A Step-by-Step Guide to Paying Your Saginaw Water Bill

If you live in Saginaw, Michigan, you know how important it is to pay your city’s water bill every month. Don’t get stuck with late fees or service interruptions. This complete guide will show you how to quickly and easily pay your monthly water bill in Saginaw.

Overview of Saginaw Water Billing

People and businesses inside the city limits of Saginaw can get water from the City of Saginaw. The Water Billing department handles billing and payment collection for these services.

Water bills are issued monthly and typically include charges for:

  • Water usage
  • Sewer usage
  • Service fees
  • Municipal infrastructure fees

Payment is due by the due date printed on your monthly bill to avoid late payment penalties. As of 2023, the late fee is 10% of the outstanding balance.

When are Water Bills Issued in Saginaw?

Saginaw water bills are issued on a monthly billing cycle. Your specific bill issue date depends on your service location in the city.

Bills are typically generated around the end of each month and have a due date of the 22nd of the following month. For example, your January usage bill would be created in late January and have a due date of February 22nd.

New bills are not sent if there is still an outstanding balance on your account Payment of past due balances is required before the next bill can be issued,

How are Water Bills Calculated in Saginaw?

Your monthly water bill charges are based on:

  • Water Usage: You are billed for the exact amount of water used, as measured by your water meter. Rates are tiered based on usage amount.

  • Sewer Usage: You are billed for a percentage of your total water usage amount for sewer services.

  • Service Fees: All accounts pay a monthly service fee that covers billing, infrastructure, etc.

  • Municipal Fees: These fees help fund city infrastructure projects. Amounts vary.

Rates are set annually by Saginaw’s City Council. Current water and sewer rates can be found on the city’s website.

How to Pay Your Saginaw Water Bill

You have several convenient options to pay your Saginaw water bill:

Pay Online

The fastest and easiest way to pay is online through the city’s web payment portal. You’ll need your account number to login or search for your account. Debit/credit cards and eChecks accepted.

Pay by Phone

Call the city’s payment hotline at (855) 774-6911 and follow the prompts to pay by debit/credit card or eCheck. Have your account number handy.

Pay by Mail

Detach payment stub from bill and return with check or money order in the envelope provided. Mail to the payment address printed on stub. Allow 5-7 days for processing.

Pay in Person

Bring payment to the Saginaw City Hall Treasurer’s Office at 1315 S. Washington Ave. You can pay with cash, check, credit/debit card, or money order.

Pay via Drop Box

Place check or money order in sealed envelope and deposit after hours in the drop box located outside Saginaw City Hall entrance.

Tips for Avoiding Late Water Bill Payments

Follow these tips to help avoid paying late fees on your Saginaw water bill:

  • Mark your bill due date on your calendar so you remember to pay on time.

  • Enroll in auto-pay through your bank to have payment sent automatically each month.

  • Sign up for email reminders through the city’s online bill pay portal.

  • Pay a few days early if your due date falls on a weekend/holiday.

  • Check your account status online to ensure payments have been applied properly.

  • Update your contact info so the city can reach you about any payment issues.

What to Do if You Can’t Pay Your Water Bill

If you’re struggling to pay your Saginaw water bill, take action right away to avoid service shut offs:

  • Contact the city to discuss payment plan options and financial assistance programs you may qualify for.

  • Prioritize water bill – partial payments are accepted if you can’t pay in full.

  • Apply for aid through The Salvation Army, United Way, or other local assistance agencies.

  • Check for leaks – unexplained high usage from leaks can lead to unexpectedly high bills.

Don’t ignore past due notices as the city will proceed with shut offs for non-payment. Reconnection fees also apply to restore service.

Access Online Account Management

Through the city’s web portal, you can conveniently manage your Saginaw water account online to:

  • View latest bill and payment history
  • Make one-time payments
  • Set up recurring auto-pay
  • Sign up for paperless eBills
  • Check water usage
  • Update account information
  • And more!

Accessing your account online lets you take control of your Saginaw water bill and payment. Be sure to register your account to unlock all the convenient self-service options.

