Simplify Your Life with Palmetto Rural Telephone Bill Pay

Juggling bills each month can be a hassle. Remembering due dates, mailing payments, ensuring funds are available – it all takes time and organization. Fortunately, technology now provides a convenient solution for managing bills. Palmetto Rural Telephone (PRTC) offers an online bill payment system to streamline your finances.

What is Palmetto Rural Telephone Bill Pay?

PRTC bill pay is a free service that allows customers to pay their PRTC bills directly on the company website. With bill pay you can review your account, view past statements and pay current and future bills online, anytime.

Instead of mailing checks or visiting a payment center PRTC customers can securely pay bills and manage accounts digitally. Bill pay helps avoid late fees eliminates paper clutter, and saves you time. It works for all PRTC services – telephone, internet, cable TV, and more.

To start using bill pay, PRTC customers simply need to register for an online account on the company website. There are no extra fees or sign-up costs to enroll in paperless billing and online payments.

Benefits of PRTC Bill Pay

Paying PRTC bills through the company website offers a number of advantages:


  • Access and pay your bill 24/7 from any internet-connected device
  • Avoid driving to a payment center or finding a stamp
  • Review past statements and account details online
  • Get reminders when your bill is ready


  • Select paperless billing and go green
  • Set up automatic payments for worry-free billing
  • Pay one-time or schedule future payments
  • Edit scheduled payments if needed

Cost Savings

  • Bill pay is a free service for PRTC customers
  • No checks, stamps, envelopes required
  • Avoid late fees by scheduling payments
  • Easy to track monthly charges and make adjustments


  • Protect your information with digital payments
  • Secure website with encryption technology
  • Receive email alerts for account activity
  • Avoid lost or stolen checks in the mail

How Does PRTC Bill Pay Work?

Paying bills through the PRTC website is simple and only takes a few steps:

1. Create an Online Account

First, you’ll need to register for online account access on the PRTC website. This allows you to view bills, enroll in paperless billing, and make online payments.

2. Review Your Bill

When your monthly bill is ready, you’ll receive an email notification. Log into your PRTC account online to review details, charges, and due date.

3. Schedule Payment

Select the “Pay My Bill” feature to make a payment. Choose whether to pay the full or partial amount due and select a payment date.

4. Confirm Payment

Review the payment details before submitting. PRTC will process the payment on the date you choose and send you a confirmation email.

5. Check Account Activity

Log into your online account anytime to view past bills and payment history. Update payment methods or billing details as needed.

What Can I Pay With PRTC Bill Pay?

PRTC bill pay allows you to easily pay all your monthly PRTC charges online, including:

  • Telephone service
  • High-speed internet
  • Cable TV
  • Premium channels
  • Equipment rentals
  • Security services
  • Other PRTC subscriptions

You can pay the full balance due or make partial payments. The funds are withdrawn directly from your payment method on file.

Popular PRTC Bill Pay Features

PRTC bill pay offers several features and options to simplify your monthly payments:

Auto Pay

You can enable automatic payments so your PRTC bill is paid on time each month automatically. Payments are withdrawn on the due date from your chosen payment method.

Paperless Billing

Go green by turning off paper bills and accessing statements only online. Receive email alerts when your bill is ready to view.

Payment History

Your PRTC account dashboard provides easy access to past statements and payment history. Monitor charges and payments digitally in one place.

Account Management

Update your personal details, billing address, email, password, and payment method conveniently through your online account.

Email Notifications

In addition to bill ready alerts, you can opt to receive reminders about upcoming due dates and confirmation when payments are processed.

Bill Pay on Mobile Devices

For added convenience, PRTC customers can easily manage accounts and payments on the go using the mobile app. Key features include:

  • Pay bills instantly with a few taps
  • Secure login with Face ID or Touch ID
  • Paperless billing enrollment
  • Payment history and statements
  • Update billing and account details
  • Account notifications and alerts
  • Live chat support if help is needed

Is PRTC Bill Pay Secure?

Keeping customer information safe is a top priority at PRTC. The company website and bill pay system utilize multiple layers of protection:

  • Encryption secures all financial transactions
  • No sensitive data is stored on servers
  • Secure login protects account access
  • Account activity alerts detect unauthorized changes
  • Payment guarantees reimburse errors

As long as you safeguard your PRTC account credentials, bill pay is generally very secure to use. Avoid using public Wi-Fi and create a strong password for peace of mind.

When Can I Use PRTC Bill Pay?

The bill pay system is available anytime on the PRTC website. You can enroll, check statements, schedule payments, and manage your account 24/7.

For payments to process on the same day, submit online payments before 2:00 PM Eastern Time Monday – Friday. Payments made after this cutoff will process the next business day.

PRTC does not process payments or withdrawals on weekends or holidays. Schedule payments accordingly so your bill arrives on time each month.

How Do I Sign Up for PRTC Bill Pay?

Enrolling in paperless billing and online payments through PRTC is quick and easy:

  1. Visit and click “MyPRTC”
  2. Select “New User” to create your online account
  3. Register your account and billing details
  4. Start reviewing bills and making payments!

If you have any questions, the PRTC customer support team is available to help you get started with simplified bill management.

Take control of your monthly finances with PRTC by going paperless and automating payments. Online bill pay eliminates hassles so you can focus on what matters most. Discover the convenience today!

Palmetto Rural Telephone Bill Pay

Access Your Account

Use this link to pay your bill at the touch of a button. You will need to register the first time you use the E-Care payment portal. Please note, if you are suspended due to non-payment, please call us directly to make your payment and have services restored.

Electronic Paperless Billing

Want the simplicity of receiving your bill electronically via email? Use the link below to register. Eliminate extra mail, help the environment and pay simply by clicking the link each month.

How to Pay Your Metro Bill on Your Phone or Online


What is the phone number for PRTC pay bill?

To pay via phone, please call at 843-538-2020.

Can you pay your Pseg bill by credit card?

Pay by Phone Call 1-800-553-7734 to pay with your bank account for free. Call 1-833-277-8710 to pay by credit card. Because we don’t use customer rates to subsidize the cost of this service, there is a third-party processing fee.

What is the phone number for PRTC Manchester KY?

Please contact PRTC at (843) 538-2020 with billing questions.

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