How to Pay Your Verizon Bill with a Gift Card: A Step-by-Step Guide

Verizon gift cards allow you to pay your wireless or Fios home services bill quickly and easily. The cards can be purchased at Verizon stores, online or over the phone and applied towards your outstanding balance. Read on for a complete walkthrough of paying your Verizon bill with a gift card.

Overview of Verizon Gift Cards

Verizon offers gift cards in various denominations up to $1000. They can be used to purchase devices, accessories, or services and to pay your monthly Verizon wireless or Fios bills. Gift cards don’t expire, so any unused balance remains on the card for future use.

When paying bills you can apply the full gift card value or just a portion if you want to save the rest. Verizon bills must have an outstanding balance for gift cards to be redeemable as payment. Once applied the funds are immediately credited to the account.

Below we’ll go through how to buy a Verizon gift card check the balance, and use it to pay your wireless or Fios bill online, on the app in-store, or by phone.

Step-by-Step Guide on Using a Verizon Gift Card for Bill Payment

Follow these steps to purchase and redeem a Verizon gift card to pay your bill:

Purchase a Verizon Gift Card

  1. Decide on a gift card amount up to $1000 and buy online, in the app, or at a Verizon store. Gift cards are delivered electronically or mailed.

  2. Wait for the gift card claim code if you purchased online or for delivery if you bought in-store. You’ll need this to check the balance and redeem towards your bill.

Check the Balance

  1. Locate the gift card number and PIN either on the physical card or in your electronic delivery email.

  2. Call #GIFT (#4438) from your Verizon mobile phone to check the balance using the automated system. Or call 1-800-876-4141 from any other phone.

  3. You can also check online by signing into your My Verizon account and adding the gift card as a payment method.

Pay Your Wireless Bill

  1. Sign into your My Verizon account online or in the app. Go to the billing section.

  2. Click “Make Payment” or “Make Additional Payment” if enrolled in Auto Pay.

  3. Choose “Add a new payment method” and enter your gift card details to store it.

  4. Select the gift card as your payment method and submit the payment.

  5. The gift card balance will automatically be applied to your wireless account.

Pay Your Fios Home Bill

  1. Sign into your My Verizon account online or use the app if you have Fios services.

  2. Go to the billing section and click “Make Payment” or “Make Additional Payment” if using Auto Pay.

  3. Select “Add a new payment method” and submit your gift card number and PIN.

  4. Choose the gift card as your payment method and submit to apply the balance to your Fios bill.

  5. Your Fios account page will reflect the updated balance after the gift card is redeemed.

Pay by Phone

  1. Call 1-800-974-6006 for wireless bills or 1-800-837-4966 for Fios bills.

  2. Follow prompts on the automated system to check your balance and make a payment using your gift card.

When Should You Pay with a Verizon Gift Card?

Paying with a Verizon gift card can be convenient in certain situations:

  • You received it as a gift and want to put it towards your Verizon bill.

  • You want to pay your bill with cash without needing a bank account.

  • You need to make a last minute payment by your due date.

  • You want to pay your bill in-store without using your bank information.

  • You only have a small outstanding balance you want to pay off.

  • You want to supplement another payment method and pay part of your bill with the card.

However, there are also some potential drawbacks to consider:

  • Purchasing fees can make small gift cards cost-ineffective.

  • Mailing and processing times can cause delays versus instant electronic payments.

  • Gift cards lack payment protections afforded by credit cards.

  • Managing multiple gift cards to pay a large bill can be inconvenient.

  • Lost or stolen gift cards have no recourse for replacement.

Overall, Verizon gift cards offer a convenient way to pay your bill on the go or gift Verizon services. But electronic payments may be better suited for regular monthly bill management.

Tips for Managing Verizon Gift Cards

If you choose to utilize Verizon gift cards for bill payment, here are some useful tips:

  • Buy gift cards directly from Verizon online, in the app, or in-store for security. Avoid third parties.

  • Keep the gift card number and PIN safe like you would cash. Verizon is not liable for lost or stolen cards.

  • Use gift cards soon rather than saving to avoid losing them. Verizon gift cards don’t expire.

  • Double check your account number when applying gift cards to ensure correct billing.

  • Set reminders on your phone to use up your gift card balance over time if needed.

  • Always get and save gift card receipts in case you need to verify payment later.

  • Use gift card purchases to maximize rewards on a cash back credit card.

