How to Pay Your Pueblo Water Bill Quickly and Easily

Having access to clean, reliable water in your home is something most of us take for granted. But of course, those services from Pueblo Water come with a monthly bill. While no one enjoys paying bills, Pueblo Water offers multiple convenient ways to pay your water bill quickly and easily.

In this article, I’ll explain the different payment options Pueblo Water offers, provide tips for avoiding late fees, and what to do if you need assistance paying your bill.

Online Payment Portal

The fastest and easiest way to pay your Pueblo Water bill is through their online payment portal. You can access it 24/7 at

To log in, simply enter your 6 digit customer number and 6 digit account number found on your monthly bill The portal allows you to view your current balance, payment history, make a one-time payment, or set up recurring payments

You can pay by credit card, debit card, or eCheck with no processing fees Your payment is applied instantly to avoid any late fees or service interruptions

Pay by Phone

If you prefer to pay your Pueblo Water bill over the phone, call 719-584-0250 and select the automated payment option. You’ll need to enter your customer and account number.

The system will guide you through making a payment via credit/debit card or checking account. There are no fees to use the automated phone payment system.

Pay by Mail

The traditional way of paying bills is to mail in a check or money order. Your Pueblo Water bill includes a payment stub you can detach and return with your mailed payment to the address provided.

Just make sure to allow 7-10 days for your payment to arrive and be processed to avoid late fees. Mailing a paper check costs you a stamp, but there are no other fees.

Pay in Person

For cash payments, you can drop off your water bill payment in-person at the Pueblo Water office located at 319 W 4th Street, Pueblo, CO 81003. They are open Monday-Friday 8am-4:30pm, excluding holidays.

You can also pay your Pueblo Water bill in-person at any Walmart location for a small service fee charged by Walmart. Taking cash to the Pueblo Water office is your fee-free option.

Enroll in Auto-Pay

The easiest way to avoid forgetting to pay your Pueblo Water bill and incurring late fees is to enroll in auto-pay. This authorizes Pueblo Water to automatically withdraw your payment each month on the due date from your bank account or credit card.

Set it up once through the online payment portal and then you don’t have to worry about it again! Auto-pay ensures your water services continue uninterrupted.

Take Advantage of Budget Billing

If you have trouble managing a fluctuating water bill amount each month, look into Pueblo Water’s budget billing program. This averages your usage over the past 12 months to determine a fixed monthly payment amount.

Knowing your water bill will be the same every month makes it easier to budget your finances. Just be sure to review your account annually and settle any overages or credits.

Avoid Late Fees

Pueblo Water bills are due on the 15th of each month. A late fee of $15 is charged if your payment is not received by 8am on the 21st.

Set payment reminders for yourself, enroll in autopay, or consider budget billing to escape late fees. Contact Pueblo Water immediately if you’ll be unable to pay on time for help avoiding service disruption.

Seek Bill Payment Assistance

If you’re struggling to keep up with your Pueblo Water payments, there are resources that can help including:

  • CARES Program – Up to $125 in bill assistance for qualifying households
  • Payment plans – Arrange extended payment options with Pueblo Water
  • LIHEAP – Federally funded energy/utility assistance program

Reach out to Pueblo Water before your account becomes delinquent to discuss your situation and determine available bill help options. Never let your water get shut off due to lacking bill payment funds.

Dispute Billing Errors

If you ever find suspicious charges or billing errors on your Pueblo Water statement, contact customer service right away to dispute them. Provide details on the discrepancies and Pueblo Water will investigate.

If any unauthorized or inaccurate charges are found, they will credit your account accordingly. Don’t pay for water services that were billed incorrectly or fraudulently.

Moving? Inform Pueblo Water

Make sure to contact Pueblo Water a few days before moving out of a property to provide them with a forwarding address for your final bill. This avoids late fees.

You must also contact Pueblo Water right after moving into a property to establish water service in your name and avoid previous tenant names and charges on your bill.

Pueblo Water Works Bill Pay

Enter account information Enter the customer and account numbers provided by your utility. Customer Number

You are currently enrolled as a “cash only” customer and are not allowed to setup a payment plan. Please contact your Utility for further assistance.

The table for selecting Accounts and Payment options.

Login to My Account

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How do I pay my pueblo water bill online?

Simply visit and click on the “PAY BILL” tab at the top of the page. That will take you directly to our online bill payment center where you can create or access your account. Here you can: And remember – Pueblo Water never charges a fee for its online bill pay option.

Does pueblo water offer a pay-by-phone option?

For more information on these programs, or any other offerings from Pueblo Water including a pay-by-phone option, please call our Customer Service Department at 719-584-0250. The Board of Water Works of Pueblo is committed to providing the highest quality water at the lowest possible cost.

How do I contact pueblo water?

To start or stop service, please call our Customer Service Department at 719-584-0250 between the regular business hours of 8 a.m. – 4 p.m., Monday through Friday (excluding holidays). Pueblo Water’s convenient customer payment options include: Pueblo Water understands that some of its valuable customers are facing financial hardships.

What does the Board of water works of Pueblo do?

The Board of Water Works of Pueblo is committed to providing the highest quality water at the lowest possible cost. We are equally committed to the workforce that helps achieve that goal.

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