the Partnership for Safe Water program and received the Excellence in Water Treatment Award. Greenwood CPW was the fourth recipient of this prestigious recognition and first in the state of SC. In 2021 Greenwood CPW was recognized for 15 Years of Phase IV Excellence in Water Treatment. Greenwood CPW is dedicated to producing and delivering the best quality of drinking water possible for its customers.

The Treatment Plant was placed into service in 1961 and presently has a capacity of 33 million gallons per day. The water system has storage capacity of 10.8 million gallons consisting of 7 million gallons of ground storage and 3.8 million gallons of elevated storage.

The system serves an area of approximately 180 square miles in Greenwood County. The Unit serves over 22,000 customers and two master meters to the towns of Ninety Six and Ware Shoals. The Unit includes one treatment plant and over 640 miles of water mains.

Ninety Six Cpw Bill Pay

Ninety Six Cpw Bill Pay

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