Paying Your APS Bill at Circle K – A Convenient Option for Arizona Residents

Living in Arizona means relying on APS (Arizona Public Service) for your electricity needs. And with APS being the largest electric utility in the state, that means thousands of customers receive a monthly bill that needs to be paid. Fortunately, APS offers numerous ways to pay your bill conveniently – including at Circle K locations across Arizona.

As an APS customer myself, I used to struggle to remember to pay my bill on time every month. I’d either have to mail in a check or try to log into my account online to make a payment. But now I find it so much easier to stop by my neighborhood Circle K to quickly pay my APS bill in person.

In this article, I’ll explain why paying your APS bill at Circle K is such a convenient option for so many Arizona residents. Whether you’re looking to avoid late fees want to pay with cash or just need a quick and easy way to take care of your bill each month, paying at Circle K has some major advantages.

Why Pay Your APS Bill at Circle K?

There are a few key reasons why Circle K has become my go-to place for paying my APS bill each month

1. Plentiful Locations Across Arizona

The main reason I love paying my APS bill at Circle K is the sheer number of locations in Arizona. With over 600 Circle K stores statewide, there’s likely a location very close by no matter where you live.

Circle K is the largest company-operated convenience store chain in Arizona, so they have an expansive footprint. I pass by multiple Circle Ks during my regular daily travels around town, making it easy to stop by and pay my bill.

2. Many Locations Accept Cash Payments

Paying with cash is a priority for me, as I try to limit my debit card transactions for security reasons. Fortunately, most Circle K locations accept cash payments for APS bills, unlike some other payment methods that require a card or linked bank account.

Accepting cash is just another way Circle K makes paying APS bills more inclusive and convenient for all customers. I don’t have to worry if I only have physical money on me when it’s time to pay my bill.

3. Payments Post to Your Account Immediately

One of my biggest frustrations with mailing in bill payments was how long it took for the payment to actually hit my APS account. When you pay your APS bill at Circle K, however, the payment posts instantly.

As soon as I hand over the cash at a Circle K register, my APS account is credited and shows the payment. I don’t have to worry that the bill will still show unpaid for days or weeks later. The immediacy provides peace of mind.

4. Avoid Paying Convenience Fees

Some bill pay options, like credit card payments, come with high convenience fees. But if you pay with cash at certain Circle K locations, there is no convenience fee at all.

For example, the Circle K at 1020 Arizona Ave in Parker, AZ allows you to pay your APS bill with cash with absolutely no fee. That’s a nice money saver! Just be sure to double check the fees for your local store first.

5. Pay During Convenient Store Hours

Circle K locations are typically open 24/7, with some exceptions. But even if your local store isn’t open all night, they are almost guaranteed to be open early mornings and late evenings.

The flexible hours make it easy to pay my bill before or after a standard 9-5 work schedule. I don’t have to schedule an extra errand to pay during traditional banking hours or ensure I’m home to pay online.

6. Get Additional Errands Done at Once

When I head to Circle K to pay my APS bill, I can also grab a snack, fill up my gas tank, and sometimes even pick up essential grocery items. Circle K stores are like mini one-stop shops!

Taking care of multiple errands in one trip saves me time and gas money. It’s become part of my regular weekly routine to pay bills and shop at Circle K now.

How to Pay Your APS Bill at Circle K

If you’re sold on the convenience of paying your APS bill at Circle K, here are the quick steps to follow:

  1. Locate your nearest Circle K that accepts APS payments. You can search here and filter for locations with bill pay or money orders.

  2. Have your 9 or 10 digit APS account number ready. The clerk will need this to process your payment correctly.

  3. Select your method of payment. Most locations accept cash or credit/debit. Some specific stores allow cash payments with no fee.

  4. Give the clerk your account number and payment amount. Double check that your account number was entered correctly.

  5. Take your receipt as proof of payment. Your APS account will update almost instantly with your payment.

And that’s it – just a few minutes to pay your bill at the register and you’re all done! No worrying about late or bounced payments again.

