A Guide to Paying Your Euless Water Bill Quickly and Easily

Having reliable access to clean water is something we often take for granted But ensuring this precious resource is delivered to homes and businesses takes effort and infrastructure At the city of Euless, our water utilities department works hard to provide high-quality water to all residents and customers. In return, we depend on customers paying their water bills promptly so we can continue operating effectively.

I know paying bills isn’t the most exciting task. However, in this article, I’ll walk you through the various ways you can pay your Euless water bill with minimal hassle. I’ll also share tips for understanding your charges and getting assistance if needed. Let’s dive in!

Overview of Euless Water Utilities

The city of Euless provides water to around 24,000 residential and commercial customers. This includes water treatment, infrastructure maintenance, meter reading, billing and more. We pump groundwater from Lake Grapevine and Eagle Mountain Lake, treating it to stringent standards at our water treatment plant.

From there, a network of pipes, pumps, tanks and meters delivers water to faucets across the city. Our team works 24/7 to ensure uninterrupted service As a municipal utility, any money earned gets reinvested into infrastructure and operations

Benefits of Paying Your Bill on Time

While it can be tempting to delay paying bills. there are advantages to paying your water bill on time

  • Avoid late fees – Late payments trigger penalties and additional charges

  • Prevent service disruption – Overdue accounts may have water shut off

  • Maintain good standing – On-time payment builds positive payment history

  • Fund system maintenance – Revenue supports reliable water service

  • Easy budgeting – Keeping up with bills prevents large lump payments

So by paying on time, you avoid extra fees, keep the water flowing and support system upkeep!

Ways to Pay Your Euless Water Bill

The city of Euless offers customers multiple convenient payment options:

Pay Online

The quickest and easiest way to pay is through our online payment portal. You can pay using VISA, Mastercard, Discover or electronic check. The online system is available 24/7 and accepts one-time or recurring payments.

Pay by Phone

Call our toll-free automated phone payment system at 1-855-748-3076. Like the online system, you can pay using your credit/debit card or electronic check.

Pay by Mail

Simply mail in a check or money order made out to “City of Euless” to the address printed on your water bill. Be sure to include your payment stub or write your account number on the check.

Pay in Person

Bring your payment to Euless City Hall at 201 N Ector Dr during business hours. We accept cash, check or credit/debit. After-hours payments can be deposited in the drop box.

Auto Bill Pay

Forget about paying manually! Enroll in auto bill pay and your payment will be automatically drafted each month on the due date from your bank account.

Understanding Your Euless Water Bill

Your water bill provides important information that allows you to monitor your home or business’s water usage and what you owe. Here are explanations of key sections:

  • Account summary – Provides your account number, service address, billing date range, payment due date and total amount owed.

  • Payment stub – Detach and return this portion with mailed payments. Contains remittance address and scan line for processing.

  • Previous balance – Any past due balance from earlier billing cycles.

  • Payments – Record of payments received since last bill.

  • Water usage history – Charts monthly water usage in gallons for the last 13 months.

  • Current charges – Details costs for water usage, sewer, trash collection, recycling and taxes for current cycle.

  • Message center – Notes about your account like leak adjustment requests.

  • Water usage graph – Visual graph of daily usage measured by your meter during billing period.

Glancing through these sections gives you insight into your water usage patterns, charges and account status.

Payment Assistance and Billing Adjustments

We understand financial difficulties or high usage due to leaks can make water bills a struggle to pay. The city of Euless offers programs to help in these situations:

  • Payment arrangements – Setup a payment plan to pay your balance over time if you cannot pay in full.

  • Payment extensions – One-time due date extensions may be granted if you contact us before cutoff.

  • Leak adjustments – You may be eligible for a 1-time adjustment if high use is caused by an undetected leak.

  • Low-income payment assistance – Offers possible discounts or assistance for qualifying low-income customers.

Contact our water utilities department to discuss bill payment assistance options and eligibility requirements.

Avoid Service Disruption with On-Time Payment

While we certainly provide help to customers in need, chronic late payment will eventually lead to water service being discontinued. To avoid this major hassle, be sure to pay your bill by the due date printed on your statement.

We issue notices and make attempts to contact severely late accounts to resolve balances before proceeding with shut off. However, service will be discontinued if unpaid balances remain after final cutoff date.

We’re Here to Help with Your Water Utility Needs!

Pay Euless Water Bill

Moving or Transfer of Service

Please notify us at 972.223.1690, Select option 3 or by email ([email protected]), in advance of the move or transfer date.

Inquiries & Service Requests

For inquiries and service requests, visit the Citizen Dashboard.

Pay your Peel water bill online; anywhere, anytime

How do I pay my Euless water bill?

A complete list of fees can be found in Chapter 30 Sections 33-41 and Chapter 86 Sections 26-37 and 46-50 in the City of Euless’ Code of Ordinances. Online – Pay by credit card and/or view your bill online. Payments post immediately to your water account. You will need your water bill to set up an account.

Does Euless have a water bill payment platform?

(City of Euless) — Nextdoor — Nextdoor The City of Euless is excited to announce that the new water bill payment platform, Paymentus, is now live. It features digital wallets, including PayPal, PayPal Credit, Venmo, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Amazon Pay, as payment options.

Does Euless have a water meter?

The City of Euless recently replaced over 14,000 water meters throughout the city and set up an online customer portal. The new meters and online customer portal will help our homeowners to manage their water usage as well as detect leaks and identify unknown water uses such as sprinkler systems that water more than intended.

How do I contact Euless Public Works Water & Wastewater?

The Public Works Water and Wastewater division is responsible for testing and maintaining the water and wastewater lines in the City of Euless. If you have a question or concern about the water in Euless, call 817-685-1580. Where do we get our drinking water? Our drinking water is obtained from a combination of surface and ground water sources.

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