Following these best practices helps avoid headaches when paying your Verizon bill with gift cards. Over time, you’ll get a feel for when and how they best fit into your payment routines.

Alternatives to Paying Your Verizon Bill with a Gift Card

While gift cards offer unique benefits, most customers rely on the following electronic payment methods to cover their monthly Verizon bills:

  • Auto pay – Set up recurring monthly payments from your bank account. Avoid late fees.

  • Online bill pay – Schedule one-time or repeating payments through your bank’s website.

  • Verizon app – Make quick one-time payments 24/7 using your stored payment methods.

  • My Verizon – Store payment details like credit cards or checking accounts in your account profile to use for bill pay.

  • Phone payments – Call Verizon directly and use automated prompts or an agent to make card or bank payments.

  • In-store – Visit a Verizon location and make payments in person with various tender types.

  • Mail – Send checks or money orders to Verizon headquarters to pay your outstanding balance.

Electronic methods tend to be the fastest and most convenient ways to pay your monthly Verizon bill. But gift cards can provide unique benefits in certain situations.

FAQs About Paying Your Verizon Bill with a Gift Card

Still have questions about using Verizon gift cards to cover your wireless or Fios home bill? Here are answers to some commonly asked questions:

Where can I buy a Verizon gift card?

You can purchase Verizon gift cards directly on Verizon’s website, in the My Verizon app, at Verizon retail stores, or by calling Verizon sales.

What is the maximum gift card amount?

Verizon sells gift cards in amounts up to $1000 that can be used for purchases or bill payment.

Do Verizon gift cards expire?

No, Verizon gift cards do not have an expiration date and the balance never expires.

Can I pay only part of my bill with a gift card?

Yes, you can choose to pay your entire bill balance or just a portion using a Verizon gift card. The remaining amount will stay on the card.

Can I use a gift card if I’m enrolled in Auto Pay?

Yes, Verizon allows you to make one-time gift card payments even if you’re enrolled in recurring Auto Pay payments.

How do I check my Verizon gift card balance without the card?

You can call #GIFT (#4438) or 1-800-876-4141 to check your balance by phone using the gift card number.

What if my gift card is lost or stolen?

Unfortunately Verizon is not able to refund or replace gift cards that are lost, stolen, or damaged. You should treat gift cards like cash.

Using a Verizon gift card provides a flexible bill payment option in certain situations. Follow these tips and steps to easily redeem your gift card towards your outstanding wireless or Fios home balance.

Pay Verizon Bill With Gift Card

How do I apply a Verizon Gift Card to my Verizon mobile bill?

Gift cards can be used to pay your Verizon mobile or home bill through your My Verizon account (website or My Verizon app) or by phone. Important: You must have a balance due to be able to add a Verizon Gift Card as a bill payment option. To add a Verizon Gift Card as a payment option for your mobile bill through My Verizon:

  • Go to your Payment Options.
  • Choose an amount to pay (i.e., pay in full, pay another amount, make a split arrangement) and choose Continue.
  • Choose add/edit payment method. Select Gift card and click Add method. Follow the prompts.

When the gift card is added, you can select it as a payment option for your bill. To apply your gift card to your bill by phone call #GIFT (#4438) from your mobile phone or 800-876-4141 from any phone. Learn about using a Verizon Gift Card when you have Auto Pay on your home account.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention! Wed be happy to help find out whats going on with the gift cards you purchased, waldnorm. :thumbs_up:The good news is that gift cards do not expire, and will not be impacted by inactivity. Please tell us, are you using the app or the website when you encounter the error message after trying to pay with the gift card? Are you signed in to your My Verizon account when attempting the payment?

My Verizon account on the web via a desktop.

I have tried Bill-Payment Options- enter an amount ($100) and then “Add or Edit Payment method.” Gift card is not highlighted followed with an i and then says “gift card payments restricted.”

Thank you for those additional details, Waldnorm. Have you had an opportunity to confirm the balance through the back of the card?

I purchased these two cards myself. Each should have $100 on the card. But thats not the issue why that appeared. I never even had an opportunity to put in numbers for the gift card, etc., I just could not select gift card as an option. I tried to put this in as credit for future payments or to pay ahead. Should I wait until I receive my next bill and then try again? I never had to do that before when I paid ahead with my credit card beforehand.

Ah, thnak you so much, Waldnorm, yes you must have a balance to have this option open:

Verizon Gift card rebate how to use it to pay your verizon bill

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