Paying your water bill on time is an essential responsibility as a Saginaw resident. Avoid penalties and service disruptions by following the guidance in this article on how to pay your Saginaw water bill. The city offers a range of payment options – take advantage of them to streamline your monthly utility payments!

Pay Saginaw Water Bill

Water / Sewer Customer Accounting

The Customer Accounting Division is responsible for the billing of all water and sewer revenue from users of the system. This involves initiating new accounts; ensuring that accounts are read edited and billed promptly; as well as closing accounts when requested. The staff handles all payment arrangements, initiation of meter checks, discontinuance for collection, and skip tracing.

This office does not accept monthly payments. Payments are accepted in the city treasurers office and online.

Water & Sewer Rates

Payments are considered received upon receipt. Postmark dates are not accepted as received by the due date for any payment with the exception of income taxes.

Payments deposited in the drop box after 4 pm will be processed on the next business day.

Fill out the Water Application (PDF)

Either fill out the application online and save it and then email the application to Water Billing

You can also either fill it out online or print it and fill it out by hand and then return it via fax, mail, or in-person to:

City Hall, Room 105 (First Floor)

1315 S Washington Avenue

Phone: 989-399-1311

Fax: 989-759-1467

Turning Water/Sewer Service On

Apply in person at:

City Hall, Room 105, Water/Sewer Counter

1315 South Washington Avenue

Bring a valid Picture ID, Drivers License, or passport.

There will be a minimum deposit of $150.

Turning Off the Water/Sewer Service

Call 989-399-1311 or Come into:

City Hall, Room 105, Water/Sewer Counter

1315 South Washington Avenue

You will be asked to provide a picture ID or verify account information.

A deposit will either be refunded or applied to the final bill.

Your bill is Past Due If payment has not been received by 4 pm on the due date of your bill, at which time a 10% penalty will be applied.

You must pay all amounts past due including all late fees plus a $52 Reconnect Fee by cash, cashiers check, or money order. Reconnect of service is done on a first-come, first-served basis, someone 18 years of age or older must be present for restoration of service.

Previous balances occur when services are turned off or the final bill is not paid. This balance stays with the property unless the delinquent account owner can be located. After one year this amount is added to the summer property taxes.

Yes, you can view and pay water bills, usage history, late and administrative fees, and outstanding balances online using the Citys Sonar system.

Use the search engine to locate your property

Visit the link to Utility Information at the top left of the screen.

Visit “Pay my Bill”

  • Water Billing (Customer Accounting)

    Email Water Billing (Customer Accounting) Physical Address Water Billing, City Hall 1315 S. Washington Ave. Rm 105 Saginaw, MI 48601 Water Billing, City Hall 1315 S. Washington Ave. Rm 105 Saginaw MI 48601 Directions Phone: 989-759-1450 Fax: 989-759-1467

    Office Hours

    • 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

Pay Water and Sewer bills online

How does Saginaw pay bills?

Saginaw partnered with InvoiceCloud, an online payment platform that allows customers to utilize Apple Pay and Google Pay as well as phone- and text-based credit or debit card applications to pay bills for services such as water utilities, property taxes and rubbish services, officials said.

Does the city of Saginaw charge a payment processing fee?

Any electronic payment made to the City of Saginaw, MI, including credit, debit, or check/ACH, whether online, by phone, or in lobby, is subject to the City’s payment processor’s use/convenience fee*. *This fee is not controlled by, nor received by, the City of Saginaw.

What payment options does Saginaw offer?

Saginaw partnered with InvoiceCloud, an online payment platform that allows customers to utilize options such as Apple Pay and Google Pay, to name a few.

How do I contact Saginaw Water billing?

In that case, please contact our Water Billing office at (989) 759-1450 or at [email protected] to determine the best course of action. Now offering Paperless Billing for our Water customers. You’ll receive email notifications as soon as your bill is available, as well as up to 2 reminders before your bill is due if you haven’t paid it yet.

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