Helpful Tips for Paying at Circle K

To ensure a smooth payment process each month at Circle K, keep these tips in mind:

  • Aim to pay 5-7 days before your due date – While your payment posts instantly, processing times on APS’s end mean your account may take 2-3 days to reflect the updated balance. Paying early guards against late fees.

  • Look for no fee cash payment locations – Paying your bill with cash allows you to avoid credit/debit transaction fees. But some locations charge a cash convenience fee while others (like the Parker, AZ store) do not.

  • Check Circle K hours – Some locations are open 24 hours but others have more limited hours. Know when your nearest bill pay store is open so you don’t make a wasted trip.

  • Bring your account number – Having your 9 or 10 digit APS account number handy ensures the clerk can process your payment without any issues.

  • Keep your receipt – Hold on to the receipt as proof of your payment in case there are any issues that require follow up with APS or Circle K.

Paying Your APS Bill Just Got Easier

As an Arizona resident, paying my monthly APS bill used to be a real hassle. But since switching to pay at my local Circle K, it’s become a quick and painless routine. The convenience of plentiful locations across the state, cash payment options, and instant account updating makes Circle K my go-to place to pay.

So next time your APS bill comes due, skip the stamps, login hassle, or fees and head to Circle K instead. In just a minute or two you can have your payment processed and never worry about a late bill again thanks to the power of paying your APS bill at your neighborhood Circle K.

Pay Aps Bill At Circle K

Plan Ahead with Predictable Monthly Payments

Budget Billing helps you even out the seasonal highs and lows of your energy bills with more predictable monthly payments. We’ll take an average of your recent bills to create a set payment amount that’s about the same each month.

How It Works Budget Billing balances the highs and lows of your monthly bills throughout the year to create a predictable payment amount that’s about the same every month. Your monthly Budget Billing payment will be an average of your recent energy bills. Payments may vary slightly to cover the cost of your actual usage, but this won’t occur more than once per quarter. The settle-up balance, noted on your monthly bill, is the difference between your Budget Billing payment and your actual cost of usage over time. For example:

  • If your Budget Billing amount is $100, but your actual charges for the month are $75, you’d have a credit of $25.
  • If your Budget Billing amount is $100, but your actual charges are $125, you’d have a debit of $25.
  • You would continue to pay your set Budget Billing amount of $100 each month. If your debit or credit becomes too large, we will adjust your Budget Billing payment. If you unenroll in Budget Billing, your debit or credit balance will be added to your next bill, which will be adjusted to reflect this change.

How does the Circle K easy pay work?


Where can I pay my APS bill in person?

Retail Stores Pay with cash at popular retail locations, including Walmart, Fry’s Food Store, CVS, ACE Cash Express and several local convenience stores.

How do I pay my EasyPay bill?

Simply go to our Supported Accounts Page and type your EasyPay number in there. You will also find a list of receivers that EasyPay supports. Please tick the Accounts below that you would like to make payments for.

How do I use Circle K Easy Pay?

Once you are logged into the App, go to the menu bar and select “Settings”. Then select “Rewards Account”. Next, tap on “CIRCLE K Easy Pay Card”. Enter your Easy Pay card number and complete the secure enrollment. Once you’re approved, just swipe your card at the pump for 30-cent savings. Saving is Easy with Easy Pay!

What are the terms and conditions of Circle K Easy Pay?

Find complete terms and conditions for Circle K ® Easy Pay here. Valid at select participating stations only. Fuel Rewards ® savings are limited to 20 gallons of fuel per purchase, per vehicle or fraud limits placed by Shell and/or limits placed on your payment card by your financial institution, each of which may be lower.

Does Circle K accept Apple Pay?

Circle K accepts Apple Pay in an easy and practical way. Here is how to utilize it: Ensure that Apple Pay is enabled and that your Apple device is updated. While at the register, hold your Apple device close to the contactless reader. Use your device’s passcode, Face ID, Touch ID, or one to verify the payment.

How much does Circle K pay per hour?

Over the past number of months, we have focused on improving our base hourly rate and benefits for all front line colleagues. Our rates are based longevity and shift pattern ranging from €12.70 to €15.88 per hour. All Circle K roles come with great perks such as free coffee, sandwich for lunch and discounted miles and miles plus fuel.

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