How To Pay Your Penelec Bill By Phone In Just A Few Quick Steps

When you’re a Penelec customer in Pennsylvania, keeping your electric account in good standing means paying your bill in full each month. But occasionally, it’s not convenient to login online or mail a payment. When you need a fast and easy way to pay your Penelec electric bill directly over the phone, follow this simple process.

Why Paying Penelec Bills On Time Matters

Before we get into how to pay by phone, let’s review why it’s important to pay every Penelec bill in full and on time:

  • Paying late can result in a late fee being added to your account

  • Not paying at all can lead to service disconnection until the balance is paid.

  • An unpaid balance could hurt your credit score if it’s sent to collections.

  • You may have to pay a reconnection fee to restore service after disconnection.

As you can see, paying bills late or skipping payments altogether can become costly and jeopardize your service. So always be sure to pay your Penelec electric bill by the due date listed.

Paying by phone is an easy and convenient way to do that when you can’t pay online or by mail

Have Your Penelec Account Number Ready

Before calling Penelec to make a payment, have your account number handy. This is usually a 9 digit number printed on your monthly bill.

Locating your account number ahead of time prevents delays when paying by phone. It allows the automated system to immediately pull up your Penelec account.

You’ll also want to know the exact amount owed so you can pay it in full. Avoid estimating or rounding – pay the full balance due for that billing cycle.

Call The Penelec Payment Line

With your account number and balance amount ready, you’re ready to call Penelec to make a payment.

The Penelec payment phone number is:


This automated payment line is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So you can call anytime it’s convenient for you.

Some customers report shorter wait times when calling outside typical business hours like early mornings or evenings. Consider calling during off-peak times if you want quicker service.

Follow The Automated Payment Prompts

Once connected to the Penelec payment line, listen closely and follow the automated prompts:

  • Select your language preference when prompted.

  • Enter your 9 digit Penelec account number.

  • Confirm the balance owed.

  • Select your payment method – credit/debit card or check.

  • For card payments, enter your card number, expiration date, and security code.

  • For check payments, your banking and routing number will be required.

  • Authorize the system to withdraw the balance owed.

Following the voice prompts clearly and inputting the required payment information will ensure your payment is applied correctly.

The entire automated call usually takes 5 minutes or less to pay your Penelec bill by phone.

Payment Confirmation and Receipt

After paying your Penelec bill through the IVR phone system, stay on the line for a payment confirmation number.

Write down this confirmation number and the date paid for your records. It will also print on your next monthly billing statement.

If you need an emailed receipt, you must pay online or through the Penelec mobile app. Phone payments don’t generate an instant emailed receipt.

But your account will update almost immediately showing the payment received. You can login online to view the updated ledger and confirm the payment went through.

Save Time With Auto Pay

Tired of manually paying your Penelec bill each month? Enroll in auto pay to have payments automatically deducted from your bank account each month.

With auto pay, you avoid late fees, service interruptions, and having to call in payments. Just set it and forget it for one less bill to worry about.

Enroll through your online Penelec account or by calling customer service. Auto pay deducts the amount due on your bill’s due date each month.

Don’t Get Scammed!

Sadly, scammers often target utility customers promising to take payments over the phone. Never make a payment over the phone unless YOU initiated the call to Penelec directly using the number listed above.

Some signs of potential scams:

  • Calls demanding immediate payment and threatening disconnection. Real Penelec reps will never do this.

  • Requests for prepaid debit cards or other unusual payment methods. Penelec only takes bank drafts, credit/debit cards, and mailed checks/money orders.

  • Caller asks for your social security number or other personal information. Penelec already has your account details and won’t ask for them.

If something seems suspicious, hang up and call Penelec at 1-800-545-7741 to verify the situation on your account before making any payments.

Paying Penelec Bills By Phone Is Quick And Easy

When you need to pay your monthly Penelec electric bill quickly, using the automated phone payment system is fast, simple, and secure. Just have your account and payment info handy, call the Penelec payment line, and follow the prompts. You’ll ensure your payment posts correctly without delays or late fees. Consider enrolling in auto pay to save even more time each month.

Pay Penelec Bill By Phone

Enter Account Number or Phone Number Account Number Example: 100008007180

Phone Number Example: (555) 555-5555

How to Pay Bills Online

How do I pay my Penelec power bill?

There are four ways you can pay your PENELEC power bill. Online: You can make online payments through a credit card/checking account via a Penelec online account. If you have opted into AutoPay, the payment will be automatically deducted from your bank account. You can also pay online as a guest profile.

How do I contact Penelec energy company?

Here is some general contact information: PENELEC Energy Company – 1-800-545-7741. Mailing Address – For bill payments: Address: P.O. Box 3687 Akron, Ohio 44309-3687. To avoid any confusion, use the phone number registered with your Penelec billing account, when calling any of the numbers above.

How do I set up a Penelec online account?

Set a User ID and password for your new online account. Verify the information and click on ‘Register’. After your account has been set up, you can choose to sign up for the paperless eBill and AutoPay, which lets you connect a bank account to your Penelec account for automatic monthly payment deduction.

How can I stay connected with Penelec?

You can also stay connected with us through one-touch phone access to our call center and links to our social media accounts. With our secure and convenient mobile application, you can view and pay your Penelec bill, review your electric usage and see your payment history.

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