How to Pay Your Public Storage Bill Online, by Phone, or In Person

Renting a storage unit from Public Storage makes it easy to gain extra space when you need it. But you’ll want to make sure you pay your bill on time each month to avoid late fees and disruption to your rental Luckily, Public Storage offers multiple ways to pay your storage bill conveniently.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explain the various methods to pay your Public Storage bill online, by phone, in person, or by mail We’ll also answer common questions about due dates, fees, and managing your payments.

Overview of Public Storage Payment Options

Public Storage offers several payment options to provide flexibility based on your needs and preferences:

  • Online – Pay through your online account anytime 24/7. You can pay by credit card or link a bank account.

  • Mobile App – Download the Public Storage app for iPhone or Android to pay on the go.

  • Phone – Call the automated pay-by-phone line anytime to make a payment.

  • In Person – Visit your Public Storage facility during office hours to pay in person.

  • Mail – Send a check or money order to your Public Storage location.

  • AutoPay – Set up recurring automatic payments from your credit card or bank account so you never miss a payment.

Paying Online Through Your Public Storage Account

The easiest and most convenient way to pay your Public Storage bill is online through your Public Storage account. Here’s how it works:

  1. Log into your Public Storage account at

  2. Click on “Make a Payment” or go to the Payments tab

  3. Choose whether to pay by credit card or bank account

  4. Enter your payment info and follow the steps to complete your payment

  5. You’ll receive a confirmation when the payment is processed

Paying online is fast, secure, and lets you avoid late fees since you can pay anytime day or night. You’ll just need to make sure your credit card or bank account has available funds.

Online payments made by credit card are authorized right away. Payments from a bank account are verified with your bank first before being confirmed. If the payment can’t be processed due to insufficient funds or an invalid account number, you’ll be notified by email and letter.

Paying by Phone

If you prefer to speak to someone directly or don’t have internet access, you can call Public Storage anytime to make a payment by phone.

To pay by phone:

  • Call 1-866-444-4747

  • When prompted, enter the phone number associated with your Public Storage account

  • Follow the steps to make your payment

Speaking with a representative may involve a small processing fee. But paying by phone gives you the flexibility to take care of your bill whenever needed.

Paying In Person

You also have the option to stop by your Public Storage facility and pay your bill in person. Here are some tips for paying in person:

  • Your local Public Storage office hours may vary, so call ahead to confirm they can assist with payment.

  • Some locations have self-serve kiosks available if you want to pay quickly without waiting.

  • If you prefer to pay an employee directly, visit during office hours and they can process your payment by cash, check, credit card, etc.

  • Make sure to pay at least 1 week before your due date in case the office is closed on the actual due date.

Paying in person gives you a chance to ask questions or get receipts while taking care of your bill. Just keep in mind the facility’s hours so you don’t end up with a late fee.

Paying by Mail

You can also mail your payment to your Public Storage facility by sending a personal check or money order.

To pay by mail:

  • Write your check or money order payable to your Public Storage facility

  • Include your Public Storage account number in the memo line

  • Mail it at least 1 week before your due date to ensure it arrives on time

This option works if you prefer to pay bills through the mail. Just make sure you send it early enough to avoid late fees.

Setting Up AutoPay

The easiest way to avoid missed payments is to enroll in AutoPay through your Public Storage account. This automatically charges your credit card or bank account each month to pay your bill.

To set up AutoPay:

  1. Log into your Public Storage account

  2. Go to the Payments page

  3. Click “Sign Up for AutoPay”

  4. Enter your preferred payment method

  5. Review and agree to the terms

With AutoPay, you don’t have to remember payment due dates or take any action. The system will withdraw the amount owed so your storage rental stays active.

When is Your Public Storage Bill Due?

Public Storage bills monthly for your storage rental. Your specific monthly due date is shown on your rental agreement.

Typically, your monthly rental term starts on the date you move in. So if you moved in on the 10th of the month, your bill would be due on the 10th of each following month.

Make sure you know your precise due date so you can pay on time and avoid fees. Mark it on your calendar or set a reminder. Late payments incur fees starting as soon as 1 day past the due date.

