How to Pay Your Austin Electric Bill: A Step-by-Step Guide

Paying your monthly Austin electric bill is an essential responsibility for all residents and businesses in the city. Austin Energy provides electricity services to the greater Austin area. As an Austin Energy customer, you have various options to pay your electric bill conveniently.

This comprehensive guide will walk through the different payment methods, tips for avoiding late fees, and how to get payment assistance if needed. We want to ensure you can pay your Austin Energy bill smoothly and on time every month.

Benefits of Paying Your Bill on Time

Here are some key reasons to pay your electric bill by the due date:

  • Avoid late fees – Austin Energy charges a 5% penalty for overdue bills. This can add up over time.

  • Prevent service disruption – Not paying may lead to eventual power shut off, which can be inconvenient and costly to restore.

  • Maintain good credit – On-time payments help build your credit history and score with Austin Energy.

  • Access billing programs – Discounts and assistance require your account be in good standing.

  • Reduce stress – Avoid the hassle of overdue notices and collection calls

So be sure to pay at least the minimum by the due date printed on your monthly statement. We’ll explain the various payment options Austin Energy provides.

Ways to Pay Your Electric Bill

Austin Energy offers many convenient payment choices

Pay Online

The fastest way to pay is through Austin Energy’s online account portal. You can pay by credit/debit card or electronic check with no fee. Your online account also allows you to:

  • View current and past electric bills
  • Monitor your daily electric usage
  • Set up automatic payments
  • Go paperless

Pay by Phone

Call Austin Energy at (512) 494-9400 and select the payment option. You can use automated service or speak to a customer service agent.

Pay by Mail

Send a check or money order with your payment stub to:

Austin Energy
P.O. Box 2978
Austin, TX 78769

Allow 5-7 days for mailed payments to process.

Pay in Person

Bring cash, check, or credit/debit card to one of Austin Energy’s walk-in Utility Service Centers. Centers are open Monday-Friday from 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM.

Authorized Pay Stations

Pay with cash or checks at retail locations like HEB, Fiesta Mart, and Ace Cash Express. Small fees may apply.

24-Hour Drop Box

Drop off your payment at one of Austin Energy’s drop boxes, available 24/7.

Paying online through your Austin Energy account is typically the fastest and most convenient choice. But numerous options exist if you prefer to pay by phone, mail, or in person.

Tips to Avoid Late Payments

Use these tips to help avoid getting an overdue bill and late fee:

  • Enroll in autopay – Set up automatic monthly payments from your bank account.

  • Pay a few days early – Don’t wait until the due date, which risks delays.

  • Pay the minimum – Even if you can’t pay in full, paying the minimum due will prevent late fees.

  • Look for bill alerts – Austin Energy can email and text notices when your bill is ready.

  • Check payment history – Log into your account to verify when previous payments processed.

  • Update contact info – Keep your phone, email, and address current so you get billing notices.

  • Request due date change – Ask to move your due date if it consistently causes issues.

With some planning and organization, you can avoid the stress of paying your electric bill late. Reach out to Austin Energy if you need help managing billing and payments.

Assistance Programs for Paying Your Bill

If you’re struggling to pay your Austin Energy bill, customer assistance programs exist to provide discounted rates and helppaying past due balances.

Payment arrangements allow you to pay the past due amount in installments over time. Payment plans can help you get caught up without service disruption.

The Customer Assistance Program offers a monthly discount for qualifying low-income residents. Discounts range from 10% to 35% depending on income level.

One-time bill payment assistance is available for customers facing temporary financial hardship who are unable to pay their bill in full.

To find out if you qualify for any payment assistance or bill discounts, contact Austin Energy’s customer service team.

Other Billing and Payment Tips

Here are a few final tips related to your Austin Energy bill and payments:

  • Provide accurate meter readings if you get estimated bills. This prevents billing adjustments later.

  • Understand your electric usage and rate plan to avoid unexpectedly high bills.

  • Consider adding someone as an authorized user on your account to help manage billing if needed.

  • Keep an eye out for Austin Energy communications about payment deadlines and program eligibility.

  • Ask about energy audits, rebates, and usage tips to help lower your monthly electric costs.

We’re Here to Help

Paying your electric bill on time is important. Austin Energy provides the payment options, billing tools, and assistance programs you need to manage your account successfully. Contact customer service if you have any questions or need guidance on billing and payments. We want to help you keep your account in good standing.

Pay Austin Electric Bill

Pay at a Utility Customer Service Center

Utility Customer Service Centers

Utility Customer Service Center — North 8716 Research Blvd., Suite 115 Austin, TX 78758 View Map Open Monday through Friday — 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Utility Customer Service Center — South 1901 W. William Cannon Drive, Suite 100 Austin, TX 78745 View Map Open Monday through Friday — 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Utility Customer Service Center — East Rosewood-Zaragosa Center 2800 Webberville Road Austin, TX 78702 View Map Open Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday — 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

City of Austin Utilities

coaLogoSealThe City of Austin offers a variety of payment options so you can pay your bill conveniently.

Your payment must be received on or before the due date on the bill.

If you are experiencing financial hardship and are unable to pay your bill, please call City of Austin Utilities Customer Care at 512-494-9400.

City of Austin Utilities Offers Utility Bill Relief


Where can I pay coa utilities?

Authorized Pay Stations
First Convenience Bank
4700 E. Palm Valley Blvd., Round Rock, TX 78665 (View Map)
Foodies Corner
2150 E. 7th St., Austin, TX 78702 (View Map)
JD’S Market
9111 FM 812, Austin, TX 78719 (View Map)

What if I can’t pay my city of Austin Utility bill?

Your payment must be received on or before the due date on the bill. If you are experiencing financial hardship and are unable to pay your bill, please call City of Austin Utilities Customer Care at 512-494-9400. Make a payment anytime and enjoy immediate payment posting by utilizing the Quick Payment by phone or online option.

What do I need to pay my utility bill in Austin?

Quick Payment lets you pay your utility bill with: You’ll need to supply: City of Austin account number, including any leading zeroes. Credit card or ATM/debit card number and expiration date. ZIP code where the credit or debit card statement is mailed for payment. ZIP code for your service address.

Who can access a city of Austin Utility account?

City of Austin utility customers can give another person, such as a parent, caretaker, or a business associate — someone who does not live with them — access to their account. Access can be unrestricted, or you can limit the information shared. The person or agency given access must not benefit from the utility service.

Does Austin Energy charge a convenience fee?

Please note: Austin Energy does not receive any portion of the convenience fee charged for this service. Our payment processing partner, Paymentus, collects this fee to cover processing and transaction costs associated with handling credit and debit card information.

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