A Guide to Paying Your Northeast Knox Utility District Bill Online

Living in the Northeast Knox Utility District comes with the convenience of having your water sewer, and other utilities managed by a local utility provider. However with this service comes monthly billing that must be paid regularly. This article will explain how Northeast Knox Utility District customers can easily pay their utility bills online through the Nexbillpay portal.

Overview of Northeast Knox Utility District

Northeast Knox Utility District (NEKUD) provides water, sewer, fire protection, and other utility services to over 6,500 customers in the northeast section of Knox County, Tennessee. They are governed by a board of commissioners and aim to provide reliable, affordable utility services to local residents and businesses.

As an NEKUD customer, you receive a monthly bill for your water usage, sewer service, fire protection fees and any other applicable utility charges. Keep reading to learn how to pay this bill quickly online.

Benefits of Paying Your NEKUD Bill Online

Paying your utility bill through the Nexbillpay portal has many advantages

  • Convenience – Pay anytime, anywhere with an internet connection
  • Quick – Takes just minutes to log in and submit payment
  • Secure – Payment info is encrypted and protected
  • Paperless – Go green by reducing paper bills and checks
  • Accessible – View payment history and statements
  • Avoid Late Fees – Pay on time and avoid penalties
  • Flexible – Use credit/debit cards, bank accounts, autopay

How to Pay Your NEKUD Bill Through Nexbillpay

Ready to go online and pay your Northeast Knox utility bill? Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to https://sso.nexbillpay.net/neknoxutility/BillPay/SignIn

  2. Enter your account number and password

  3. Select whether it’s a one-time or recurring payment.

  4. Choose a payment method – card or bank account.

  5. Enter your payment details and amount due.

  6. Review and submit the payment.

  7. Save or print the confirmation page.

The whole process takes just a few minutes when paying your bill through Nexbillpay.

Other Ways to Pay Your NEKUD Utility Bill

If you prefer not to pay online, NEKUD offers these other payment methods:

  • By phone – Call toll-free 855-511-2226.

  • Mail in a check or money order.

  • Pay in person at one of the NEKUD office locations.

  • Set up automatic monthly bank draft payments.

  • Through your own bank’s online bill pay system.

No matter how you decide to pay, be sure to have your 10-digit NEKUD account number handy for quick payment processing. This number can be found on your monthly paper bill.

Tips for Easy NEKUD Bill Payment

Follow these tips and tricks for smooth, convenient bill payment every month:

  • Go paperless by signing up for e-bills through the portal.

  • Pay a few days early to avoid late payment penalties.

  • Set payment reminders on your calendar so it’s not forgotten.

  • Have your account number saved in your payment profile.

  • Contact NEKUD customer support if you have any bill pay issues.

  • Set up recurring auto-payments for hands-free bill management.

Troubleshooting Common NEKUD Bill Pay Problems

If you run into any problems using the Nexbillpay system, try these troubleshooting tips:

  • If you lost your account number, call NEKUD to retrieve it.

  • Forgot your password? Use the password reset link on the portal.

  • Got an error during payment? Try a different browser or device.

  • Payment not applied properly? Contact NEKUD customer support.

  • Having recurring payment issues? Cancel and re-set up the auto-pay.

  • Received a late fee in error? Ask NEKUD to reverse the charge.

The NEKUD customer service team is available to help resolve any bill pay issues you might encounter.

Paying your Northeast Knox Utility District bill securely online through Nexbillpay takes just minutes. By setting up paperless billing and automatic payments, you can manage your utility bill seamlessly each month. Pay early to avoid late fees, and have your account number handy for quick payment processing. Go online and say goodbye to paper checks and mail delays!

Northeast Knox Utility District Bill Pay

Knox County utilities won’t be shut off for non-payment, Mayor Jacobs confirms

Does northeast Knox utility district offer nexbillpay?

Northeast Knox Utility District has partnered with Nexbillpay to extend an additional payment option for customers interested in using their debit or credit cards. Nexbillpay is a trusted third-party automated payment service that allows you to pay online. You will need your Account Number provided on your statement.

How do I get my northeast Knox utility district account number?

You will need your Account Number provided on your statement. If you do not have your statement handy, you may request your Account Number by calling Northeast Knox Utility District at 865-687-5345 Please enter your username and password. Don’t have an account yet?

Where does the northeast Knox utility district get its water?

Established in 1959, the Northeast Knox Utility District obtains its supply from a surface water source, the Holston River. Under the authority of the Safe Drinking Water Act, the EPA requires Northeast Knox Utility District to assess local water quality each year and distribute a Consumer Confidence Water Quality Report.

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