How to Pay Your Capital One Bill With Moneygram

Paying your Capital One credit card bill with Moneygram is a convenient option for those who want to pay with cash. With over 150000 Moneygram locations in Walmart CVS, and other major retailers, it’s easy to find a place nearby to make your credit card payment.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explain step-by-step how to pay your Capital One bill using Moneygram. We’ll cover:

  • What is Moneygram and how it works
  • Benefits of paying your Capital One bill with Moneygram
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Tips for avoiding fees
  • Alternative payment options

Overview of Moneygram

Moneygram is a money transfer service that allows you to quickly send and receive money. They have hundreds of thousands of agent locations around the world, primarily in retail stores and post offices.

To use Moneygram to pay your Capital One credit card bill, you simply visit a Moneygram agent location, provide your credit card details, and pay with cash Moneygram will then transmit the payment info to Capital One

The main benefits of using Moneygram are:

  • Pay with cash – Moneygram allows cash payments, which is useful if you don’t have a bank account.

  • Wide availability – With agent locations in major retailers like CVS, Walmart, and Kroger, Moneygram is widely accessible.

  • Quick processing – Payments are usually processed by Capital One within 1 business day.

Now let’s walk through exactly how to pay your Capital One bill with Moneygram.

Step-by-Step Guide to Paying Capital One with Moneygram

Follow these simple steps to pay your Capital One credit card bill using Moneygram:

1. Find a Moneygram location

You can find Moneygram locations on their website or app. Major retailers like CVS, Walgreens, Kroger, and Albertsons have Moneygram counters. Walmart also offers Moneygram services.

Make sure the location accepts bill payments. Some are for money transfers only.

2. Bring your Capital One credit card bill & cash

When going to make the payment, you’ll need to bring:

  • Your Capital One credit card bill statement. This has your account number which is needed to make the payment.

  • Cash for the amount you want to pay plus fees. Moneygram payments must be made in cash.

3. Fill out the Moneygram “Bill Payment” form

At the Moneygram counter, ask for a “Bill Payment” form. Fill it out with:

  • Your Capital One credit card account number
  • Amount you want to pay
  • Recipient name: Capital One
  • Recipient account number: Your credit card account number
  • Recipient city and state: Wilmington, DE

4. Pay cash and get a receipt

Hand the form to the Moneygram agent with your cash payment. They will keep the cash and provide you with a receipt.

Hold on to this receipt as proof the payment was made. Also note the reference number, which can be used to track the payment.

5. Payment will be processed in 1 business day

Moneygram will transmit the payment details to Capital One electronically. The payment usually posts to your Capital One account within 1 business day.

You can check your Capital One account online to confirm when the payment processes.

And that’s it! By following these simple steps, you can easily pay your Capital One credit card bill with cash using Moneygram.

Tips to Avoid Fees with Moneygram

One downside of Moneygram bill pay is the fees. Here are some tips to avoid or minimize fees:

  • Compare agent fees – Fees vary by location, so compare to find the cheapest. Walmart tends to have lower fees.

  • Pay larger amounts – Moneygram fees are largely fixed, so paying $500 costs almost the same as $100. Pay bigger amounts less frequently to save.

  • Pay 7+ days before due date – Paying well before your due date gives time to correct any errors and avoid late fees.

  • Track payment processing – Log into your Capital One account to ensure payment was received on time.

Following these tips will help you pay your Capital One bill via Moneygram while reducing unnecessary fees.

Other Ways to Pay Your Capital One Bill

In addition to Moneygram, Capital One offers various ways to pay your credit card bill:

  • Online – Pay directly on Capital One’s website. You can make one-time payments or set up auto-pay.

  • Mobile app – Use Capital One’s mobile app to pay instantly.

  • Phone – Call the number on your bill to pay with an agent.

  • Mail – Send a check or money order to the payment address.

  • In person – Visit a Capital One branch or ATM.

  • Retail locations – Pay at Money Services counters inside Kroger-owned grocery stores.

  • Other bill pay services – Options like Western Union and PayNearMe also process Capital One payments.

Evaluate all the options to choose the Capital One payment method that works best based on your needs for convenience, fees, processing time, etc.

Paying Your Capital One Card with Moneygram: Key Takeaways

Paying your Capital One credit card bill with Moneygram is a fast and easy way to pay with cash. With thousands of retail locations nationwide, you’re never far from a place to pay.

To recap the key steps:

  • Find a nearby Moneygram agent location that accepts bill payments
  • Bring your Capital One account number and cash for the amount you want to pay
  • Fill out the Moneygram “Bill Payment” form
  • Get a receipt after paying
  • Payment will process to Capital One within 1 business day

Minimize fees by paying 7+ days before your due date, paying larger amounts, and comparing agent fees. And consider the other payment methods Capital One offers if Moneygram isn’t the optimal choice for your needs.

Pay Capital One Bill With Moneygram

When to pay your credit card bill

Every credit card has a billing cycle that typically lasts about a month. At the end of the billing cycle, your issuer will send you a credit card statement that lists your account activity, the minimum payment due and a due date. And that due date will be the same date every month.

Credit card issuers are also required to give you at least 21 days between the date your statement is mailed or delivered and the date your payment is due. You’ll want to make at least the minimum payment by the due date to keep your account in good standing and to avoid late fees.

Paying your bill on time can also have a positive impact on two areas that affect your credit scores:

  • Payment history: Making on-time payments shows responsible credit card use and may help you improve your credit.
  • Credit use: Another factor that impacts your credit scores is your credit utilization ratio, which measures how much available credit you’re using. Paying down your balance may help you improve your credit score because it lowers your utilization ratio. Paying off your entire balance lowers that ratio even more and can help you avoid paying credit card interest.

Every card issuer has its own reporting schedule, so it’s best to ask your issuer about its practices. If you can find out when your card issuer reports your account activity, consider making at least a minimum payment before it’s reported as late. Doing so can help you avoid late fees or penalty annual percentage rates (APRs). But keep in mind that paying only the minimum amount may leave you with interest charges on the outstanding balance—and may cost you more in the long run.

Download the Capital One Mobile app

Get the Capital One Mobile app to save time and stay informed.

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How do I pay my Capital One credit card bill?

You can pay your Capital One credit card bill with cash or a debit card when you bring your bill stub and account number. Payments for credit cards will be charged a fee (prices vary by location). Payments can be posted the same day or in up to three business days, depending on what payment options are available.

When should I pay my Capital One credit card bill?

Capital One credit card payments need to be made by 8:00 PM ET, Monday-Saturday in order to post the next day. It is a good rule of thumb for any credit card to not wait until the due date to make your payment. Capital One Bank: You can pay your Capital One credit card bill in person at any branch location.

How do I pay off my Capital One card balance online?

Sign in and add a bank account to make online payments toward your balance. Set up a payment account that will be associated with your Capital One accounts. Make your online payments quickly and easily. You can schedule up to 3 payments. What are the available payment methods to pay off card balances?

Where can I pay my MoneyGram credit card?

MoneyGram: Once you find a MoneyGram location near you, all you need is the account number and cash. MoneyGram has their own standalone stores. Walmart and CVS Pharmacy are the next most common locations. Be aware that in-person credit card payments using MoneyGram are cash only.

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