How to Easily Pay Your Cardi’s Furniture Credit Card Bill

For over 60 years, Cardi’s Furniture & Mattresses has been a leading home furnishings retailer in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. If you financed your Cardi’s purchase with their credit card from Synchrony Bank you’ll receive a monthly bill that’s simple and convenient to pay. This guide will walk through everything you need to know about managing your Cardi’s credit card account and making timely payments.

Overview of Cardi’s Credit Card

Cardi’s works with Synchrony Bank to offer a credit card that can be used to pay for furniture, mattresses, and home decor. Benefits include:

  • 0% interest promotions – No interest if paid in full within promo period
  • Monthly payment plans – Pay over time in fixed monthly installments
  • Cardi’s rewards – Earn points redeemable for statement credits
  • Online account access – Manage card, make payments 24/7

Like any credit card, it’s important to pay your Cardi’s bill on time each month to avoid late fees, penalty rates, and credit damage

Getting Started with Your New Card

Once approved, you’ll receive your new Cardi’s credit card by mail. To activate and begin using your account:

  • Call the number on the sticker on your card to activate
  • Create online account access at
  • Download the Synchrony mobile app to manage your account on the go
  • Set up alerts for due dates, statements, and other account notifications
  • Enable autopay if you want payments automatically deducted from your bank account

With your card activated and account set up, you can start using it right away both in-store and online.

Understanding Your Monthly Statement

Your Cardi’s credit card statement will include:

  • Statement period – All activity since last statement
  • Payment due date – When minimum payment is due
  • Minimum payment due – The minimum you must pay that month
  • Current balance – Total owed as of statement date
  • Available credit – Remaining credit limit to utilize
  • Payment instructions – Address, phone, and online payment options

Be sure to review each statement closely and pay your bill in full by the due date. Contact Synchrony right away if you see any unauthorized charges or errors.

Ways to Pay Your Cardi’s Credit Card Bill

You have multiple convenient options to pay your Cardi’s bill on time each month:

  • AutoPay – Payments automatically deducted from your bank account
  • Online – Make one-time or recurring payments at
  • Phone – Call toll-free automated payment system anytime
  • Mail – Send check or money order with payment stub
  • In-person – Pay at local Cardi’s store with cash, check, or debit card
  • Mobile app – Securely pay on your device 24/7

Choose the payment method that fits your preferences and schedule. Just be sure payments arrive by your due date to avoid late fees.

Tips for Hassle-Free Card Management

Follow these tips and best practices for smooth Cardi’s credit card account management:

  • Pay more than the minimum when possible to reduce interest
  • Contact Synchrony if you can’t make full payment one month
  • Update billing and contact info if your details change
  • Set payment reminders and enable low balance alerts
  • Log in regularly to check balances and recent transactions
  • Keep account secure – don’t share card number or login credentials
  • Review statement closely each month and report any errors

Proactively monitoring your account activity ensures everything remains accurate and up to date.

Avoid Late Fees and Penalties

To prevent late fees on your Cardi’s credit card:

  • Note due date on each statement and set calendar reminders
  • Pay at least the minimum a few days before due date
  • Allow 5-7 days for mailed payments to reach Synchrony
  • If late, call Synchrony when paying to request waiver of late fee
  • Set up autopay or recurring payments to ensure on-time payments

Paying late can result in fees, penalty APRs, and credit score damage. Stay organized and schedule reminders to pay on time.

What to Do if You Miss a Payment

If you happen to miss a payment, take these steps:

  • Contact Synchrony immediately to make payment arrangements
  • If late fee applied, ask for it to be waived as a courtesy
  • Make payment as soon as possible to avoid further late fees
  • Set up autopay to avoid missed payments going forward
  • Temporarily adjust your due date if needed

Communicate with Synchrony directly if you fall behind on payments to address the situation and avoid further issues.

Monthly Payment Options with Cardi’s

Depending on your purchase agreement, Cardi’s offers different monthly payment options:

Fixed Monthly Payments

  • Pay same amount each month over set repayment term
  • Typically 12, 18, 24, 36, or 48 months
  • Ideal for predictable budgeting

90 Days Same as Cash

  • Make 3 monthly payments with no interest
  • Must pay in full within 90 days to avoid retroactive interest

No Interest if Paid in Full Promotions

  • No interest if purchase paid in full within promo period
  • Terms typically 6, 12, 18, or 24 months
  • Interest accrues retroactively if not paid in full within the promotional window

Review your monthly statements carefully and ensure you meet promotion terms to avoid deferred interest.

Ways to Save on Cardi’s Credit Card

You can reduce your Cardi’s credit card costs with:

  • Cardi’s Rewards – Earn points to redeem for statement credits

  • Buy now, pay later deals – Pay over time with deferred interest promotions

  • Special financing offers – Reduced APRs or $0 down payment options

  • Cardholder discounts – Exclusive offers just for credit cardholders

  • Refer friends to earn rewards – Both you and friends earn points

Take advantage of cardmember savings, earnings, and financing offers to maximize value.

Get Support from Synchrony Bank

If you ever have questions or issues related to your Cardi’s credit card, Synchrony Bank’s customer service team is ready to help:

  • Call 1-877-295-2080 anytime 24/7

  • Chat online or send secure message via online account

  • Stop by your local Cardi’s store for in-person support

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Synchrony for account assistance, payment help, or anything else related to your Cardi’s credit card.

Summary of Key Tips

  • Activate new card and set up online account access

  • Review statements closely and pay on time each month

  • Use auto-pay or schedule payment reminders

  • Pay online, via phone, mail or in Cardi’s stores

  • Avoid late fees by paying at least the minimum a few days early

  • Contact Synchrony immediately if you miss a payment

  • Take advantage of cardholder rewards and financing offers

  • Reach out to Synchrony customer service team with any questions

Owning and responsibly using a Cardi’s credit card provides convenient financing options. Follow these tips and best practices to simplify account management and bill payment. With Synchrony’s helpful resources, paying your Cardi’s bill on time each month is quick, easy, and stress-free.

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Can I pay my synchrony Polaris bill online?

Yes. You can make up to 12 payments if you log in with your user name and password at Will I receive a notification that my payment has been made?

How do I pay my synchrony bill?

Log in to your credit card’s online account from the Synchrony website or MySynchrony mobile app. Click “Make a Payment.” Select the payment amount, the date you want the payment to be made, and your preferred payment account. Click “Submit Payment for Review.”

How do I log in to my synchrony account?

First, log in at or through the MySynchrony Mobile App with your user name and password. You can then add or delete bank accounts by tapping the Profile menu and selecting Banking Information.

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