Can I Pay My Public Storage Bill at Any Location?

Yes, Public Storage allows you to pay your bill at any Public Storage facility, regardless of where your unit is located.

For example, if your storage unit is in New York but you’re traveling in California, you can visit a Public Storage office there and make your payment in person. They can look up your account and process the payment.

You can also mail your payment to any Public Storage address. Just include your specific account number so it’s properly credited.

This flexibility makes it easy to pay on time even when you’re away from home.

What Payment Methods Does Public Storage Accept?

Public Storage accepts a variety of payment methods:

  • Credit Cards – Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover

  • Debit Cards – With a Visa, Mastercard, Amex, or Discover logo

  • Checking Accounts – Link your account to pay directly from your bank

  • Cash – Pay in person with cash at your Public Storage facility

  • Money Orders – Mail a money order to your Public Storage location

  • Traveler’s Checks – Bring these to pay in person just like cash

  • Cashier’s Checks – Payable to your specific Public Storage facility

This range of options makes it easy to pay your storage bill with the method that works best for your situation. Credit cards, debit cards, and bank accounts can be used online or by phone. Cash and physical checks/money orders have to be used in person or by mail.

What Are the Late Fees for Overdue Payments?

If you fail to pay your Public Storage bill by the monthly due date, you will incur late fees. Here is an overview of Public Storage’s late fee policy:

  • 1-9 Days Late – $20 late fee

  • 25 Days Late – Additional $20 late fee charged

  • 30 Days Late – Your account may be locked or auctioned. You are still responsible for paying any rental fees owed.

Clearly, you want to avoid paying extra late fees by making your payment on time. AutoPay is the easiest way to prevent late payments. But Public Storage does give a 9 day grace period before the first $20 fee hits.

If you anticipate a delay, notify your Public Storage facility immediately and discuss options. In some cases, extensions may be possible to avoid disruption. Don’t let your account get 30 days past due or you risk your items being auctioned.

Can I Get an Extension on My Public Storage Bill?

If you are unable to pay your Public Storage bill on time, you may be able to request a due date extension to avoid late fees.

Some key points about getting an extension:

  • Contact your Public Storage facility manager in advance of the due date

  • Explain why you need an extension and provide a specific new requested due date

  • Extensions are not guaranteed and depend on your account history

  • An extension fee may apply to defer your due date

  • Make sure any new agreed due date is confirmed in writing

While not guaranteed, Public Storage may grant an extension if you have a good payment history or reasonable circumstance. This can buy you a bit more time without penalties, but the fees add up fast if you frequently request extensions.

Can I Pay Online If I Didn’t Reserve Online?

Paying your Public Storage bill online is not limited only to those who reserved a unit online. Even if you rented your unit by phone, in person, or some other method, you can still pay online or via the mobile app.

Here’s how to get set up for online payments:

Pay My Public Storage Bill

Consumer Alert – Public Storage will Continually Raise Your Monthly Rates

Can I pay my storage bill online?

However, you can always mail your payment or pay online. If you have a smartphone, you can opt for mobile bill pay and make your monthly storage payment with the Public Storage app, which you can download from the Apple or Android stores. Plus, you can open gates and doors with just your smartphone to seamlessly access your storage space!

How do I pay my Public Storage Bill?

Payment by bank account – Your confirmation is tentative until verification comes back from your bank that there are sufficient funds and that your account number is valid. If the bank does not confirm, you’ll receive an email and letter stating that your payment could not be processed. To pay your Public Storage bill by phone, call 1-866-444-4747.

How do I pay my self storage bill?

Pay your bill by phone at 866-444-4747. A transaction fee may apply. Pay by mail directly to your location. Please include your unit number on your check or money order. Pay in person at any Public Storage location. If you’ve never rented self storage before, we’re here to help. Your storage needs are unique.

How do I pay my Public Storage rent?

Please include your Public Storage account number on your check to be certain your money gets credited to your account. Mail your payment at least a week in advance of the rent due date to ensure your payment is completed on time. You can always take care of your rent by paying in person.

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