How to Pay Your Page Plus Cellular Phone Bill

Paying your cell phone bill on time each month is important to keep your service active. For Page Plus Cellular customers, there are several convenient ways to pay your bill. This guide will outline the various methods available and provide tips for keeping up with your Page Plus payments.

Overview of Page Plus Cellular

Page Plus Cellular is a prepaid wireless service provider operating on the Verizon network. Some key things to know:

  • No contract required – pay month to month

  • Bring your own compatible device or buy a phone from Page Plus

  • Coverage on Verizon 4G LTE network

  • Affordable talk, text, and data plans

  • Pay for service upfront and as you go

With prepaid service, staying on top of payments is essential to avoid service interruptions.

Page Plus Account Payment Methods

Page Plus offers various payment options to easily pay your bill on time each month

Pay Online

The most popular way to pay is through online bill pay on the Page Plus website or in the mobile app. You can use a debit card, credit card, or PayPal.

To pay online:

  • Login to your account
  • Select “Make a Payment”
  • Enter payment details and submit

Online payments process quickly, so your account is replenished right away.

Pay by Phone

Call 1-800-390-4777 and follow the prompts to pay your Page Plus bill over the phone. Have your account number, debit/credit card, or PayPal details ready.

Pay by Mail

Mail a check or money order made out to “Page Plus Cellular” to:

Page Plus Cellular
PO Box 52143
Phoenix, AZ 85072-2143

Note it takes 5-7 days to process mailed payments.

Pay at Retailers

Bring your Page Plus phone number and payment to one of over 60,000 authorized dealers nationwide. Locations include Walmart, CVS, Dollar General, and more.

Auto Pay

Set up automatic monthly payments from a credit card, debit card, or PayPal account. Just log into your Page Plus account and enroll in Auto Pay under “My Account”.


Page Plus lets you easily pay your bill using your PayPal account online, on the app, by phone, or at retailers. A convenient option if you prefer PayPal.

No matter which option you choose, be sure to pay your Page Plus bill by the due date printed on your statement. This will keep service active and avoid late fees.

Tips for Paying Your Page Plus Cell Phone Bill on Time

Missing a payment can lead to service interruptions, so utilize these tips to stay on track.

  • Set payment reminders in your calendar for a few days before your bill is due.

  • Enroll in paperless billing to receive statement emails reminding you to pay.

  • Register your account on the Page Plus site to check your balance anytime.

  • Be cautious about running out of airtime to avoid losing service.

  • Set up Auto Pay to have payments processed automatically each month.

  • Update your payment method right away if your card expires or is lost/stolen.

  • Use the Page Plus app to pay your bill from anywhere in just a few taps.

  • Add money to your account any time to keep a positive balance.

Proactive account management goes a long way towards avoiding last minute payment issues.

What Happens If You Miss a Page Plus Payment?

Unfortunately failing to pay your Page Plus bill by the due date can disrupt your wireless service. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Service is suspended when balance reaches $0.

  • You have a 30 day grace period to make a payment and reinstate service.

  • After 30 days, your phone number is released if still unpaid.

  • An account cancellation fee of $10 applies if service is terminated.

  • Outstanding balance continues to accumulate fees and charges.

  • After 60 days, the account may go to collections affecting your credit.

The best course of action is to pay any past due amount as soon as possible. You can then continue using your phone again immediately after paying.

Ways to Troubleshoot Page Plus Payment Problems

No one wants to deal with payment issues, but here are some troubleshooting tips if you encounter problems:

  • If a payment won’t process, contact your card issuer to see if the charge was declined or flagged for possible fraud.

  • For declined PayPal payments, add/verify your payment method in your PayPal wallet.

  • If Auto Pay fails, check that your stored payment method is correct and active.

  • Reset your account password if you can’t login to make a payment online.

  • Use the live chat feature on the Page Plus site to get real-time support.

  • Call Page Plus Customer Service if other payment options aren’t working.

  • Visit an authorized dealer for in-person payment help if needed.

With a few quick troubleshooting steps, you can resolve most payment issues. But it’s always wise to reach out for customer support sooner rather than later.

Key Takeaways on Paying Your Page Plus Cell Phone Bill

Managing monthly payments is essential for prepaid wireless customers. Here are some key tips to recap:

  • Online bill pay, phone payments, mail, and retailers are convenient ways to pay a Page Plus bill.

  • Set reminders and enroll in Auto Pay to prevent missed payments.

  • Suspended service and fees can result if account balance reaches $0.

  • Catch up on past due payments ASAP to restore wireless service.

  • Contact Page Plus support if you have trouble making a payment.

Staying on top of your Page Plus account through timely payments enables you to fully utilize their low-cost cell phone plans. Just pick a payment method that works for you each month.

Pay Page Plus Cell Phone Bill

Page Plus Cellular Pay your Page Plus Cellular bill payment online. Rrating:

Pay Page Plus Cell Phone Bill

PAGEPLUS CELLULAR – bill payment, activations and new service setup and ordering online with unlimited talk, text and web sim card with no contract service.

Pay PAGE PLUS by Phone – Dial **PAGEPLUS

How do I top-up/bill payment with PagePlus cellular?

Please input the PagePlus Cellular plan option for your top-up/bill payment. Note the $55 plan will provide 3GB of high speed internet and 200 Minutes of International Calling and the $69.95 plan will provide 5GB of high speed internet and 400 Minutes of International Calling. Payment Type *

How do I apply a PagePlus payment?

Please enter your PagePlus Phone Number that you would like to apply the payment. Please provide the E-Mail Address where we can send you a copy of your receipt. Please input the Page Plus Cellular plan option for your top-up/bill payment. The $29.95 and above plans come with $10 of International Calling Credit.

Who is PagePlus cellular bill payment processor?

Page Plus Cellular bill payment processor – We provide topup,reup and bill payment services for Pageplus Cellular customers nationwide by Wireless Billing.

How do I pay my PagePlus bill online with Wireless billing?

Please fill out the form below to complete your PagePlus Bill Payment online with Wireless Billing. Your bill payment will be applied directly to your Pageplus cell phone number. You may click on the online chat with any questions. Must be between 14 and 20 characters. Currently Used: 0 characters.

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