How to Pay Your DirecTV Bill with PayPal

Paying your DirecTV bill just got a whole lot easier thanks to PayPal. The popular online payment service has partnered with DirecTV to allow customers to use their PayPal accounts to pay their DirecTV bills. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know to link your PayPal account and pay your DirecTV bill online.

Why Pay with PayPal?

There are several great reasons to use PayPal to pay your DirecTV bill:

  • Convenience – With PayPal you can pay your bill from anywhere without having to dig out your credit card PayPal also stores your information securely so you don’t have to enter it every time

  • Earn Rewards – Many credit cards offer rewards when you use them with PayPal. You can earn cash back, points, miles and more on your DirecTV payment.

  • Buyer Protection – PayPal offers buyer protection on eligible purchases This gives you peace of mind knowing your DirecTV payment is covered,

  • Flexible Funding Sources – PayPal allows you to pay using bank accounts, credit cards, PayPal balances and more. You have multiple ways to fund your DirecTV bill.

  • Payment History – PayPal stores all your payments in one place, making your DirecTV payment history easy to track.

No matter why you choose to use it, PayPal makes paying your DirecTV bill a breeze. Now let’s look at how to get it set up.

How to Link Your PayPal Account to DirecTV

Linking your PayPal account to your DirecTV account is simple and only takes a few minutes. Here are the steps:

  1. Sign in to your DirecTV account online at Go to the Billing & Payments page.

  2. Select Change under My Payment Method. This will take you to the Update Payment Method page.

  3. Choose PayPal as your new payment method from the list.

  4. Log in to your PayPal account. If you don’t have one, you can create an account here.

  5. Review and confirm the info. DirecTV will confirm with PayPal that your account is valid.

  6. Once confirmed, DirecTV will notify you that PayPal has been successfully added.

That’s all there is to it! Once your PayPal account is linked, you’re ready to start paying your DirecTV bill using PayPal.

Paying Your DirecTV Bill with PayPal

Here are the steps to follow each month to pay your DirecTV bill using your linked PayPal account:

  1. Sign in to your DirecTV account and go to the Billing & Payments page. Your current balance due will be displayed.

  2. Select PayPal as the payment method.

  3. Log in to your PayPal account if required.

  4. Choose a funding source. You can pay with your PayPal balance, bank account or an available credit/debit card in your PayPal wallet.

  5. Enter the payment amount and select Continue.

  6. Review the details to ensure the correct DirecTV account is being paid.

  7. Select Pay Now to complete the payment. PayPal will process the payment instantly.

That’s it – your DirecTV bill is now paid through PayPal! The payment will typically register with DirecTV within an hour, but can take up to 24 hours to post. Log in to your DirecTV account to confirm when it shows as paid.

PayPal Payment Options for DirecTV

One of the best features of PayPal is that it offers flexibility in how you fund payments. Here are some of the most common funding sources to use for paying your DirecTV bill:

  • PayPal Balance – Transfer money into your PayPal account from your bank to create a balance you can use anytime. This allows instant payments.

  • Bank Account – Link checking or savings accounts to PayPal to pull funds from there. Bank payments usually take 3-5 days to process.

  • Credit Card – Pay with major credit cards like Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover cards.

  • Debit Card – Use your debit card to pay from your bank account instantly.

  • PayPal Credit – Pay over time when you use this PayPal-provided financing offer. Approval required.

  • PayPal Cash/Plus Card – Use this prepaid debit card funded by your PayPal balance.

  • Bill Me Later – Pay your bill at a later date for no fees when selecting Bill Me Later at checkout.

PayPal really does give you so many options for paying your DirecTV bill. Choose whichever source works best for your financial situation each month.

Tips for Paying Your DirecTV Bill with PayPal

Follow these tips to ensure smooth sailing when paying your DirecTV bill through PayPal:

  • Have a Funding Source Available – To avoid declined payments, make sure you have an active funding source in your PayPal account with enough money to cover the bill.

  • Enter the Exact Amount Due – PayPal payments to DirecTV must match your outstanding balance exactly or the payment may not process correctly.

  • Allow Time for Processing – While PayPal payments are instant, allow up to 24 hours for the payment to reflect in your DirecTV account.

  • Sign Up for Auto Pay – For complete convenience, enroll in auto pay through PayPal so your DirecTV bill is paid automatically each month.

  • Review Payment History – Log in to your PayPal account anytime to review past DirecTV payments and confirm they were processed as expected.

  • Update Payment Method – If your credit card on file with PayPal expires or is lost/stolen, update your payment method info right away.

  • Contact Support – If you have any trouble with your PayPal payment to DirecTV, contact their customer support who can investigate and help.

The Convenience of PayPal Bill Pay

Paying bills online through services like PayPal makes life so much simpler. You no longer have to write and mail paper checks each month or worry if a bill payment will arrive on time. With PayPal bill pay, every bill gets paid automatically, on or before the due date, every single month.

PayPal also keeps all your bills organized in one place online and provides bill reminders so you never miss a payment. You can even track spending trends over time when you use PayPal to pay your recurring bills.

Between the many funding sources, buyer protection and other perks, PayPal is the perfect bill payment solution for busy households. If you haven’t already, consider linking your DirecTV account to enjoy simplified bill pay each month.

Frequently Asked Questions About PayPal and DirecTV

Here are answers to some common questions about using PayPal to pay your DirecTV bill:

Is there any fee to use PayPal with DirecTV?

No, PayPal does not charge any fees to make one-time or automatic payments to DirecTV.

Can I use multiple PayPal accounts to pay my DirecTV bill?

No, you can only have one PayPal account linked to a DirecTV account. However, you can use multiple funding sources within that one PayPal account.

What happens if my PayPal payment doesn’t go through?

If the payment fails or gets declined, you will need to login and process the payment again or use a different funding source. Any balance due will remain on your DirecTV account.

Can I still pay my DirecTV bill other ways if I use PayPal?

Yes, linking PayPal does not prevent you from also paying by mail, phone, or automatic bank draft if you prefer. PayPal is just an additional option.

Is my DirecTV payment history stored in my PayPal account?

Yes! Your PayPal account transaction history will show all DirecTV payments you have made so you have a record in one place.

Paying bills through PayPal takes a routine chore off your hands. Give it a try for your DirecTV service and enjoy more free time every month!

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